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If you call it Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business - as IBM does - does not matter. What matters, is the new possibility of enabling people to work together more intuitive and with higher satisfying …

If you call it Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business - as IBM does - does not matter. What matters, is the new possibility of enabling people to work together more intuitive and with higher satisfying results in a shorter time than ever before. But the early adoption is still not crossing the chasm totally. Effective change management is core for a successful introduction of the new technology. But it is not the technology that will leverage the potential but the people. So, this is a new workshop in order to illustrate the required collaboration and sharing philosophy of the people who work in a Web 2.0 context within the enterprise. The early moments of truth will empower the group to define their own team culture in this new collaboration space.

The use of a new team-building instrument Dundu is part of the workshop.

The Dundu puppet is the creation of the extraordinary talented artist Tobias Husemann (TJF Husemann)

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  • 1. DunduThe philosophy that changes a group –in the context of social business © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 2. Dundu – The philosophy that changes a groupSocial Business-Workshop with elements of a Team-Building Targetgroup: Lead-Users/Early Adopters of Social Software from the IT-department and the middle management Objectives of the workshop: − Better understanding of social software and its success factors − Community-Building among the Early Adopters − Awareness for rethinking of and reflection on working culture and patterns Creation of a multiplier effect for social software – starting in the teams – inspired by the early adopters – spreading among the whole company The human being is in the focus of a social business. Consequently, implementation has to be people- centric as well, since the human being will leverage the potential of social software and also benefit the most from it. The workshop consists of three modules: – Benefits of Social Software – Social Software: there is something for everybody – New working approach with Social Software2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 3. Dundu – The philosophy that changes a groupActivity-based Team-Building enables a group to rapidly become afunctioning, trustful unit that collaborates and shares knowledge. Dundu is a puppet that is handled and steered simultaneously by a group of persons. Every member of the group is responsible for handling a part of the body. In consequence, every team member is very important for the team success. The focus on one common goal leaves personal disputes unconciously behind. A workshop is scenario-based. These scenarios are exemplary situations from the real project life. – In the scenarios, Dundu serves as a common platform to solve problems and to collaborate – The interaction within the group through the puppet enables the team to draw direct conclusions for collaboration which will be required in the real project work later on. With the help of the simulation with the puppet, the group will be able to work more efficiently, which can encourage better work results and a higher work satisfaction. Activity flow in the Team-Building intuitive 1. Scenario will be presented 2. Team works independently on the simple scenario and solves it with the puppet under observation of the moderators. mobile 3. Presentation of the groups and feedback 4. Accompanied transmission from the …and it is fun! model level to the project reality. 5. Lessons Learned 6. Evaluation3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Dundu – The philosophy that changes a groupTeam-Building with Dundu as an innovative support in theimplementation of Social Business The approach to Social Business and its success is mainly dependant on the willingness of the employees to cope, try and work with the new tools. These tools require a rethinking of the old working patterns and collaboration in a team. Platform for collaboration on an The groupwork with the puppet Dundu shows the emotional level with every team member essential success factors and the required team attitude being crucial for group success for Social Software on a very simple, but memorizing way. Only if everybody contributes, the puppet/the business will run well. Every team member is crucial for group success. Communication is occurring simultaneuously, but there is a high awareness of every individual and all indivdual comments are perceived. The work with the puppet Dundu creates an emotional connectivity within the group, which can be transmitted to normal work life as well. This permits the team to work more efficiently on a basis of trust and mutual respect. A philosophy of sharing and mutual helping evolves. This new approach starts on a level of team collaboration, but the rethinking and the change in the A platform for collaboration with new work culture will permit the employees to collaborate Web 2.0-Tools, that will revolutionize better even among geographical borders. The reflection the way people work together and on the required working culture is a continuous process share. and can be kickstarted with Dundu. Make work an Exceptional Work Experience.4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  • 5. Dundu – The philosophy that changes a groupNew approach for change management of Social Software In the context of our Bachelor thesis, we develop an innovative and new workshop with team-building character consisting of scenarios about collaboration and effective communication. The scenarios will be solved and played with the puppet Dundu. After the scenario, the group will reflect and discuss the level of collaboration and will be enabled to transmit this to a Social Business context. Topics such as Knowledge Sharing, Expert Search Engine, Tagging and Idea Management will be covered, as well as the choice of the right communication channel. The explicit goal of the workshop is to connect the Early Adopters to a team, bond them and show them Social Business once again, but from a perspective a little bit different. It will be each person‘s engagement and motivation that makes a difference. So people are crucially important for a successful implementation, continous improvement and consequential the Return on Investment. The results of the workshop will be scientifically evaluated, in order to show that this new approach is working and presenting a value-add. Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us and spread the word. Ronny Schüritz Fabian Seewald DH – Student, International Business DH - Student, International Business Foto Mobil: +49 – 151 – 151 38903 Mobil: +49 – 151 – 151 38908 Mail: Mail: © 2011 IBM Corporation