How to Sell Content Strategy in Spain
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How to Sell Content Strategy in Spain



Challenges, opportunities and tactics for the Content Strategist in Spain. Presented at the Content Strategy Barcelona Meetup (21th Nov 2013).

Challenges, opportunities and tactics for the Content Strategist in Spain. Presented at the Content Strategy Barcelona Meetup (21th Nov 2013).



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    How to Sell Content Strategy in Spain How to Sell Content Strategy in Spain Presentation Transcript

    • HOW TO SELL CONTENT STRATEGY (IN SPAIN) Opportunities and tactics
    • 1: NO COUNTRY FOR BIG COMPANIES PYME (companies under 250 employees) account for nearly 99% of all companies in Spain
    • 2. 77% OF THEM ARE NOT ONLINE But, according to the “Marketing Digital y las PYME” study done by QDQ Media, 98% consider online presence to be important
    • 3. “SHOW ME THE CATALOGUE!” QDQ’s study also reveal that most PYME put the product offering in the first place
    • 4. THEY WANT IT CHEAP (OR FREE) The CMS is seen as a zero-cost solution for building SEO optimized websites fast and avoid professional fees
    • 5. WE’RE LESS COMPETITIVE Spain competitiveness is lower than the EU average, except the big cities, Madrid and Barcelona
    • SO, YES, SPAIN IS… DIFFERENT Lack of financial resources Lack of technological readiness Lack of business competitiveness Lack of technological knowledge BUT, AT THE SAME TIME, THIS MEANS…
    • IT’S A GOOD TIME FOR CS PIONEERS / HACKERS Spain is a “virgin” land in tems of Content Strategy awareness 77% of PYME without a site = huge potential market from scratch Businesses are eager to innovate if that means better survival options Spain = Spanish = Potential growth on LATAM markets is immense Plus, Madrid and Barcelona are worldwide tech capitals
    • 1. THE SMUGGLER Slips Content Strategy into a bigger package of web services, establishes pacts with designers
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE SMUGGLER Partner with a web design firm / consultants / freelancers Sell Content Strategy as top-of-the-line added value (exclusivity matters) In-house selling? Ally with the designers. Build a trojan horse! Present successful cases of Content Strategy. Show what the competitors are doing “We will design your website and make sure it’ll stay updated” “We are going to empower you and your employees so they don’t write crap” “Look at what these designers do. This is not OK. Come to our studio”
    • 2. THE NINJA “Infiltrates” and studies the company, identifies resources, opportunities, hidden allies
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE NINJA Pre-sales activities: study the sector and the company Find out strenghts and weaknesses in their content and the competitors’ Background check: who are they? Can they pay? Are they too small? “Who is in charge of the homepage? When do you update?” “Really strive to understand the processes and culture of the organization. Do they use agile or waterfall development? What do they value? It’s important to speak their language and figure out where they’re coming from” (Karen McGrane)
    • 3. THE PROFESSOR Educates about Content Strategy and its benefits for the company, builds awareness and CS culture
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE PROFESSOR Explain what Content Strategy is, in layman terms; use your elevator pitch Provide starter materials (core articles on the topic, glossary); educate! Find out what myths are in the customer’s mind and blow them away “Thinking that a CMS will solve your content issues is as naive as thinking that a full equipped kitchen will cook for you.” “When somebody comes to you and knows what they’re asking for, that’s when the conversation takes off.” (Karen McGrane) “The secret to successfully selling content strategy is education, not sales. Take off your sales hat and put on a teaching hat. We need to educate content stakeholders about the content strategy process throughout the project, not just at the beginning.” (Rick Allen)
    • 4. THE MAD SCIENTIST Provides dramatic formulas and figures of savings and earnings, shows a glimpse of the future
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE MAD SCIENTIST “If people aren't questioning your price, it's probably too low. Give estimates early, estimate on time, price on value, aim for consumer surplus, & provide numbers in person.” (Melissa Rach) “Our goal is to create business value. Businesses want to make money — period. Arguing that you are going to increase sales, is so much more valuable that you’re going to reduce costs” (Karen McGrane)
    • 5. THE GANGSTA “Worries” the customer with examples of bad content and UX Makes an unrefusable offer
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE GANGSTA Always meet the potential customer in person Bring an analysis with you: show what’s wrong with their site Drama case: “Try and search for this” and give him the mouse (UX > Analytics) Goal: to establish a sense of urgency “This does not look good” <awkward silence> “Content like this lowers the ROI in X%” “There’s so much you could achieve with a strategy”
    • 6. THE SHRINK Helps to customer to cope with change and personality issues, inspires top level stakeholders
    • TACTICS AND PHRASES OF THE SHRINK “What is your WHY?” “What do you want to say?” “Who are YOU?” “You already verything you need, but you don’t know it” “People are not averse to quality content. They’re not opposed to happy users. They’re resistant to change. (Rick Allen) “And I think so much of user experience work in general, whether it’s interaction design or content strategy or information architecture, a lot of it is really change management. It’s really helping organizations adjust to the fact that, like, “Oh, hey guess what? This Internet thing, it’s not going away.” (Karen McGrane)
    • WHAT IF YOU FAIL? “Do a post-mortem after each project and document how many hours were spent as a result of not doing the content the right way. Make a strong case for: hey, we can’t do this anymore – we are losing money as a result” (Karen McGrane)
    • IN THE MEANTIME… Perfect your 90 seconds elevator pitch, it’s good for you and for the client Raise CS awareness through talks, blogging, social media, surveys Do some pro-bono work, build a portfolio of cases no matter how Hang out with fellow designers, UX, IA, programmers, copywriters Have fun!
    • SOURCES How to Sell Content Strategy in Germany (Meyer, 2013) Content Strategy for the Web (Halvorson & Rach) Selling Content Strategy: Karen McGrane (King Gordon, 2011) Selling Content Strategy, A Continuous Process (Allen, 2011) Content & Cash: The Economics of Content Strategy (Rach, 2013)