CPA Auction Cash - And The Business Of Getting iT Right


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I keep repeating myself over and over again that it is not
difficult to get accepted to a CPA Network ;) I intend to post a
video on my blog to make this clear again.

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CPA Auction Cash - And The Business Of Getting iT Right

  1. 1. CPA Auction Cash CPA Auction CashMake CPA Cash Using The Power Of Ebay
  2. 2. CPA Auction CashWelcome to my latest cash cow report and Thankyou forpurchasing.In this report I am going to talk about an innovative strategyyou can use today to make money from the world’s numberone auction site – Ebay!I am sure you are aware that Ebay is still the best place toturn to when people want to buy something online.It is the “King” of online shopping and is still the place peoplego to when they want to purchase something.For this method to work please make sure you are a memberof at least several different CPA Affiliate Networks. I keep repeating myself over and over again that it is notdifficult to get accepted to a CPA Network ;) I intend to post avideo on my blog to make this clear again.I hope you enjoy reading this cash cow report and startmaking money from the word go.
  3. 3. CPA Auction CashGetting StartedIn this report I am going to focus on Ebay and focus onpromoting CPA Freebie offers/zip submit offers.The one section we are going to focus on is the Ebay “Want ItNow” section - section of Ebay is simply a special area where, peoplewho are looking for something specific will post their listing.
  4. 4. CPA Auction CashFor example, right now the Ipad 2 is very hot and there willbe a lot of people wanting this.To get a good idea of what people are looking for right nowon Ebay simply head over to Ebay Pulse.Now what we are going to do is simply click on alisting/category on the “Want It Now” section and see whatpeople are looking for.For the purposes of this example I am going to click on arelevant category and then see what comes up.In this case I am going to focus on the “Health and Beauty”category.
  5. 5. CPA Auction CashAfter clicking this link this is what I see.
  6. 6. CPA Auction CashAs you can see there are hundreds and hundreds of peoplelooking for different products in this section. All of thesepeople “want” something.Now the next thing you need to do is find a relevant CPAoffer.In this case I am going to look for a relevant beauty CPA offer Ican find.Here is a make up Kit CPA offer that pays just over $2.00 for asimple email submit.The next thing I am going to do is contact relevant listingsthat have something to do with “make up”.
  7. 7. CPA Auction CashAs you can see, after filtering out the category I can see thatthere are just over 71 “want it now” posts on Make up.The next thing to do is contact these listings and include a linkto your CPA offer.So for example, take a look at this listing.
  8. 8. CPA Auction CashThis person is looking for a MAC lipstick.So here is what you can say to this person (make sure youclick on Ask A Question about this post).You can then say something like“Hi, I understand you looking for a Mac Lipstick. I just foundthis site and I think it’s really cool! They are offering FREEmake up to the first 50 people only, you might want tocheck it out – URL link.”Can you see how powerful this is?The great thing about this strategy is that you can put yourCPA offer in front of hundreds of people who are “hungry”.You can try this with other different relevant CPA offercategories.For example, we know that the Ipad 2 is “hot” right now interms of buzz and the best way to make money is to look fordifferent Ipad 2 related CPA offers.
  9. 9. CPA Auction CashAgain the best way to ensure that this method works in thelong-term is to outsource this.A really cool website I tend to use is site is a goldmine because people are willing to dosimple tasks for a few cents.Another good site you can use is Amazon’s sites are excellent in terms of getting you cheap workersfor just a few cents.I hope you enjoyed this cash cow report and it has given youlots of ideas. Need More Information Look BelowJoin The Webs Number-One Free Membership Site ThatTeaches Beginners Everything They Need To Know AboutInternet MarketingA Complete Arsenal of Powerful Information on How To DriveYour Business To Success Gain Access To Hundreds of Free Articles, Videos, Software,Facebook Marketing Training, Offline Business TrainingVideos, Graphics and Much Much More in The Big FreeGiveaway Secure Members Area. Sick Of Paying For
  10. 10. CPA Auction CashMembership Sites That Dont Deliver? Sign Up Now! Its JustPure Unadulterated Internet Marketing CONTENT.Click on this link to access the webs one number site.