Embracing Beta Advertising (Rough)

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Let's use online to help us get better work made!

Let's use online to help us get better work made!

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  • 1. EmbracingBeta Advertising
    Rob Mortimer
  • 2. Everything is in Beta it seems. Every single darn thing out there
  • 3. The world is fast accepting the trade-off between growing pains and early access
  • 4. Yet advertising agencies seem to be slow embracing the idea
  • 5. Aside from short-term social ideas, everything appears built with a long term - finished mindset
  • 6. But what if we embraced online as a form of research?
  • 7. What if we started to create Beta Advertising?
  • 8. How Would it Work?
  • 9. We change the process…
  • 10. Currently, you either:
    Ad created for TV
    Ad researched (Sometimes)
    Ad appears on TV
    Ad loaded online
  • 11. Or:
    Video created for online
    Video researched (Sometimes)
    Video placed online
    Video appears on TV (rare due to lower production values)
  • 12. But what if…
  • 13. Ad created for TV
    Ad loaded online
    If it works, place it on TV
    If it fails, create a new idea
  • 14. If an ad doesn’t go down well, you haven’t wasted your full media budget on it
  • 15. Or what if…
  • 16. Ad created for TV
    Ad created for TV
    Ad loaded online
    Ad loaded online
    Most popular / shared appears on TV
  • 17. Create two campaigns, and use online to decide which will engage the most
  • 18. Sure it increases production costs, as you have to make two ads…
  • 19. But you get two pieces of content
  • 20. You might even get a discount for doing two projects together
  • 21. But more importantly…
    You have the chance to get difficult ideas into the world
  • 22. Your safe option and creative option can go both out
  • 23. Suddenly for a client, a risky but creative campaign becomes a £100k risk instead of £2m risk
  • 24. Instead of letting 6 people in a room decide which ad is better…
  • 25. Or letting 6 marketers in a room decide which ad is better…
  • 26. Let the public decide naturally, without bias, which they prefer
  • 27. So next time your client thinks about taking a safe, dull route…
  • 28. …consider whether you could benefit from putting it into Beta!
  • 29. Image sources:
    (If you are unhappy with my use of your image, email and I will remove it asap)
    Homer Fail whale - Edwheeler.deviantart.com
    Always in beta T-shirt is available at www.howies.com
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