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Google's Obsession with Sweet Treats. What's new in ICS and the Future of Android
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Google's Obsession with Sweet Treats. What's new in ICS and the Future of Android


Ice cream sandwich is Googles most ambitious version of Android to date and the reviews have been positive. Get an in-depth ride through Ice cream sandwich, what it has to offer and what the future …

Ice cream sandwich is Googles most ambitious version of Android to date and the reviews have been positive. Get an in-depth ride through Ice cream sandwich, what it has to offer and what the future holds of Android's next version Jellybean.

We will cover topics such as dealing with multiple screen sizes, Async Tasks, the new powerful animation framework and lastly we will look into what we can expect from Jellybean, Android 5.0.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. GOOGLE’SOBSESSION WITHSWEET TREATSFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 2. ICECREAMSANDWICHAND OTHERDELICIOUS THINGSFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 3. WHO AM I?• Software Developer working with Android since the beta days• Previously a Flex/Flash and ColdFusion developer.• Co-Author Flex 3 in Action• Currently apart from Android, heavily involved in the Node.js and CoffeeScript community.• Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & DeveloperFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 4. ABOUT THIS TALKWhat’s cool in 3.0/4.0• Design Guidelines• Animation Framework• ActionBar Framework• Fragments• New Views• Dialog FragmentsThe Future of Android DevelopmentFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 5. DESIGN GUIDELINESPrevious versions of Android looked like crap. There I said it.• ICS looks beautiful.• ICS focuses on simplicity• Bye bye menu button• Bye bye hardware keysICS is designed for multiple screens.Flat look. Easy to scale.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 6. ACTIONBARFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 7. ➸ SWIPING (VIEW PAGER) ➸Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 8. HOLO THEMEFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 9. ANIMATION FRAMEWORK• Previous versions of Android did not do animations well• I hated the anim.xml files for simple animations• With Honeycomb, Android introduced .animate() on all views.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 10. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 11. OBJECTANIMATOR, VALUEANIMATOR• .animate() is powerful, but ObjectAnimator and ValueAnimator are even more powerful.• ObjectAnimator allows you to animate any property of an object objectAnimatorNext = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(this, “translationX”, 100f); objectAnimatorNext.setInterpolator(new DecelerateInterpolator()); objectAnimatorNext.start();Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 12. QUICK WALKTHROUGHPARALLAXParallax is cool, everyone wants to do itand wants to know how.Lets walk through how to do a simple parallaxeffect using ObjectAnimatorFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 13. SUMMARY HOW IT WORKS• Foreground has to be faster.• ObjectAnimator animates it forward and backwards• Check if Animation already running to prevent it going nuts• To make it usable in the real world you will need to fix the edges of the imageview so that it doesn’t overflow.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 14. VALUEANIMATOR• Not all views have all the properties ready to be animated using .animate()• ValueAnimator will handle the rest for you.• Animates the values from x to y.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 15. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 16. VALUEANIMATORThat’s cool but how do I animate it?• So we ran it. But.. It didn’t do anything. It knows nothing of the progressbar.• Enter onAnimateUpdateListenerFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 17. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 18. ACTIONBAR• Bigger screens, thumb easier to click on top.• Android introduced ActionBar in Honeycomb, but ICS makes it much more cooler.• ActionBar can support multiple screen resolution with ease.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 19. HOW TO USE ACTIONBAR• ActionBar a = getActionBar()• Actionbar uses the menuInflator and the onCreateOptionsMenu• Why? To support backwards compatibility.Do I like it? No.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 20. IFROOM | WITHTEXT• One thing I like very much is the IfRoom|WithText parameters.• If the screen is small, they will just appear in the overflow icon for GalaxyNexus+ or in the menu on phones with hardware keys.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 21. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 22. FRAGMENTS• Android is fragmented, so they introduced Fragments. Heh heh.• Support large and small screen layouts.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 23. ON A SINGLE SCREENFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 24. ON A TABLETFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 25. GRIDLAYOUT AND SPACE• ICS introduces two new Views.• GridLayout and Space• Gridlayout lets you get an amazing layout structure while space, well spaces out your layoutFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 26. GRIDLAYOUT• Previous, we used LinearLayout, FrameLayout and a combination of other Layouts to get a pretty cool UI done.• With GridLayout, we can achieve the same without multiple views• Less views = faster load times.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 27. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 28. DIALOG FRAGMENT• Recently introduced• DialogFragment gets rid of the ugly onCreateDialog(int) No more case switching for no reason.• Scales perfectly on all phone sizes• Easy to use. You can pass listeners objects to the dialog for notification results!Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 29. DEMOFaisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 30. FUTURE OF ANDROIDIm not a Google employee so I have no idea. But I can makesome educated guesses.PROS CONS• Better API support for Cloud. • More and More phones. Android is• Siri altnerative with an open API growing at a crazy rate. Which means• More Focus on Gaming. Android more trouble for developers to port onGame Center? OpenFient Acquisition? different phones.• More options for TV development, • Which means Bad android reviews andGoogle Glasses Integration. discouragement to develop further. • iPhone starts to look very promising in this scenario.Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com
  • 31. THANK YOUANY QUERIES?Faisal Abid @faisalabid www.faisalabid.com