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R d os & donts


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While booking your Florida accommodation you may be lured by a large number of brokers offering you discounted prices, verify their identity before closing in on a deal and always take extra care with …

While booking your Florida accommodation you may be lured by a large number of brokers offering you discounted prices, verify their identity before closing in on a deal and always take extra care with brokers who offer huge discounts.

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  • 1. The Dos and Donts with Florida Luxury Vacation BrokersA vacation rental is not for sale to the guest and the owner of the vacation rentalmerely allows the guest to rent the property for a predetermined length of timefor an agreed price.It is common knowledge that, more often than not, Florida vacation rentalsare dealt with by recognized brokers who are members of the local Association ofRealtors. These vacation rental brokers make it a point to enroll as membersassociation of realtors principally to acquire some credibility and add status totheir profiles. The other advantage is they are assured of a flow of enquiriesthough the association.
  • 2. It is a fact that tourists who book vacation rentals beforehand consider it safe andreliable to go through legitimate associations rather than individual brokers whomay not have much credentials. This apart, associations are resourceful becausethey advertise regularly in the media and websites and reach the prospectivetourists and holidaymakers.The expenses involved in advertisements and other publicity campaigns and theresultant business are shared by all the members – making it a win-win situationfor all.The general practice of the Florida vacation rental brokers is to enter intoagreements with property owners regarding rental rates and commissionspayable when tourists are sourced through them. When contacting tourists thesebrokers use photographs of the exterior and interiors of the different propertiesavailable.Once satisfied with the rates and the visuals, the intending tourists makebookings well in advance ahead of the actual vacation dates and remit the initialdeposit. Advance reservation is very important because Florida is a much sought-after tourist destination and all vacation rentals get taken up very fast.Once the reservations are confirmed, Florida vacation rental brokers supply thetourists with guide maps, the specific features of the rental property, the termsand conditionals of the rentals and instructions about how to reach the property.Some vacation rental brokers lure tourists with some last minute bargain offersusing all their marketing skills.Vacation rental brokers may, in their over enthusiasm to procure business maymake all sorts of promises. Never believe all that the broker says withoutreconfirming with the property owners.
  • 3. You should be wary of broker if he offers you Florida vacation rentals at farbelow market rates. It should be borne in mind that nothing that is truly ofquality will ever come cheap. So if rentals are offered at below market rates, youshould ascertain the real reason. The only acceptable reasons can be groupbookings or off-season rates.Never sign the agreement without fully reading and satisfying with all the termsand conditions that are in fine print as they may as well contain some hiddencosts, exorbitant cancellation fees, unreasonable compensation for damages orcertain other inconvenient clauses.It is critically important that the broker or brokerage firm that you are dealingwith is licensed and a member of the local association of realtors. Please knowthat unlike some stray individual brokers without recognition, the licensed brokeror licensed brokerage firms will have a large database of furnished/unfurnishedhomes, condos, townhouses, apartments and villas for you to choose from.Licensed Florida vacation rental brokers should be able to provide a wide rangeof choice for tourists to choose from.RESOURCE: Florida Luxury Villa