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Eristoff Invasion - APAC local success story


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Eristoff Invasion - APAC local success story

  1. 1. Case Study Results • 30X ROI on spend on Facebook Ads from sale of tickets • 10,500 tickets sold directly using Facebook Ads Promoter of music festivals achieves 30X ROI • 35% of all ticket buyers were invited by a Facebook friend on Facebook advertising spend to the event Goals “For the Eristoff Invasion, Facebook drove more ticket Only Much Louder (OML) used Facebook to promote its buyers than television/ radio and outdoor advertising.” Eristoff Invasion by: • Increasing awareness about the event Shreyas Srinivasan, Business Head, Digital Only Much Louder • Generating awareness for Eristoff • Driving ticket sales Approach Build OML created a Facebook Page to spread the word about the Eristoff Invasion:Connect • Chose cover photo of a live performance andEngage Build Engage selected a festival poster as the profile picture Reach • Created Events to promote the festival BuildInfluenceConnect The organizer ran Facebook Ads to drive users to the Page.Engage • Interests targeting was used to reach Reach a selected group of usersInfluence • Users were targeted geographically based on the cities in which the event was planned Build • Events were advertised to prospective fans who could RSVP directly through the adConnectEngage The Eristoff Invasion Page was used to engage with fans before, during, and after the music festival. Reach • Prior to the beginning of the Festival, regular updatesInfluence were posted about the pre-parties and other good-to- Connect Influence know information to generate interest in the event. • During the event, pictures and videos of each show Build were posted with updates on upcoming events.Connect • After the event, OML shared press and media coverage of the event withEngage Eristoff Invasion is a music festival in India. In 2012, it was fans through its Facebook Page. Reach headlined by David Guetta. Only Much Louder (OML) was the Once they built a base of fans for their Page, OML took promoter of the event.Influence advantage of Facebook Ads to generate word-of-mouth about its events at scale. • Friends of connections targeting was used to reach friends of the fans of the Page. • Sponsored stories were used extensively to generate new fans for the Page. Facebook: Building Essential Connections