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Building construction 5

Building construction 5




Suspended Ceiling



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    Building construction 5 Building construction 5 Presentation Transcript

    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - IVName : FairuzRoll No : Barc/8008/10Subject : Building ConstructionSemester -V
    • • Suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling which is BUILDINGhung below the main ceiling. CONSTRUCTION• Also referred as a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, falseceiling SUSPENDED CEILING• Used for concealing the underside of the floor above• Used to offer acoustic balance and control in a room& improve insulation.• Consists of a grid work of metal channels in the shapeof an upside-down "T“• Grid work are suspended on wires from the overheadstructure• Grids modular size = 600x600mm• Each cell is filled with lightweight "tiles" or "panels"which simply drop into the grid.•Tiles can be selected with a variety of materials NAME: FAIRUZInstallation Of Suspended Ceiling:•Install splayed wires at 3.6m on center in four ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10directions.•Provide adjustable compression struts, at center of DATE : 25/12/12splayed wires, and attach to the structure above.•Provide ceiling tile clips.•Provide 25mm minimum separation between the SHEET NO: 1ceiling system and the enclosing walls•This separation is called seismic separation BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING General Installation Requirements CONSTRUCTION SUSPENDED CEILING (3.6m) (2.4m) DETAILS (2.4m) (1.2 or 1.5m) (1.8m) (3.6m)Installation Note:•Standard grid module systems should not be more than 1.5 m in any direction.•Hanger attachment devices is capable of carrying either 200 pounds or 3 times the ceiling design load•Members perpendicular to the wall at the unattached sides of the grid shall be tied together with the help ofstabilizing bar (stabilized) to prevent their spreading. Typical Ceiling Grid Layout (2.4m) NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 (2’=0.6m) (2.4m) DATE : 25/12/12 SHEET NO: 2 (3/4’=0.2m) BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Screw Screw Grid Grid SUSPENDED CEILING Screw Screw 2.4m 2.4m Stabilizer bar DETAILS (3/4’=0.2m)0.6m Attached End of 0.6m Unattached End of Grid Grid Hanger Wires & Stabilizer Bar (2.4m) (0.6m) (2.4m) (2.4m) NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 DATE : 25/12/12 SHEET NO: 3 (4’= 1.2m) (2’= 0.6m) BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION SUSPENDED CEILING DETAILS Fixture Support• Lighting fixtures, egress lighting, speakers, air terminals or mechanical services weighing up to 56 poundscan be supported by suspended ceiling• Sprinkler heads or other similar ceiling penetrations shall be provided with at least 2.54 cm of clearance inall directions surrounding the sprinkler head or extension. NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 DATE : 25/12/12 SHEET NO: 4Sprinkler Penetration BITIC.RAK
    • Installation Of Timber Suspended Ceiling: BUILDING • Grid system is formed with the help of wooden CONSTRUCTION joists. • Modular grid size 400x600mm • Grid system is supported by hanger wire & SUSPENDED CEILING MATERIAL : TIMBER wooden screws • Each cell is filled with lightweight “wooden panels" which simply drop into the grid. METHOD OFSuspended ceiling with wooden framework Direct fastening under solid ceilings Direct fastening under wooden ceilings NAME: FAIRUZDescription of the material1 Cement Board Indoor Connection to solid walls2 Insulation material coat ROLL NO : BARC/8008/103 Batten and lath framework 400/600 mm4 Maxi Screw DATE : 25/12/127 Joint Filler –14 fire protection plate GKF, 12.5 mm21 Direct hanger27 Dividing strips SHEET NO: 528 Filling29 Expansion joint (15-20mm gap) Expansion joint BITIC.RAK
    • Installation Of Steel Suspended BUILDING Ceiling: CONSTRUCTION • Steel structure of suspended ceiling is composed of grids •Grid system is supported by SUSPENDED CEILING hanger wire MATERIAL : STEEL •Each cell is filled with lightweight “panels" which simply drops into the grid. METHOD OF Abbreviation: 1. Primary profile 2. Secondary profile 3. Fixing hooks 4. Connector 5. Hanger 6. Hanger wires NAME: FAIRUZAPPLICATION :I. Primary & Secondary profile : 60x27mm ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 Application : Used as Grid.II. Connector: 27x61.5x100 mm Application: To connect two profiles DATE : 25/12/12III. Fixer: 50x58x0.8 mm Application: Fixes secondary profile to primary profile SHEET NO: 6IV. Hangers / Hanger wires (dia 6mm): 90x58x1.5mm Application: Fixes primary profile to ceiling BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION SUSPENDED CEILING Length : 3.6 m ALUMINIUM METHOD OF MATERIAL : Length : 1.2mLength : 3.05 m NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 