International Health Insurance


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International Health Insurance is very important if you live abroad even for a very short period of time. To get in International Health Insurance, visit

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International Health Insurance

  1. 1. What is International Health Insurance? • International Health Insurance provides health insurance facilities all over the world • Travelers insurance can’t provide as many facilities as International Health Insurance can • To get International Health Insurance, a dependable Insurance Broker is required • Bilan Santé International has been serving for years as a SUCCESSFUL Insurance Broker • Get your International Health Insurance – Today!
  2. 2. Private Liability and Personal Accident • Covers Accidental Corporal or Material Damages • Covers Death and Disability by Giving 75,000 Euros
  3. 3. Medical Check-up • Check-up at Espace Santé Européen, Paris • Free Check-up Every 5 Years • Available in France, Lebanon, Morocco, and Vietnam
  4. 4. Real Estate International Insurance Facilities • No more taxes • Be a Part of NEXITY: An Expert Property Builder • Get an “ashore” if you want
  5. 5. Life Insurance in Luxembourg • Get a tax benefit • Approved by “Allianz Life Luxembourg” • Available in both the Euro and Dollar
  6. 6. Death / Disability International Insurance • Your loved one is not alone, even if you’re not around • Become a part of APRIL, Tokio Marine, Générali or Allianz Life Luxembourg
  7. 7. CIMA Expertise• Deal with “micro-insurance”• Provide advice to NGOs, Banks or Insurance Companies in CIMA Zones• Train your team• Market your product• Help bank insurance in Africa
  8. 8. Group Health / Welfare Policies • Protect your team abroad • Optimize the management of healthcare costs of your employees • Set up your affiliates with policies that covers illness and death • You Will get Help from Allianz Worldwide Care, BUPA, InterGlobal, Mobility Saint Honoré or APRIL
  9. 9. Global Audit of Your Insurance Policies• Analyze your risks• Target globally, country or by Branch (transport, liability, fire, theft, machinery breakdown, welfare, and more)• Help even outside of Europe: Africa, Middle East and Asia
  10. 10. Partners of Bilan Santé International • Allianz Worldwide Care • Mondial Assistance • Indigo • MSH • April Mobility • Bupa International • InterGlobal • DKV • Humanis • Henner • ASAF • ASFE
  11. 11. Don’t DelayGet your International Health Insurance
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