5 advertising mistakes local businesses make when advertising online


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The size of your market might create obstacles
If your market is small (you run a cleaning business that covers only 1-2 towns)
online demand for what your business has to offer will reflect that.
If you are selling a luxury product or service in a region that is not very
affluent, demand will not be great.
If your business goes through seasonal cycles, there will be periods when you
will generate only a fraction of what you normally would in the peak of the



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5 advertising mistakes local businesses make when advertising online

  1. 1. 5 Mistakes Small Business Make When Advertising Online http://upandcomingmarketing.com/Hi Samuel Mowe HereWould you believe me if I told you that I have seen sites that confirm everysingle stereotype about their industry? I have seen “official websites” hosted onfree blogging platforms, local business listings that have nothing to do withwhat the business in question does, people attacking customers whose reviewswere not favorable, etc.I also saw a number of restaurants that market themselves online better thanSeth Godin ever would if he had a restaurant.This Free Report is about mistakes that small and medium sized businessesmake on the web. 1. Failing to Understand the Basics of Internet MarketingThis is perhaps the most dangerous of all mistakes that SMBs make online,because it can come with a hefty price tag.Internetmarketing is a young, unregulated industry with a very small number oflegitimate educational opportunities which makes it look like a typical marketfor lemons, and a breeding ground for scammers.Although complex, Internet marketing is not rocket science. A little educationcan go a long way in protection from scam and wrong Internet marketingdecisions.On the other hand, running a small business is stressful enough without learningabout search engine optimization, PPC, FACEBOOK ADS, socal media, mediabuying, and conversion rate optimization and a number of concepts that taketime to sink in.There is an easier way to cut your chances of being scammed.Just avoid dealing with Internet marketing businesses: – That solicit you
  2. 2. - Without any professional affiliations - With no certifications (except when it comes to SEO) - That guarantee high organic rankings - That won’t even consider being paid for performance - With lots of bad reviews 2. Unreasonable ExpectationsMore than 72% of people in the US are Internet users. For majority of them,Internet is the primary source of information about local businesses.Granted, those numbers are impressive, but that doesn’t guarantee that even thebest, perfectly executed, Internet marketing strategies can make your phone ringof the hook.Why?Internet reflects the state of the “brick and mortar” world.The size of your market might create obstaclesIf your market is small (you run a cleaning business that covers only 1-2 towns)online demand for what your business has to offer will reflect that.If you are selling a luxury product or service in a region that is not veryaffluent, demand will not be great.If your business goes through seasonal cycles, there will be periods when youwill generate only a fraction of what you normally would in the peak of theseason. Holiday season is great for retail businesses, but not for homeimprovement industry.Competition might be strong and well establishedIt is reasonable to say that Internet offers the level playing field. But sometimescorporations and bigger businesses can have a stronger grip on Internetmarketing, thus reducing the chances for a smaller or newer business to fulfiltheir Internet marketing potential as fast as they would like.You still shouldn’t put your whole marketing budget onlineThe Internet might be the best marketing tool ever, but it’s not the only one.Every business owner should concentrate on providing remarkable servicebefore anything else. Word of mouth marketing can’t be beaten, and moretraditional forms of marketing still offer some value.
  3. 3. 3. Having a Subpar WebsiteDozens of books have been written about customer service, As a result, mostbusinesses go through great lengths to keep the level of costumer service theyprovide as high as possible, empowering employees to make the right choicesand make every contact with a business an experience worth sharing.At the same time, those business owners who wouldn’t hire a person whodoesn’t smile often, would accept having a website that looks like it had beenmade 10 years ago, even though it was finished recently.This attitude can impact the bottom line negatively because websites representbusinesses online the same way employees do when they deal with customersface to face.Subpar web design and development can cause:- Credibility issues- Low conversion rates- Usability issuesAll these problems can cost a business a lot more than a professionally builtsite. 4. Google CentralityWith 65.7% of US search market share according to the latest comScoreanalysis, Google looks like an obvious starting point of all Internet marketingefforts for most small businesses.Concentrating most of your attention on Google is a smart move. But focusingexclusively on Google means giving up on more than 30% of market share.The number of businesses with this attitude is surprisingly high.Being Google-centric can be especially damaging for brick and mortarbusinesses for many reasons – the most important reason being local search.Unlike other verticals of search, like video for example, local search market isextremely fragmented, with Google controlling “only” 26% of the marketaccording to the latest available data.SMBs should work to acquire traffic from all the major local searchengines, but also from:- Vertical Directories- Regional Directories- Local Sites- Classifieds
  4. 4. 5. Misunderstanding social mediaSocial media related mistakes are typical for SMBs who want to get “on board”with Web 2.0.They engage in social media, building a facebook fan page and not building acustomer data base, without thinking about ROI, and while spending valuableresources and time creating profiles that nobody cares about and tweeting whatno one reads.To think of social media as anything else but a set of communication platformscan lead to resource drains.Every social media platform offers a chance to connect with your customer baseand the community of people that could care about your services or products.But no social media platform can create those communities.Connect with people who already care (your customers) and they will do therest.To Find More How Social Media And The Internet Can Help You Grow YourBusiness,Call Me On Calverley Leeds uk 01272 611649 / 07445921425Email contact@upandcomingmarketing.comOr Go To http://upandcomingmarketing.comTo Your Marketing SuccessSamuel Mowe