Installation Of Aluminum Suspended Ceiling: • Aluminum structure of suspended ceiling is DATE : 25/12/12 composed of grids •Grid system is supported by hanger wire & cleats SHEET NO: 7 •Each cell is filled with lightweight “panels" which simply drops into the grid. BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDINGPolyvinyl chloride (P.V.C.) tiles CONSTRUCTION• Are commonly used floor & suspended ceiling finish DIFFERENT COVERING• They are small in size , usually 150mm, 225mm and 305mm SUSPENDED CEILING• The tiles are made of a composite of PVC and fiber• Available in different colors, sizes, designs and patterns• Are used in residences, offices, and commercial areas MATERIAL OF• The main advantages of PVC tiles are:a. Are easy to install & maintenance freeb. Offer excellent insulationc. Are water proof and fire retardant.d. Long lastingGypsum Board• Is a panel made of gypsum plaster• It is pressed between two thick sheets of paper.• It is used to make interior walls and ceilings.• The main advantages of gypsum board are:a) Ease of installationb) Fire resistancec) Sound insulationd) Durability , Economy & Versatility NAME: FAIRUZAcoustic Board• Is a special kind of board made of sound absorbing ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10materials.• Its job is to provide sound insulation.• Ceiling is porous. DATE : 25/12/12• When sound passes through an acoustic board, the intensityof sound is decreased.• The loss of sound energy is balanced by producing heat SHEET NO: 8energy.• Used in auditoriums, halls, seminar rooms, libraries etc BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDINGSpecial Consideration of fire CONSTRUCTIONinsulation: SUSPENDED CEILING FIRE INSULATION IN CONSIDERATION OF1. Tiles can provide the additional resistance.2. A fire-resistance rating typically means the duration for which a passive fire protection system can withstand a standard fire resistance test3. Fire resistance ratings for ceiling panels vary SPECIAL with respect to different material.4. Fire resistance ratings are based on the materials used and preparation of each panel.5. Regulations call for the control of fire, smoke and gases in ceiling voids.6. Cavity barriers should be installed at the specified intervals.7. Cavity barriers are primarily intended to delay the passage of fire.8. Indicative tests have shown that stone wool, reinforced with a 25mm wire mesh, acts as a high efficiency filter to prevent the passage of smoke particles.9. Cavity barriers must satisfy the requirements of current Building Regulations10. Where services penetrate a barrier its Fire Sprinkler Head effectiveness must be maintained by effective NAME: FAIRUZ and approved sealing.11. All fire sprinklers piping and layout to be ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 approved by the fire department12. Fire sprinklers head should have 0.6 m oversize ring or adaptor through the ceiling to allow for DATE : 25/12/12 at least 0.31 m of movement in all directions13. For fire resistive main runners, all expansion relief cutout should be within 1m of a vertical SHEET NO: 9 support wire BITIC.RAK
    • Heat Insulation : 1. Exterior pane BUILDING•Ability of the building 4. Interior pane CONSTRUCTIONfabric to resist air to air 5. Frameheat transfer is 6. Spacer HEAT INSULATION IN• Heat insulation in 7. Sealbuilding can be done by 9. Window sillDouble glazing & SolarDesign of a building INSULATIONS:1. Double glazing: BUILDING• Also known as Insulated Glazing• Are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air• Used to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.• Thickness of such INSULATED GLAZING glass ranges from 3 mm to 10 mm2. Solar Design:• Windows, walls & floors are made to collect, store & NAME: FAIRUZ distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter & ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 reject solar heat in the summer.• Unlike active solar DATE : 25/12/12 heating systems, it doesnt involve the use SHEET NO: 10 of mechanical and electrical devices SOLAR BUILDING DESIGN BITIC.RAK
    • Sound Insulation : BUILDING CONSTRUCTION• Ability of the building fabric to resist the transmission of airborne and impact sound. SOUND INSULATIONHeavy weight walls :• Ability of the building fabric to resist the transmission of airborne and impact sound.• They provide high levels of airborne sound insulation IN BUILDING:• It is due to the effect of the Mass Law.• Cavities can increase sound insulation by the principle of isolation• Cavity walls with wire ties behave little better in practice than a double skin of bricks WALLS NAME: FAIRUZ Brick Wall for Sound Insulation Timber Wall for Sound Insulation ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10Light weight walls : DATE : 25/12/12• Can provide adequate levels of airborne sound insulation if attention is paid to the principles of isolation and air tightness.• Each side of the wall is built on separate timber frames SHEET NO: 11• An absorbent blanket of mineral fibre is used to provide acoustical isolation between the sides of the wall.• The mass provided by multiple layers of dense plasterboard contributes to the insulation of the wall. BITIC.RAK
