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Assignment3 fabiola perez_palma

  1. 1. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas Assignment 3 REFLECTIONS February 2013 Fabiola Pérez Palma Universidad Tecnológica de Cancún E-mail: © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck Página 1
  2. 2. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas REFLECTIONSAim: To reflect on the areas which worked well and where you still feel unsure about. 1. Which of the content areas interest you most? Why?The area I feel more interested in is Self-assessment and Development since I consider it isfundamental aspect in the teaching process. It helps us to analyse the students and teacherperformance in the teaching and learning process as well as to make use of assertive feedbacksand if it is necessary to make some adjustments in the planning or goals. 2. In which areas do you feel sure / unsure?The areas I feel confident are: language awareness, language and culture, language learningprocesses, language teaching and planning and evaluation.The area I need to work more is: Self-Assessment and Development. 3. Which resources (materials, books, websites, articles, methods, visual material etc.) do you already have relating to the five content areas?•Authentic material: Quizzes, Puzzles, Pictionaries, Thesaurus, Flashcards, PowerPointPresentations. Brain Gym exercises, videos.Books: "Teaching grammar creatively” by Gerngross, Günter et al. (2010).1) Steven, Anderson (2006). The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators.2) Christiansen, David (2001). The Complete Listening-Speaking Course (Student CenteredTeacher Guided).3) Harmer J. (1998) How to Teach English. Pearson Education. EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck Página 2
  3. 3. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas4) Harmer J. (2007) The Practice of English Language Teaching. Longman Ed.5) Richards, Jack C. Communicative Language Teaching Today.6) Open Mind 1(students & workbook)Magazines: Speak Up, National Geographic, Times.Radio shows:; TV shows.Websites:www.englishformyjob.comwww.englishwilleasy.comwww.wordreference.comwww.freetranslation.comwww.englishexercises.orgMacMillan YouTube Channel 1) English Central 2) USA Learns 3) Tech Learning 4) EFL Classroom 2.0 5) British Council. Teaching English. EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck Página 3
  4. 4. Certificación de tutores de docentes de idiomas 4. How would you keep the trainees motivation high during the training?First of all, I would take into account their learning styles and special needs as well as I would bringauthentic material, brain gym exercises and motivational and inspiring activities. 5. How could you check and evaluate the learning progress of your trainees during the training? a. Use of portfolio b. Use of rubrics c. Use of checklist and progress checklist d. Skype Interview (Feedback) e. Teacher Evaluation, Peer Evaluation and Self-Assessment. f. Monitoring 6. How can you improve the learner autonomy of your trainers?By identifying their expectations of the courses, the learning styles and SWOT Analysis. EUROCSYS © 2012 Claudia Schuhbeck Página 4