Shop till you drop at orlando


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Orlando, Florida has over the years been a tourist spot associated with theme parks and beaches. There is much for tourists to know about the shopping malls and the entertainments that they offer.

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Shop till you drop at orlando

  1. 1. Shop till You Drop at Orlando, FloridaOrlando, Florida has for long been loved for its beaches, theme parks and well maintained governmentattractions all over the place. It’s also been one of the best places to get the best vacation homes with alot of luxuries in them. Being one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, its attractions aretalked about all over the world but many still are not aware of the fact that it’s a great place forshopping with a number of malls and various discount offers.Shopping in Orlando, Florida can be a lot of fun as these malls have a lot of leisure and entertainmentactivities alongside the shops. Some of the malls worth paying a visit are The Florida mall, The Mall atthe Millenia, Downtown Disney Marketplace, Orlando Fashion Square, Old town to name a few. I wouldsuggest that the tourists could keep at least a day off for shopping. These malls have all the stuff oneneeds ranging from the branded items to the localized products.The Florida mall is put up near the Orlando airport and has more than 200 stores in it, it is said to be asthe largest mall in Florida. Some of the big names in this mall are Toys R Us, Rooms To Go and OfficeMax. The Mall at the Millenia boasts of over 150 stores and has all the big brands like Gucci, LouisVuitton, Montblanc and many more.
  2. 2. The Downtown Disney Marketplace formerly known as the Disney village marketplace will prove to be adelight for kids; some outlets to be noted are the Pooh Corner, LEGO imagination center, once upon atoy, Disney’s wonderful world of memories and the list goes on. These outlets will be like a paradise forDisney lovers as they provide various Disney products ranging from pins to collectible arts and alsoaccessories of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse.The Orlando fashion square is one of the popular malls due to its location near downtown Orlando. Ithas excellent parking system and have small retail shops to the big brands like Macy’s, Sears, JCPenneyand Dillard’s and the latest buzz is that they have a Disney Entrepreneur Center opening up in April2011. Visiting Old town will be like a trip down memory lane as it’s a mall set up in the nostalgic stylewith a open air atmosphere, around 75 shops, restaurants and amusement rides it guarantees a lot offun.Shopping in Orlando, Florida can be fun for all ages as you have the branded stores for the classy men,the small shops for people who want stuff for cheap rates and Disney attractions for kids. So it does notleave anyone behind. These malls also have delicious restaurants and cine theaters in them, so it can bea delightful and enjoyable experience to visit them. If you take a little effort to browse through the netyou would find a variety of coupons throughout Florida with which you can avail various discount offersfor shopping.Resource: Florida luxury villa