Newsletter devo first semester ast 2012


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Newsletter devo first semester ast 2012

  1. 1. “Memories of our first semester together!”Activities / Community Outreach / Donations Development Office Newsletter School Year 2012-2013
  2. 2. AST welcomed all returningteachers/staff as well as thenumerous new members, to theschool year 2012-2013!Technology was a priority asMrs. Jenkins’ “avatar” greetedthe staff and USB’s werehanded out!
  3. 3. On Friday, August 24th the American School joined to celebrate and show appreciation to the 22 employees of the General Services Department, for the hard work carried out thissummer in the care of our facilities. The Superintendent, together with the Development Office, coordinated the donations of the organizations representing the four pillars of the school: Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO), Alumni Association (ASTAA), Student Council (STUCO) and Teachers Association (TA).These organizations donated money to pay for a delicious Honduran "Típico" lunch served in our cafeteria, and some thermoses to carry their food during the school year. We congratulate Mr. Oswaldo Oyuela, Head of General Services, for leading such an excellent team.
  4. 4. Middle School and High School Flag DaySTUCO members raising the flag. A “student” organized and lead assembly.
  5. 5. Independence Day The Pre School’s Spanish and Physical Education Departments, headed by Mrs. Lilia Laitano, outdidActivities were held themselves at this year’s 15th of September in every area with Parade and Fiesta Catracha, celebrating our independence as well as remembering our Mayan pride! heritage.Pre School Fiesta Catracha Pre School Parade
  6. 6. Middle School and High School’swas organized by STUCO together with the Development Office
  7. 7. We thank all the momswho helped us put thisevent together! The Elementary School’s Spanish Department presented a very patriotic program for our students. Everybody looked very “CATRACHO”!
  8. 8. Thank you CharacterEd’s head, Mrs. NenaAlvarado, for such a great way tocelebrate Peace Day on Sept 21.
  9. 9. Jean LucAt 1:30 PM, Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 STUCO members Miralda,gathered to celebrate what was the result of a lot of hard STUCOwork, and a joint effort of students, teachers, and Alumni. President, addressingEduardo Kafati’s (1977) family (Tatiana, Miguel 2006, Karina the2007, Alberto 209, and Andrea 2013) decided to give back to audience.their school by donating a beautiful plaza to the High Schoolstudent body. The plaza is fully furnished with five tables and20 chairs, as well as 4 beautiful wooden benches. A metal Special Guests: Familia Kafati –structure was also included that will provide for a nice green Giudicelli, Mrs.area once the vines (donated by Liliana Jenkins 1974) grow to Liliana Jenkins,create a green ceiling. Student Council further embellished Mrs. María Motz,the area with a creative STUCO wall for announcements and and Mr. Ricardoposts designed by Rosa Kawas (2013). Belgrave.The ceremony, lead by Student Council President, Jean LucMiralda was a perfect touch to an intimate gathering, andincluded words of appreciation to ESPRESSO AMERICANO and All STUCOthe Kafati family . A heartfelt speech by Karina Kafati in members attended therepresentation of her family, was followed by Mrs. Jenkins, ceremony. Theour Superintendent, who thanked this selfless gesture which advisors, she reminded those present will have an impact, not only Padgett and Mrs.with our Student Body, but also with the community of Davis were verystudents in the Adult English Academy. proud.The Development Office commends the KAFATI – GIUDICELLI Jean Luc thanked the hard work offamily and invites all of you to continue supporting businesses former STUCOlike ESPRESSO AMERICANO, who constantly have supported Presidentthe school for many years. Francesca Garcia and Advisor Blake Dickson.
  10. 10. Leadership Conference in Nicaragua Selected Student Council and NHS STUCO AND NHS members represented AST in this year’s AASCA Leadership Conference. Our student leaders learned a lot and exchanged ideas and strategies with Student Council and NHS members of other Central American schools present at the conference.
