A Hybrid Model for Open Innovation


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Co-Creation is not crowd-sourcing, or vice versa. But together, they can be a great tool to create something powerful.

Francesco D'Orazio (@abc3d) presentation at Open Hardware Conference, Dec 4 London at NESTA HQ

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A Hybrid Model for Open Innovation

  1. 1. @abc3d #openhw a hybrid model for open innovation francesco d’orazio, face, open hardware conference, london, dec4 2009
  2. 2. who we are is a mix of researchers, planners, brand strategists and social media experts based in London we are part of the international research network
  3. 3. what we do we use co-creativity to enable brands to interact directly with consumers on and offline in real time in the UK and internationally to deliver a range of insight, innovation and communication objectives
  4. 4. validation/testing trend spotting Idea generation brand insight observation/immersion activation brand positioning new product development trends community social media strategy idea generation community insight community co-creation community
  5. 5. co-creation communities
  6. 6. who is using co-creation Global UK Indonesia Russia UK Global South Africa, China & Philippines UK China, Brazil, UK, Argentina, Asia, France & UK America & Germany UK France, Germany UK & Holland UK UK
  7. 7. but is it really all about bottom-up and crowd engagement?
  8. 8. some reactions... “only works with a simple and well-defined brand” “I don’t want 1000 ideas, I want one really good one” “you won’t get a collaborative process” “you need to have arguments” “crowd-sourcing doesn’t lend itself to the big idea” “no access to strategy or insight” “all you get is a bunch of one-off ads”
  9. 9. let’s take a step back
  10. 10. what you get +bottom-up richness +global crowd +diversified crowd +wider range of talent +cost-effective +lots of ideas +rich insight +consumer-brand relationship +peer-rating +buzz
  11. 11. what’s missing -it’s many-to-one -not very targeted -it’s bottom-up but still vertical -access to insight and strategy (confidentiality) -collaboration -editing, building on, refining -funneling process -face-to-face -strategic thinking
  12. 12. bottom up is not enough “the bottom-up mind will take us much further, but will never take us to the end goal” (kevin kelly) Crowd-sourcing needs to be part of a bigger process
  13. 13. let’s take a look at another approach
  14. 14. co-creation Is the act of company stakeholders collaborating directly with selected (usually smaller) groups of consumers to work on a specific brief. Is about leveraging consumers’ creativity without preempting the results of the process Can take place on-line in communities or/and offline in workshops
  15. 15. what you get +few-to-few-to-one +more targeted +bottom-up and top-down +collaboration, editing, building on +refinement and funneling +online & face-to-face +access to insight and strategy (confidentiality) +strategic thinking +faster process +immersive +robust and tailored concepts
  16. 16. what’s missing [compared to crowdsourcing] -smaller crowd -local -less diversification -fewer ideas -more expensive than crowd-sourcing
  17. 17. the case for a hybrid model bottom-up + top-down crowds + individuals group thinking + individual thinking
  18. 18. the hybrid model consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen design prototype evaluate download workshop
  19. 19. bottom-up consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen design prototype evaluate download workshop top down
  20. 20. the hybrid model consumer crowd-sourcing co-creation immersion listen design prototype evaluate download workshop No longer iterations a linear process but a loop
  21. 21. why it works The CO- in Co-Creation Consumers Brand Stakeholder Experts Researchers Planners
  22. 22. the core needs of a collaborative process + diversity + relevance + speed
  23. 23. it’s all about crowdsourcing opening up and narrowing co-creation down
  24. 24. ...and facilitating two types of actions create decide
  25. 25. ...through four mechanics collection collaboration individual decision group decision
  26. 26. it doesn’t happen spontaneously, magically, automatically, naturally...
  27. 27. and it’s a thin line between empowermentand exploitation
  28. 28. why do people do it? money love building in game mechanics is key glory Collecting Points Feedback Exchanges fun Customization
  29. 29. Thanks! @ab3d - #openhw francesco@facegroup.co.uk