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Post quality content and promote your posts to engage your fans. Send the latest news, exclusive content, and promotions to fans at least 1-2 times per week.

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  • Hi, I’m XXX and thanks for taking the time to watch this video on how to Engage your fans with quality content on your Facebook Page.
  • To get started let’s get started with a quick overview of how to achieve business success on Facebook.Everything starts with your Facebook Page – so Build a Page to represent your business well on Facebook.Connect with new fans using multiple well-targeted ads.Engage your fans by posting high quality content regularly and promoting those posts.Promote the social activity on your Page to influence friends of your fans.
  • Your Facebook Page is not just about giving your business a presence on Facebook, but about allowing your fans to connect with your business and to engage with it. In this video, we’ll talk about how you can be more proactive to nurture those connections and drive engagement with your connections, by sharing some key tips for Business Pages.Let’s look at what happens when you post to your page. When you post on your page, your fans give feedback by liking, commenting, and sharing, thus giving you the opportunity to reach friends of fans. Friends of fans represent a much largergroup of people than just yourFans -- 34 times larger on average for the top 100 brands. Also according to ComScore, friends of fans are also much more likely to visit a store, Web site and even purchase a product or service.For this reason, the more you can engage your existing fans on Facebook, the greater their ability to influence their friends, unlocking the power of the Word of Mouth effect on Facebook.
  • So let’s look at how can you build up this engagement with your fans and customers.Here are some key steps we recommend to make the most of your page – we’ll talk through them in more detail:Build out your Facebook Page – make sure you complete all the elements of your page, or you could be missing outPost quality content regularly.Highlight your most important page posts.Sponsor your Page posts which will allow you to reach, and engage with, more fans.Finally, now that you’re putting the effort into your page posting, make sure you check your Page Insights regularly to get understanding about what posts are working best, and what your fans are engaging with.To start connecting and building lasting relationships with your customers on Facebook you should create a Page for your Business if you haven’t already done so.
  • Everything on Facebook starts with your business Page. You should think of your Page as being mission control for all of your activity on Facebook and the place where you can start connecting and building lasting relationships with your customers. Here you can see a great example of a successful business Page for Community Coffee. To set up your Page go to www.facebook.com/page and select the category of page that best suits your business. From here you can:Complete your business information - including contact details, business hours, description etcSelect a profile and cover picture and add other photos of your premises, employees, products/servicesStart building your fan base by inviting your friends, family and employees to like your Page Create your first post and add milestones to highlight key moments and stories for your business (such as a store opening or product launch) Secure a unique URL for your Page (once you have reached 25+ fans) and be sure to promote this ULR in all your marketing materials, like on your website, business cards, collateral….
  • Once you have your Page set up and populated with content it is really important that you build a plan for how you are going to engage your fans on an ongoing basis. A great best practice is to create a conversational calendar that allows you to plan the timing and themes of your posts week by week and ensure you are dedicating and scheduling time for Facebook. We recommend posting at least once a week. When planning your posts it is important to think about being timely, relevant and authentic for your fans – for example thinking about including seasonal milestones or events, like a new product launch or business anniversary. Encourage participation and engagement with your fans by having a 2 way conversation and responding to fan comments/posts. We also see higher interaction with posts including questions, polls, videos and photos for example, so make sure you have a good mix of different types of content to post.Try out some “fill in the blank” posts, this can be a really effective way to drive engagement with your posts.Feature your fans in your posts and on your page – give them a shout out for sharing their experiences with your business.
  • Use the latest features of your Page to highlight the most pertinent content and posts:You can pin the most important posts to the top of your Page for up to 7 days.You may also choose to star, hide or remove posts from their Page, or delete them entirely. Starring posts give the posts the real estate of the entire width of the Page. Posts can be starred by hovering over the top right of the post and clicking the star icon. Posts can be unstarred at any time. Hiding the post removes the post from the Page’s timeline, but admins can still access it via the Activity Log. Milestones: are a great way for businesses to define their key moments through time. Milestones are different from starred posts in that they receive a flag icon to denote the milestone, and the post gets a unique title. Milestones can be removed and deleted if necessary.
  • You can then increase the distribution of your page posts by sponsoring them.When you post to your Page, this post might show up in newsfeed for your fans, but due to the fast moving nature of Newsfeed, and depending on when your fans check Facebook, the distribution of that post may not be as high as you’d like.In order to boost this distribution, you can sponsor your posts. This will show up as an ad on right hand side or as a boosted post in the newsfeed or on mobile.
  • Now that you’re being so proactive with your Page Post Strategy, it’s important to check your Page Insights so you can best understand what type of page posts your fans are engaging best with, what time of day, or day of week, your fans are most responsive, and what demographic groups are engaging better with specific types of posts. The four metrics at the top of your Insights tab allow you to quickly understand the size and engagement of your audience. By becoming familiar with these metrics you can plan out your conversational calendar and planning your posting strategy based on your own audience and how they respond. This will help you to always have a good strategy for building fan engagement on your page.
  • OK so, we have Here are some key actions, we’d recommend you take ASAP:Make sure to complete all the elements of your page.We’d advise to post engaging content at least 1-2 times per weekHighlight your most important postsSponsor your Page posts to ensure they get as much distribution as possibleCheck your Page Insights to be constantly improving your strategy and making your posting activity as engaging as possible.
  • Thanks for taking the time to watch this video.
  • Engage your audience with quality content

    1. Engage your fans on yourFacebook Page
    2. Business Success on Facebook Build Build your Facebook Page Connect Connect to people with ads Engage Engage your audience with quality content Influence Influence the friends of your fans
    3. Pages allow your business to engage andbuild relationships with fans Page posts Conversations and feedback among friends Fans Friends of Fans
    4. Engage your fans using your FacebookPage1. Build out your Page2. Post quality content regularly3. Highlight your most important posts4. Reach more fans by sponsoring your page posts5. Review your Page Insights
    5. 1. Build your Facebook PageGo to facebook.com/pageComplete your business informationAdd a profile and cover photoInvite fans to like your PagePromote your Page URL in all marketing materials
    6. 2. Post quality content regularlyCreate a conversational calendarPost at least 1-2x per weekEncourage fan participation with questions, videos & photosPromote your posts to increase your reach and engagementRespond to customer feedback and messages in a timely manner
    7. 3. Highlight mostimportant postsPin important posts totop of PageStar and Hide postsAdd milestones to tellyour company’s story
    8. 4. Promote your posts from your PagePromoted posts are an easy way to get more people to see your posts in newsfeed Promote a new post or any post More people see your post in created after 6/21/2012. Set a their news feed on desktop or budget. mobile labeled as “Sponsored”. Available on all Pages with at least 400 fans
    9. 5. Check Page Insights regularly
    10. Key Takeaways: Build out your Page Post quality content regularly Highlight your most important posts Reach more people by promoting your posts Review your Page Insights
    11. Thank you