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Audeince,social class,focus table

  1. 1. Channel Programme Group Time ViewsDave Top gear E/D 18:03 378,000BBC1 Eastenders Almost all 20:01 8,370,000Channel 4 PARALYMPICS Almost all 20:00 7,783,000 2012: OPENING CEREMONYE4 REVENGE E/D/C1 21:01 905,000Film4 NIGHT AT THE Almost all 16:41 672,000 MUSEUMHistory Channel STORAGE WARS E/D 20:01 112,000Gender Male Female BothMagazines Complex Heat His & Hers Top gear Ok Garden & Gun GQ Hello NOProgramme Age GroupTop gear 15 to 24Eastenders 45 to 64 - 65 and upwardsREVENGE 25 to 44NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 45 to 64 - 65 and upwardsCOME DINE WITH ME 25 to 44 - 65 and upwardsDOCTOR WHO 25 to 44Social Social Status Chief Income Earner’s Occupation Examples of jobsGrade A Upper Middle Higher Managerial, administrative Doctors, Surgeons, Solicitor, Judge. Class or professional B Middle Class Intermediate managerial, Businessman, Teacher, High company administrative or professional manager. C1 Lower Middle Supervisory, or clerical or junior Nurse, Administrator, taxi driver. Class managerial, administrative or professional C2 Skilled Working Skilled Manual workers Public service, technicians, mechanic. Class D Working Class Semi-skilled and unskilled manual Painter, coal Miner, dress maker workers E Those at the State pensioners, casual or lowest Working at supermarket or working for lowest level of grade workers public service. subsistence
  2. 2. Focus group – Focus group is a meeting between people who are discussing stuff about a specificsubject and speak about it. Share your point of view and listen to others views discuss about theirview and your views. Discussing people opinions Focus group is usually used in market research.Advantages of Focus group – Easily Measure Customer Reaction. It is quick. Good for groups with lower literacy levels. Help people build new connections.Disadvantages- Might not be able to get your point across. It might lead to argument. Might of Remembered your opinions after the meeting is finished. Don’t know if members are telling the truth some might mislead.Questionnaire- A leaflet or booklet which holds bit information for the consumer and fewoptions which the consumer can tick as their opinion to the change the company is making orjust a casual questionnaire to find out what the consumer thinks of the service they arereceiving.Disadvantages – No way of telling how true the person is being. No way of telling how much thought a person has put in it. Some people might understand question different to other people and therefore you may receive different answers. Some people not enjoy filling in questionnaire they may have fed up of it. Some age group might not fall into the survey. Some people might just bin it.Advantages- Faster. Cheaper. More accurate. Easy to analyse . Easy to spread to people who live far. Can post out large numbers at once.
  3. 3. TV ProgrammesInbetweeners- This programme is mainly aimed at teenager because the characters in theprogramme are teenagers but it can stretch further up the board. Because the characters gothrough the same situation as some people experience it and some people who are experiencingit. It’s a comedy show so everyone male and female can enjoy it, it can’t be set to certain gendersome of the episodes might be more related to most male viewers and some episodes might justbe related to most female viewers.Dora the Explora- This programme is aimed at mainly agegroup from 3 to 11 because kids understand the languagethat is used in the programme and how the character buildsthe joy and happiness in kids and sometimes she doesactivities that children can do at home to for example singingand she commands the audience to sing along. Whichchildren enjoy. It can be aimed at both gender male andfemale but mostly females because the character is female or maybe because male viewers arebusy playing ‘fifa’.GenderBride Wars – This film is mostly aimed at female audience but there might fewbe male audience watching it as going with their girlfriend or wife to watch itetc… The age group would possibly be 15 – 60, 15 because teenagers love towatch films and have a laugh because is partly comedy too, anything above willwatch it because some might be planning to get married and just want to see thefilm for a laugh and that t is aimed at them .some of the female might be marriedand just watch it because it’s aimed at woman’s and its comedy. Also elderaudience like 40-60 would just watch it as it comes for example its showing onTV and they have nothing to do or they have free day so they might as well enjoysome comedy.Warrior - This film is mostly aimed at male audience because it hasviolence and fights action and thriller which most of the male enjoy in filmsbut then again few female audiences might be interested in some of thrillerbut it’s not aimed at both audiences. The age group would be 13 – 50because it has the activities what men do and enjoy like it has ‘boxing’ in itnow that’s what most of the men enjoy watching other than football andalso doing boxing other than football.
  4. 4. POSTCODEGranada new-Granada news applies to every really who understand English because the newsis told in English so it’s more likely to attract people who speak English .Depending on whatnews there telling and which area it is about the programme might get different viewerswatching the news for example if they are telling a new about North West then people fromNorth West are more likely to watch it.Now news thismost viewers from Manchester are likely to watch it andits going to affect them.Scottish TV- Scottish TV is mainly aimed at Scottishviewers and people from Scotland because that’s thewhole purpose of this channel to inform people inScotland about things they should know.People from other cities won’t be veryinterested in listening to their newbecause they live elsewhere unless theyhave someone or something in Scotlandthat needs looking after.Sexual Orientation–some magazines and films might have aimed at different viewersdepending their sexual preferences for example: Homosexual, Bisexual, Straight, Gay, andLesbian etc... So for every different sex orientation there are different magazines and films forthem to watch and read.