A Rough Guide To Engaging Fans


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A Rough Guide To Engaging Fans takes a quick look at some techniques that will help you engage and interact with your fans online.

Taken from the Co-Creation Hub event 'Creating On-line Fan Bases' that took place in London on the 8th July 2010.

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  • It’s continuous engagement so you have a chance to really show your stance and character. Not everyone can do it, you have to pick the right person. Someone who is in touch with social media and see it as an extension of themselves.
  • 2-way conversation, interaction, talk to the group and individuals, it is a big deal that a brand is talking to an individual
  • A Rough Guide To Engaging Fans

    1. 2. You are a brand, not a robot. Continuous engagement gives you the chance to show your character, relevance and stance. A good community manager can give you this. Social media interaction will be 2 nd nature to them.
    2. 3. Knowing your fans interests and online routine will make it infinitely easier to interact with them. What are your fans limitations, what will they and won’t they do for you? If you are clever and calculated with your half of the dialogue your fans will be more likely to engage with you.
    3. 4. Fans are not passive consumers, they are active and you must have dialogue with them. Updates, debates, questions, links, competitions, media - provide fans with entertainment. Speak to your fans personally and as part of a group, make it personal to them.
    4. 5. Social Networks are fans personal space, you cannot intrude, be arrogant or assume anything. If you want people to engage with what you’re doing, engage with them in what they’re doing. Open up your brand and let them play, this is where real engagement will come. Trust them and involve them in what you do.
    5. 6. Things don’t just happen overnight. This is not a project with an end, your fans and fan base is going to be around for years and years. By striking up good relationships with your existing fans and providing interesting content you will build up a strong fan base.
    6. 7. Your fans have given you something by following you, now what are you going to give back to them? Fans take it for granted that they are going to be rewarded by the companies they follow. This does not always mean free stuff. It can be prestige, celebrity or just an acknowledgement, be creative with your rewards.
    7. 8. Thanks For Listening! @mattsimpson1985 [email_address] www.facegroup.co.uk