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Human Resources Management Career Planning Development
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Human Resources Management Career Planning Development


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Human Resources ManagementSHD 2513Career Planning and Development 1
  • 2. Overview 2
  • 3. Group Member Faisal Darlis Zulkifli AliasZulkarnaen Hamdan Hanis 3
  • 4. ObjectiveUnderstand the importance of career planning anddevelopment.Identify the responsibility for career planning anddevelopment.Identify the major factors contributing to successfulcareer development.Understand the preparation desirable for a career inHRM. 4
  • 5. - Introduction of Career Development - Definition of Career DevelopmentChapter 1 5
  • 6. IntroductionWork is the most fundamental thing for a person to live.Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy, human need basic needed likefood and water.Job is an activity through which an individual can earnmoney.Two kinds of options in choosing a work, either select it as ajob or choose as a career .Career is a general course that a person chooses to pursuethroughout his or her working life. 6
  • 7. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needed 7
  • 8. DefinitionCareer is defined as a persons course or progressthrough life.Career development is a continuous lifelong process ofdevelopmental experiences.Two definition view of career development. 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. - Theory of Career Planning DevelopmentChapter 2 10
  • 11. What is Career Planning?Activities and actions that employees take to achievetheir individual career goals in career development. Career planning is the on-going process where: Explore and know the interests and abilities. Strategically plan of career goals. Create future work success. 11
  • 12. To achieve a career goal Purposes of Career Planning A step of To develop a career careerdevelopment 12
  • 13. organization Manager EmployeeCareer Planning Responsibility 13
  • 14. What is Career Development?Career development is the process of managing life,learning and work.Approach to match employee goal.It’s involved between management and employee.A learning process. 14
  • 15. Enable individuals to take advantage of future job opportunities. Fulfil organization goals forEnhance employee job a dynamic and effective performance. workforce. Purpose of Career Development 15
  • 16. Manager Career Human PlanningResources Development ResponsibilityEmployee 16
  • 17. How to Achieve a Career Development?Determine Strong Resume Cover Letter Value Job Search Optimize TheNetworking Technique Social Network StrenghtenIntelectual Practice Interview Capital Interview Performances 17
  • 18. Methods of Career Development 18
  • 19. Career PathCareer path is upward mobility within particularoccupation.Selecting career path, a person may transfer currentskill into a new career.Usually, it is used in combination and may be more invarious level of a person career 19
  • 20. Traditional Free Network Agents Type of CareerDemotion Path Lateral Adding Dual- Value Career 20
  • 21. Workforces Generation Generation I (2000s - Generation Y now) (1980s - 2000s) Generation X (1970s - 1980s) Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964) 21
  • 22. Baby Gen. X Gen. Y Gen. IBoomers • Television • Computer • Internet• Radio • Bureaucratic • Cynicism • Global• Respect • Civil Right • Unrest • Youth Culture• Clear Role 22
  • 23. - Study CaseChapter 3 23
  • 24. Study CaseGRED TURUS III UTAMA A UTAMA B UTAMA C •Peringkat Pengurusan •Pegawai EksekutifGRED 54 •IJAZAH 52 48 44 41 Peringkat Jawatan di LHDNM 24
  • 25. Study CaseGRED 34 •Peringkat Sokongan 1 32 •Penolong Pegawai Eksekutif 31 •DIPLOMAGRED 24 •Peringkat Sokongan 2 22 •Pembantu Tadbir 21 •SPMGRED 2 •Pembantu Am Rendah 1 •SPM Peringkat Jawatan di LHDNM 25
  • 26. • Sebelum bersara Late-career • Kursus persediaan persaraan • Prosedur persaraan • Tax clearance • Pembangunan Kerjaya Pertengahan Pusingan Kerja (Pertukaran) Program Latihan & Pembangunan Mid-career Pencapaian Kenaikan Pangkat • Baru mula bertugas Penempatan awalEarly-career Tempoh Percubaan Kursus wajib 26
  • 27. - Conclusion of Career Planning and DevelopmentChapter 4 27
  • 28. ConclusionWe have understand the importance of career planningand development.We have identify the responsibility for career planningand development.We are more understand the preparation desirable for acareer in HRM. 28
  • 29. Question and Answer Session 29