2012 11 06 Face Brasil Adventure Learning Home-Stay Hospitality Chalet Recife


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FACE Brasil (Friend to Amigo Cultural Exchange Brasil) is an Adventure Learning Home-Stay Hospitality Chalet in Recife, Brazil. It is a short-term cultural immersion experience offering a blend of meaningful community service, cultural exploration and hands-on-learning adventure tourism in Northeast Brazil.

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2012 11 06 Face Brasil Adventure Learning Home-Stay Hospitality Chalet Recife

  1. 1. Cross-Cultural ImmersionAdventurous Learning Experience & Home-stay Hospitality Chalet (Chalé da Hospitalidade) Mark Miller
  2. 2. Into BrazilMore reasons to visit
  3. 3. Why Brazil?Beautiful,Multicultural Society
  4. 4. World Cup Brazil
  5. 5. Rio de Janeiro hostsOlympic Games 2016
  6. 6. Growing EconomyThe first Olympics to be held in South AmericaSymbolic of Brazils global standing and economicemergence
  7. 7. Northeast Brazil.
  8. 8. Pernambuco, Brasil.
  9. 9. The state of PernambucoRegiões Região Metropolitana do Recife Metro area Zona da Mata Forest zone Agreste Semi-Arid Sertão Arid
  10. 10. Private Tour GuideProvide leadership or assist leadership foryour tour experience.Whether the tour is…Educational, multi-culturalNon-profit, community developmentReligion in BrazilBusiness exploratoryEnvironmental/conservationFamily fun and enjoymentSport, “futebol” focus (soccer)
  11. 11. Educational, multi-cultural tourRecife possibilities:High rises, colonialchurches, andmarkets quilt thecity with a mix ofold and new.
  12. 12. Recife
  13. 13. Recife was built as aport city along tropical,white-sand beaches linedwith palm trees, named forthe coral reefs that line thecoast.
  14. 14. OlindaThe city of Olinda, was named aUNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 forits historic value.
  15. 15. CaruaruCaruaru Street Market, Brazils largest street market with handicrafts, lace and embroidery, leather products, traditional medicinal products, typical food,… The city claims to have "the worlds largest São João festivities". Nova Jerusalem- Passion play
  16. 16. More educational, multi- cultural possibilities;FranciscoBrennandsceramicworkshopRicardoBrennand’sMedievalWeaponrymuseum
  17. 17. Community development projects are a possibility.
  18. 18. Faith in BrazilWomen in leadership
  19. 19. Business exploratory Social Entrepreneurs Brazilian middle class is growing Brazil is energy independent & renewable energy leader Brazil hosting World Cup 2014: Recife is a host city with anew stadium Olympic Games 2016 The first Olympics to be held in South America Symbolic of Brazils global standing and economic emergence
  20. 20. Shopping, beach, great food…
  21. 21. More shopping, beach, great food…
  22. 22. And more options…Recife International Airport World Cup Stadium under construction
  23. 23. Family fun and enjoyment
  24. 24. Candeias, Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil.Located in thesouthern part of themetropolitan area,within walkingdistance to the beach.
  25. 25. Friend to Amigo Cultural Exchange Brasil F.A.C.E. Brasil Web site: http://friendtoamigoculturalexchangebrasil.yolasite.com/
  26. 26. Friend to Amigo Cultural Exchange Brasil F.A.C.E. Brasil. A short-term, cross-cultural, service learning experience, home-stay in Northeast Brazil. Cross-cultural learning through experiencing and reflecting in a supportive cross-cultural environment. Service-learning that meets a genuine community need. Chose your focus.
  27. 27. Hospitality Chalet(Chalé da Hospitalidade) Home-stay
  28. 28. Become part of the family!
  29. 29. Pátio com rede & Árvore de Natal(Patio with hammock & Christmas tree)
  30. 30. Sala de visitas(Living room)
  31. 31. Piscina(Pool) Reminder: Home-stay is within walking distance to the beach.
  32. 32. Pool &Barbeque
  33. 33. Services availableHome-stay with Brazilian family Experience first hand Brazilian Culture by participating in a Brazilian householdProvide leadership or assist leadership for your tourexperience Following your itinerary or setting up an itinerary for you We can provide assistance in the USA and BrazilConversational Portuguese classes – in USA or BrazilTranslatorsDriver for your rented vehicle
  34. 34. ConnectionsMark has numerous contacts, through his work ascommunity development worker in inner city Recifeand outlying neighborhoods through NonGovernment OrganizationsColleagues, family and friends that work in theinterior of the state and throughout themetropolitan areaColleagues, family and friends within variousorganizations, such as; construction sector, smallbusiness development, Catholic Church, ProtestantChurch, non profit organizations, environmental andconservation…
  35. 35. Questions and concerns, please contact us!Mark’s email friendamigocultexchangebrasil@gmail.comWeb site: friendtoamigoculturalexchangebrasil.yolasite.com