Journey To The Centre Of The Crowd... And Back Again - Crowdsourcing For New Product Development


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Crowdsouring is a buzzword that has been knocking around for a while now. There is a lot of thought, theory and ongoing conversation about it, and we're starting to see brands begin to use it in various different formats.

But how does it work in the research & innovation world?

'Journey To The Centre Of The Crowd... And Back Again' explores crowdsourcing from it's definition and gives hints, tips and strategy advice on how you can implement crowsourcing for innovation.

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  • Thanks Matthew for that short round-up on crowdsourcing - couldn't have put in better myself. A vital element is the platform you use to manage the crowdsourcing brief. Check out - the crowdsourcing platform. Thank you. Hubbubideas Team
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Journey To The Centre Of The Crowd... And Back Again - Crowdsourcing For New Product Development

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing?
  2. 2. Wikipedia, a crowdsourcing platform, describes crowdsourcing as:
  3. 3. “a neologistic compound of Crowd & Outsourcing for the act of taking tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing them to a group of people or community, through an "open call" to a large group of people (a crowd) asking for contributions.”
  4. 4. So in short…   Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks or problems by asking a large group of people for contributions.
  5. 5. The most important word being: “Contributions” Not Answers
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing will not give you a fully formed answer. Handing everything over to the crowd will only take you so far, you still have to play a role as an expert in this field. By listening to the crowd & harnessing their creativity, naivety & fresh thinking …  
  7. 7. …you will find yourself in places you have never been before…
  8. 8. Crowdsourcing will provide you with hundreds of new thoughts, ideas and insights. As professionals and experts in our fields, it is up to us to see the potential in ideas… And to take a crowdsourced seed and turn it into a reality.
  9. 9. Generally in a crowdsourcing project the journey is a bit like this: Hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas will be produced… Users will rate ideas as they go along… It is the agencies role to cluster these ideas, noting themes, insights, the best ideas and the enthusiasm towards ideas and thoughts… The best ideas picked out by both the agency and the brand will join the ideas that receive the most votes from the crowd in being taken forward to the next stage.
  10. 10. Examples of Crowdsourcing
  11. 11. Pepsi Refresh Everything Pepsi are currently showing their philanthropic side by allowing users to dictate where they donate their cash The platform uses idea generation and voting, the ideas that gain the most votes receive funding (from $5k to $250k) Funded ideas range from providing wounded soldiers with comfort items ($250k) to providing iPod Touches to schools with poor resources ($5k) It has a great platform & shows crowdsourcing in its purest form, well worth checking out…
  12. 12. Doritos King Of Ads Doritos have put an open call out to the internet asking for users to make their next TV ad… The guys working for Doritos and their agencies will narrow down all the entries to a final 3… These 3 go back online and the Doritos community vote for their favourite, the ad with the most votes wins £££ and their advert is shown on TV! Doritos have used this model successfully before in the UK with their ‘You Make It, We Play It’ campaign and have crowdsourced their last 2 Superbowl adverts in the same way. Check out King of Ads & Crash the Superbowl – http:// &
  13. 13. Nokia Design By Community Nokia are collecting the thoughts of the crowd ‘to define the ultimate concept mobile device’ Every week they are asking users to design the specs for a different section of the ‘ultimate’ mobile device Currently they are looking at size & shape but they will be exploring connectivity, design and operating system Although they are masking it as ‘a bit of fun’, this exercise will provide them insight going forward about how users want their phones to look and work Check out Nokia’s crowdsourcing platform here - http://
  14. 14. How Do You Know If Crowdsourcing Is Good For Your brief?
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing delivers its best results if: The brief is SIMPLE The tasks are CREATIVE & FUN There is a CONCEIVABLE OUTPUT
  16. 16. if the brief is too complicated or wordy users will lose interest   S Crowdsourcing has to be kept simple if you want lots of people to participate I M There has to be one easily understandable overarching question frames the project P The question is what the whole project should L revolve around, users should be able to comprehend it effortlessly E All the background information should be   simplified and used as stimulus
  17. 17. Allowing users to be creative and have fun with your brand makes the task more C appealing & produces better results R People want to get involved with brands on their terms E if you want them to get involved you have to open up A and make the task interesting & fun! T They will respect you for opening up your brand and I trusting them to help you move forward V You cannot police a crowdsourcing brief too much, if E you do you will stump natural creativity & FUN  
  18. 18. If the final output is tangible & C participants can imagine it existing, the O easier it is for them to get involved N Some briefs just aren’t suitable for crowdsourcing C If the final output is too technical or too specific then I the general public may not be able to comprehend it   E However if it is something that is already part of OUTPUT V their everyday life then it becomes a lot easier A for users to complete the task B When crowdsourcing you have to pick your crowd L carefully, certain sections of people will be more suitable to answer your brief than others. E  
  19. 19. If all these factors are covered in your brief it will be perfect for a crowdsourced approach!
  20. 20. After a crowdsourcing project the best ideas selected by the brand, agency and crowd, often go into an… online community for refining and testing. But… What is an online community??  
  21. 21. An online community is a website in which a group of people with a common interest or goal come together to socialize, interact, voice their opinions, and complete tasks in order to gain rewards – both physical and virtual.  
  22. 22. Examples of online communities include:  
  23. 23. To find out more about… Crowdsourcing, Online Communities, And Face Please check out our site:
  24. 24. please fire any questions to me: THANK YOU! @mattsimpson1985