    • Floors: BUILDING CONSTRUCTION• Concrete floors provides insulation against airborne sound but not against impact sound.• Insulation layer is provided against impact sound• Older methods of construction increased the mass of timber floors by the use of sand pugging within the SOUND INSULATION FlOORS &WINDOWS joist space.• More recent methods of mass enhancement include the use of thick layers of composite floorboard or multiple layers of plasterboard. IN BUILDING:• The insulation of a floor must be maintained at all junctions with the surrounding walls in order to prevent flanking transmission.• The separation of the two parts of a floating floor must continue around all the edges by the use of resilient materials and airtight techniques. NAME: FAIRUZ Floating Timber Floor Double Window ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10Windows: DATE : 25/12/12• Glass has relatively high density so increasing the thickness of glass provides improved sound insulation because of the Mass Law.• Air cavities can provide worthwhile increased sound insulation if their width is greater than 150 mm. SHEET NO: 12• The cavity should be lined with absorbent material to minimize resonance• The two frames must be isolated from one another by insulation layer BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION INSULATIONS: AUDITORIUMBasic Acoustic Layout Side Wall Detail NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 DATE : 25/12/12 SHEET NO: 14 Rear Wall Detail BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING CONSTRUCTION COLD STORAGES INSULATIONS:For the floor: For the ceiling For the walls: • Cold storage is a sealed structure which is maintained at temperature below zero to store perishable items • In cold storage plants, the cost of insulation of cold storage rooms amounts to a substantial part of the total cost of the installation. • As the thickness of the insulation is increased, its cost goes up, but the cost of refrigeration decreases. • Walls, floors, and doors are to be insulated. NAME: FAIRUZ • Foundation and Floor. Almost all cooling facilities built nowadays are constructed on an insulated concrete slab with a reinforced, load-bearing ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 perimeter foundation wall. The slab should be built sufficiently above grade to ensure good drainage away from the building, particularly DATE : 25/12/12 around doors. • The floor should also be equipped with a suitable SHEET NO: 15 inside drain to dispose of wastewater from cleaning Insulated Door: and condensation. BITIC.RAK
    • BUILDING• A cavity wall is an external wall of a building• It consists of two layers separated by a gap CONSTRUCTION• Most common form of construction is brick wall orblock construction• Cavity wall insulation will prevent both heat & CONSTRUCTION OFacoustic transfer• Insulating board such as “Celotex, Isolation board or INSULATIONS:foam” is used as cavity wall insulation. CAVITY WALL INSULATIONInstallation Of Cavity Wall Insulation:1. Walls are constructed, leading with the initial 1.4m of inner leaf containing the first 2 rows of wall ties, spaced 600mm apart2. Pace the cavity ties, with holding back ties in between, to be embedded.(detail 1 &fig 2)3. Board support ties to be 2mm galvanized wire with fish tail ends4. Excess mortar to be cleaned from the cavity face of the leading leaf5. The initial 2 rows of is board sheets are placed on edge against the leading leaf with shiplap joint installed to shed moisture away from inner leaf & secured with holding back ties (Fig 2)6. A run of boards may commence below a damp proof course level to provide some edge insulation for the NAME: FAIRUZ floor7. Insulation board can be placed in a damp position without losing excessive thermal performance in long ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 term8. Construct the outer leaf taking care to keep the residual cavity clean and secure the cavity ties (Fig 3) DATE : 25/12/129. Insulation board is easily trimmed on site using a sharp blade or hacksaw to nearby notch board edges SHEET NO: 16 and wall ties and fit snugly around window and door frames. BITIC.RAK
    • • A sliding door is a type of BUILDING door which opens CONSTRUCTION horizontally by sliding, whereby the door is either mounted on or suspended from a track.• Types of sliding doors SPECIAL DOORS: SLIDING DOOR include pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors.• Sliding doors are commonly used for shower doors, glass doors, screen doors, and wardrobe doors . NAME: FAIRUZ ROLL NO : BARC/8008/10 DATE : 25/12/12 SHEET NO: 19 BITIC.RAK