Fish your way in florida


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Fishing in Florida will be one of the priorities for some tourists. There are a lot of lakes with a variety of fishes in Florida so choosing the right one will be a tough task but assured to be a great experience.

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Fish your way in florida

  1. 1. Fish Your Way in FloridaAs soon as you decide to go on a fishing vacation to Florida, the land of big bassand warm weather, you should think of ways and means of making your trip bothenjoyable and rewarding. Even before you leave on your fishing expedition, youshould set realistic fishing goals based on the duration of your vacation.The pet ambition of the majority of bass fishermen who visit Florida is toaccomplish the ever-elusive goal of catching a bass over ten pounds. You mustremember that this can not be your goal as it is not feasible to fish for a bassspending eight hours at the water front.Your decision to travel to the waters of Florida is indeed a right decision, but donot forget your primary aim should be only to thoroughly enjoy fishing and notfeel frustrated unable to achieve some impossible targets. Central Florida is veryrenowned for its great bass fishing area. There are some of the finest large-mouthed bass lakes found in Florida.
  2. 2. Choosing the lake to fish in Florida is quite difficult but the Florida Game andFish commission releases every year a list of the top ten bass lakes and youshould find this list helpful. This list is prepared taking into account both shocksurveys and creel counts as reported by fishermen during creel surveys.Lake George that is one of the many natural lakes on the St. Johns River –situated 18 miles northwest of Deland and 29 miles east of Ocala. Stick Marsh/Farm 13 Reservoir, the expansive 6,500-acre reservoir near Fellsmere, west of Vero Beach is renowned for trophy bass fishing. West Lake Tohopekaliga is the place both recreational and tournament anglers flock for producing excellent fishing and trophy largemouth bass. Lake Kissimmee, spread over nearly 35,000 acres is the largest of five main water bodies on the famous Kissimmee River in central Florida and is reputed for high quality fishing. Rodman Reservoir, east of Gainesville and south of Palatka is a prime largemouth bass habitat covering 9,500 acres and quite popular for trophy largemouth bass. Lake Tarpon, as is known to many in Florida, is a 2,500-acre lake that has persistently produced high quality largemouth bass fishing for years.
  3. 3. Fishes here are 12 to 16 inches long and trophy fish are also present in considerable numbers. Lake Weohyakapka, more familiarly called as Lake Walk-in-Water, is a 7,500-acre lake located south of Orlando and east of Lake Wales This Lake enjoys a national reputation as an excellent source for largemouth bass. Lake Istokpoga is a fairly large natural lake in Florida and it is reported that anglers caught 124,993 bass, of which almost 55,000 were heavier than 2 pounds, and 1,448 bass were over 8 pounds. Deer Point Lake is a largemouth bass fishing destination near Panama City. Largemouth bass fishing is less during the winter months but the season picks up in mid-February and March and climaxes in April and May. Crescent Lake is pretty enormous and borders the east side of Crescent City on the Putnam/Flagler county line. Surveys reveal it is one of the highest catch rate areas on the St. Johns River. You can expect largemouth bass up to 20 inches long and a lot of large fish weighing 8 pounds.Please remember it may not be prudent to go fishing in Florida without the aid ofa Guide. Once you have identified the right Guide, you should know from himwhat baits are currently working and what to carry with you. In fact, the baitsthat work well in Florida are only a handful and some Guides may even supplybaits and tackle. Make it a point to inquire about fishing licenses as the law inFlorida enjoins all non-residents to carry a fishing license.Resource: Florida luxury villas