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Family Office Directory
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Family Office Directory


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We have created a high quality family office directory, and since 2007 we have been improving it every month with our global data team. If you are to build relationships with family offices however …

We have created a high quality family office directory, and since 2007 we have been improving it every month with our global data team. If you are to build relationships with family offices however you need to know what they want, how to approach them, and how to get them to come towards you and be receptive of your ideas when you meet with them.

Learn about all of this from this PowerPoint overview of strategies you can use while leveraging a family office directory.

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  • 1. Accessing the Family Office Ecosystem By Richard C. Wilson
  • 2. Disclaimer & Limitations Please do not use any advice within this or any other presentation without first consulting your compliance officer or legal counsel. 2
  • 3. A Preview of Ideas
  • 4. Part 1: Family Office Overview
  • 5. 7 Family Office Investment Priorities 1. Capital Preservation 2. Growth 3. Privacy 4. Taxes 5. Income ($100M+ Change) 6. Time Commitment 7. Fraud Risk 5
  • 6. Types of Investments 1. Operating Businesses (Direct Investing) 2. Real Estate 3. Long Only, Public Market, ETF, Mutual Funds 4. Hedge Funds & CTA Funds 5. Private Equity
  • 7. Fund Manager Qualification Points 1. Consistency: Stable team, process, and deal types producing current vs. historical returns 2. Authority & Scarcity: Leader & Unique Offering 3. $500M or $1B+ preferred 4. $5B+ sometimes criticized 5. Trust factor is why AUM is so critical for emerging market families 6. The investment process must be understood
  • 8. Co-Investments & Club Deals 1. Definition 2. Creative Terms 3. Immature Space 4. Very under-the-radar 5. Trust and reputation based 6. Specific to certain industries, and geographies Examples: $1B Consumer Product, $1B Commodity Families, $12B EU Family, & 5th Generation Textile Family
  • 9. Part 2: Accessing Family Offices
  • 10. My Path to Family Offices
  • 11. Best Way to Capture HNW Prospects, Don’t.
  • 12. Disclaimer & Limitations Family Offices Group 1. #1 Global Family Office Association with 72,000 Members 2. 1,800 Articles, 275 Videos, 50+ Hours of Audio Interviews, & Millions of Views 3. Face-to-face meetings with over 1,000 family offices in 15 countries 4. #1 bestselling family office book called The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent 5. Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) training program 6. Billionaire Family Office & Single Family Office Advisory Solutions 13
  • 13. Our $5M+ Three Step Process
  • 14. Generic Family Office or HNW Strategies
  • 15. Tightly Define Your Sandbox
  • 16. Over Invest in Specialization
  • 17. Become THE Authority
  • 18. Maturation= Need for Specialization
  • 19. Selecting Your Sandbox 1. Geographical, Service, Industry, Asset Level Specialization 2. Germany Family Office in New York 3. 6th Generation SFO now serving two other $1B+ Families interested in more direct investing 4. Billionaire Family Office
  • 20. My $100,000 Mistakes
  • 21. Summary of Key Points 1. Capital Preservation is King 2. 3 Step Strategy   Over Invest in Specialization  3. Define Your Sandbox Be THE expert in your space Listen & Always Add Genuine Value First
  • 22. Free Family Office Report Over 30,000 professionals have downloaded our free PDF Report on family offices. If you want a free copy just email me at or If you are looking for a family office directory please see Download it for free at
  • 23. Questions? Richard C. Wilson CEO/Founder Family Offices Group New York Singapore London Portland, Oregon United Airlines 1 Million+ Miles Sao Paulo, Brazil