  11. 11. Artificial Turf InaugurationAfter so many sleepless nights, somany meetings, so many visits tolocal businesses, the dream hasbecome a reality. Under anovercast sky, members of the ASTcommunity inaugurated the newsoccer field. Donors, alumni,parents, school leaders, teachers,and athletes sat in awe as theysaw the finished project with thebackdrop of the mountains aroundthe city. AST thanked the differentdonors, many of them ALUMNI,who helped make this dream areality.The HS band and cheerleadershelped make this moment a magicone.After María Lucía Morales(Kinder) gave the first of themyriad kicks our eagles will enjoyfor many years to come, and JoseRafael Rivera (Fifth Grade) servedas the perfect goalie, the athleteslet go helium filled balloons as avisual image of the culmination ofthe dream our AST family sharedand together managed toaccomplish. GO EAGLES! Mr. Carlos Corrales, Master of Ceremonies High School Band, Director Marco Ferrera
  12. 12. Contract Signed Canchas Field August 2011 Bidding November Deportivas / Reprihmsa 2011 February 2012Construction BeginsApril 2012 Turf Project Finished Construction Sidewalk AST Logo July 2012 August 2012Sidewalk Finished Dugouts Project FinishedSept. 2012 Sept.2012 September 20, 2012
  13. 13. 34 institutions of higher education visited AST. Ourcounseling department exhibited great hosting abilities andgreeted them with a full gymnasium, followed by adelicious meal, specially made by our Eagle’s Dining Hall.AST has been selected as host for this fair twice in a row.KUDOS to Yolanda Aviles and Maria Isabel Figueroa!
  14. 14. Halloween was a blast at AST!
  15. 15. Middle School and High School honor assemblies, held last quarter, celebrated student achievement. We are proud of our high achievers. GO EAGLES!!
  16. 16. La Escuela en general y el DepartamentoAtlético en particular nos sentimos orgullososde nuestros basquetbolistas, por su entrega,disciplina y amor a la institución. En octubrerecién pasado en el torneo centroamericanonuestras selecciones llegaron a semifinales,nuestras niñas ganaron el tercer lugar ynuestros niños dieron un paso más y llegaron ala final donde obtuvimos un honroso segundolugar en un juego vibrante contra la EscuelaAmericana de El Salvador, el cual se definió enlos últimos minutos.Del 8 al 10 de noviembre recién pasado sellevó a cabo el torneo nacional en la EscuelaInternacional Sampedrana con la participaciónde 16 instituciones. Nuestros seis equipos enforma invicta llegaron a las seis finales,obteniendo al final las siguientes posiciones:INFANTIL FEMENINO 2do LUGARINFANTIL MASCULINO 1er LUGARPRE-JUVENIL FEMENINO 1er LUGARPRE-JUVENIL MASCULINO 1er LUGARJUVENIL FEMENINO 2do LUGARJUVENIL MASCULINO 1er LUGARBRAVO EAGLES!! SOMOS # 1Ela HernándezDirectora Atlética
  17. 17. Congratulations to the Student Council for an excellentCARNIVAL! Students and advisors worked very hard and set upgreat activities for all ages. It was all about team work! GO EAGLES!
  18. 18. EAGLE Soccer TOTS Academy AST teachingtheir littleEagles the joy ofsports and team work!!! EAGLE CUP
  19. 19. Community Service at AST(Just a few examples of all the lives we have touched . . . )
  20. 20. RAFAEL ENRIQUE will remain in our memories and hearts forever . . . "El da esfuerzo al cansado, y multiplica las fuerzas al que no tiene ningunas. Los muchachos se fatigan y se cansan, los jóvenes flaquean y caen: Pero los que esperan a Jehová tendrán nuevas fuerzas; levantarán alas como las AGUILAS; correrán, y no se cansarán; caminarán, y no se fatigarán." Isaías 40:29-31
  21. 21. Rafael Enrique’s life will becherished forever by the Classof 2013 through their hardwork with the FUNDACIONHONDUREÑA PARA EL NIÑOCON CANCER. The Seniorsspent a special morning withthe kids at Nova Centro and Nelson Frech was Santa!they each became a“godparent” to a child! We admire and love you all! SENIORS 2013
  22. 22. “Our Christmas Concert was a show thatincluded all school divisions joining in theChristmas Spirit with family and friends. It isthe result of the hard work of all of ourstudents, yearning to show all the skills andknowledge acquired during the semester. Itwas a huge success thanks to a school wideeffort of teachers and students. Thank youand I wish you a Merry Christmasand happy new year!” – Marco FerreraHead of the Fine Arts Department
  23. 23. High School and Middle School Christmas Assembly STUCO, on behalf of the student body took the opportunity to thank the ASTsupport staff with gift baskets,spread good cheer by singing ,playing games, dancing, and an excellent presentation by our Cheerleading Squad!!
  24. 24. The school’s board (SEIT) and theParent and Teacher Organization (PTO)organized their traditional staffChristmas Party. With the help of ourDining Hall’s General Manager,Angélica Díaz del Valle, the Dining Halllooked spectacular and the meal wasexquisite. Many went home with thegifts from the “year long awaited”raffle, and others danced untilmidnight. Thank you!
  25. 25. Christmas Carol Middle School Assembly“Merry Christmas to all,and to all a good night!” -Clement Moore Toy Drive Pre School, NHS, Solidarity Club, PTO Posadas Elementary School