The secrets which will get cheap cruises


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Cheap cruises may seem to be a taboo term for many but there are choices of cheap cruises if you follow some tactics like booking early or at the last moment and you are almost assured to get a discount during lean phases of cruising business

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The secrets which will get cheap cruises

  1. 1. The Secrets which will get Cheap Cruises The one secret behind getting cheap cruises is to book them during lean seasons and even while booking cruises during normal times, you must make it a point to verify if there are any discounts or special offers available. Quite often it happens that you miss out on special prices because you do not bother to make proper enquiries. Although the travel trade is badly hit because of economic recession, cruising continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of travel industry. Cruise packages with a wide range of attractive pricings and destinations are now easy to find.
  2. 2. You can certainly hit up on an inexpensive cruise provided you do some advance planning. It is necessary to save money on the cruise fare so that you have surplus to spend on shore excursions, food and drinks and post-cruise land travel. Inform as many travel agents as possible that you are planning to take a cruise vacation and saving money is a priority. If you are only flexible with you travel dates and not particularly attached to a specific cruise vacation, travel agents will find some extraordinary deals for you. Find out about theme packages as some of them may be ideally suited to your lifestyle. If you are planning a family affair, there may be quite a few money- saving family discount packages. In fact, most cruise lines offer a variety of attractively priced packages to suit every need. Another secret to obtain good rates is to book either very early or late. Cruise lines are eager to make bookings far in advance and some offer early bird discounts. Likewise, cruises are desperate to fill up last-minute cancellations and do not mind throwing some concessions. You can patiently wait and grab the last minute price advantage.
  3. 3. Instead of approaching a general travel agent, contact a dedicated cruise-only travel agent. These agents enjoy special privileges with the lines they do the maximum business. An honest agent will also verify prices close to the departure date and refund part of your money if the rates had crashed. Specially look for inaugural cruises where the rates will far below standard norms. Just like any marketing company offers special price during product launch, new cruise lines offer huge discounts for their inaugural cruises. They feel this type of price offering far more effective than other forms of advertising or media promotions. It will be a good idea to search online if any cruise ship has a few remaining slots so that you can get a bargain offer. Even assuming you don not succeed in finding a good deal, you will learn more about the prevailing rates and that should help you negotiate a competitive price. Once you understand what the online suppliers offer, you can expect discounts ranging from 20-60% depending on the season, itinerary, and cruise ship It will also be worthwhile posting your preferred itinerary on websites that allows travel agents to bid for your trip. Travel agents will submit quotations and you can accept any one you like. The bidders will certainly offer their lowest rates to capture business and you are under no obligation to purchase a cruise package. SOURCE: Florida Villas