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  1. 1. Friends And FamilyByBreanna N. Martin
  2. 2. Jessica W.
  3. 3. She is a really good friend and she is a sister to me as well. She can give good advice, make people laugh, cheerpeople up, and is great to be around. She is brave, confident, smart, a good singer, and talented. She is sosweet and kind, and this is who she is and stuff about her.
  4. 4. Aylin G.
  5. 5. She is the kind of person that will help you out and keeps secrets when you tell her one. She is really kind,smart, I met her this year and I can really trust her. I have two classes with her three if you count P.E. thenthree. She lives near here, I went to her house and met her family, she has a beautiful little sister, and a coolmom.
  6. 6. Na’La B.
  7. 7. This girl is so funny she makes me laugh all the time in science class. I met her this year as well and we goplaces that we love to go, and we are very good friends and we sit by each other all the time, we are alsopartners with Emily Phem she’s funny and shy. If you ever need help with love problems she is the right personto go to.
  8. 8. Erika B.
  9. 9. This girl is really friendly and is good with instruments like the piano, viola, and the violin. I’ve known her since2ndgrade all the way to 9th. She is sweet, kind, and a good person to hang around with. She is smart, and getsgood grades. I live right next to her, I went to her church once or twice, and we are good friends. I even went toHansen, Marshall, now Capital with her.
  10. 10. Amber W.
  11. 11. This girl is brave, has confidence, and is very happy. She is 19 years old and I go to church with her. She dyedher hair and cut it as well, which it looks really cute. She live right next to me, she graduated Capital HighSchool February 21stof 2013. She loves going outside and hangout with friends, she has tons of friends, mostlyall guys.
  12. 12.  What they mean to me These are the friends that mean the world to me and they sometimes remind me of me. They alwayscheer me up when I’m down and they are just amazing to be around. I would take a bullet for them,because they helped me out through out all my problems that I went through and I just want to thankthem so much. They are the kindest, loving, caring, funny, and my best friends in the whole entire worldand I love them with all my heart. They care about me as I care about them. I hope we stay friends foreverand never forget each other when we graduate high school as well. If they ever need help I’m right bytheir side and always will be, and when we get mad at each other it just takes 10 minutes and we are backto friends. We can never be mad at each other for a long time, because that’s how big our friendship is.We always trust each other when we tell each other secrets and promise to not to tell anyone. Thesepeople are in my heart and will stay there forever, even if I die they will still be there. I’ll protect themanytime, I would be heart broken if they left and gone away. It would be hard for me to forget them whichI’m never going to do that in my life. 