Celebrity Hairstyles We're Tired Of Seeing
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Celebrity Hairstyles We're Tired Of Seeing

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Visit http://www.FaceTransformation.com for more great videos, articles, and advice for being beautiful and getting sexy!...

Visit http://www.FaceTransformation.com for more great videos, articles, and advice for being beautiful and getting sexy!

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  • 1. Celebrity Hairstyles We're Tired Of Seeing
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  • 2. No. 1: The Victoria Beckham Posh Spice Bob (or Pob)
    This cut has swept the nation, but our readers say it's major overkill. This is the look complained about most, are you sick of it too?
  • 3. No. 2: The Katie Holmes Bob
    Similar to the Pob, this look is also far too popular. While it is flattering on many people, there are plenty of other looks you could try.
  • 4. No. 3: Side-Swept Bangs
    We are sick to death of side-swept bangs and waves, we see so many of them it’s like living in a sea of Giselle clones.
  • 5. No. 4: Beachy Waves
    Why spend hours indoors with various hair products trying to look like you've just come from the beach – they should just…go to the beach!!
  • 6. No. 5: Long Hair and Long Layers
    I blame Jennifer Aniston for this one. And while I will argue that this style is almost universally flattering, I'll also concede that may be its downfall -- because almost everyone in the universe has it.
  • 7. No. 6: Pouffy Hairstyles
    You know what I'm talking about, the half-up or ponytail styles with the big poof on top? It's amazing how much this caught on, but maybe it's time for it to fade out, you think?
  • 8. No. 7: Blonde Highlights
    Who doesn't have blonde highlights these days? Sure, they're pretty and can add warmth and light to your face, but there are other colors out there.
  • 9. No. 8: Bad Color Blocking
    Ugh, this really is a trend that needs to die. Large chunks of bleached hair paired with jet black underneath, who can actually pull that off? Many have tried but none that I know of have succeeded.
  • 10. No. 9: Pin-Straight Hair
    Why are readers sick of this look? Well, it's not exactly exciting or attention getting, and it's a heck of a lot of work. They say it's OK to show some natural texture if you've got it.
  • 11. No. 10: Braids
    They started out as a unique and fun way to spruce up an updo, but readers say they quickly became overkill. We say they can still be fun, but should be used sparingly. .
  • 12. No. 11: Obvious Hair Extensions
    This is one trend that can easily (and often) be taken too far. A little extra hair can be fun, but it's easy to cross that line into ridiculous territory.
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