Fablab Platform Introduction


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Introducing the plans for a FabLab Platform in the Eindhoven, Brainport region.

This presentation was given on several occasion during the Dutch Design Week 2011.

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Fablab Platform Introduction

  1. 1. agenda FabLab intro and role in the chain. FabLab Brainport will launch 2012 FabLab Platform, een regional iniative You can become a member of the Fablab Platform. You can become a volunteer/contractor for Fablab Platform You can join the grant submission (subsidie IPC 2012) dolf.wittkamper@gmail.com
  2. 2. Dolf Wittkämper dolf.wittkamper@metaclue.com www.linkedin.com/in/wittkamper www.twitter.com/wittkamper CxO of MetaClue. A management consultancy focused at augmenting brands and innovation outcomes. Plus developing and investing in online startups.. Chairman of the FreeFormFab Foundation and Co-Founder of the Co-Creation Association (www.cocreationassociation.org)• Until recently Dolf was Senior Director R&D at Philips• Dolf was the Inventor and new venture manager U-Design for Philips Incubators now an independent company called www.shapeways.com• Global Design Account Director responsible at Philips Design for the Philips divisions Medical Systems, Semiconductors, Components and several other Philips and non- Philips accounts.• He received his Master degree at the University of Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and graduated Cum Laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He is a regular public speaker and occasional lecturer. dolf.wittkamper@metaclue.com
  3. 3. FreeFormFab FoundationBoard: Chair: Dolf Wittkamper, MetaClue bv, Business consultancy Secretary: Taco Huizinga,The Lawfactor bv, Advocaten voor innovators Treasurer: Gigi Marques, GreyMarQ business consultancy Founder (2008) and project manager: Han LeBlanc Various volunteersGoal: Realising digital design and production workshops to stimulate and support innovation.
  4. 4. Initiative Fablab PlatformAn initiative fromFreeFormFab Foundation + BrainportDevelopment:“Cooperate and realize strong FabLabfacilities, innovation and new businessopportunities around the theme of the “newmaking” in the region.”
  5. 5. Wat is a FabLab ?
  6. 6. FabLabs in the region 9-2011 + Amersfoort + Rotterdam +…
  7. 7. Rapporten Topsectoren Actieplannen 9-2011Creatieve Industrie Agro FoodHigh Tech Life Science-Health
  8. 8. Industrial Production Workshop Production Workshop ProductionHome Production Home Production
  9. 9. Vision  FabLabs will reach a central place in the “new making” as a low threshhold access to knowledge, networks, research and production.  Fablabs will maintain a central spot between the existing industrial and upcoming home production.Industriële productie Werkplaats Productie Thuis Productie FreeFormFab Foundation 12
  10. 10. The drivers behind the vision The long tail of production will grow because: 1. The technology stimulate people to experiment and shift the borders of the “new making” 2. Very low threshold to the technologies, access to everyone. 3. Individual functional needs 4. Personalized, your taste. 5. Make it yourself, experience 6. Just in time production, sustainability FreeFormFab Foundation 13
  11. 11. Model SME (mkb) Knowledge PartnerStartups/ FabLab Facility Brainport PartnerInventors Future FabLab FinancialDesigners/ Partner FacilityArchitects/ Partner Artists Knowledge Partner Facility Students Partner
  12. 12. FabLab Platform FabLab Platform wants to coordinate for this group: Central virtual entrypoint with all facilities, database, reservation and payment system. Regional Customer and Partner network. Centre for cooperation, grants, contracts, business cases, .. Launch new Fablabs. In the hart of the Netherlands we expect more FabLabs and workshops, close the the local needs and tailored to specific domains: ◦ TU/e, StrijpS, HTC, Helmond, Den FreeFormFab Foundation 15
  13. 13. Stichting FabLab Platform • Rechtspersoon die gedeelde en gezamenlijke activiteiten uitvoert, zoals:  Virtueel loket  Klanten werven en marketing  Klantrelatie database, beheer en community  Online reserverings en betaalsysteem  Online kennis beheer en productie ondersteuning  Agenda, cursussen, kennis overdracht,..  Partner netwerk werven en beheer  Partner contracten en administratie  Subsidie aanvragen en FreeFormFab Foundation 16
  14. 14. Specific goals FabLabPlatform Fablab Platform wants to support specific regional goals ◦ Stimulate new business, startups, research and innovation. ◦ Increase the cooperation and network effects in the chain. ◦ Increase the knowledge and access to machines matching the regionale focus: Designers/  Mechatronics Architects/ Inventors/  Embedded software Startups Artists  Design  Miniaturisation  Healthcare Students  Automotive SME  Energy (MKB)  High Tech  Food ….  Etc.. FreeFormFab Foundation 17
  15. 15. Brainport Region Eindhoven will get a FabLab in 2012 Project of Brainport• Physical Fablab spacein the Catalyst• Machines• FabLab Manager• Furniture
  16. 16. Model MKBPartners Startups/ Uitvinders Designers/ FabLab Brainport Financiele Facilitaire Partner Kennis Partner Toekomstige FabLab Partner Facilitaire Architecten/ Partner Kunstenaars Kennis Partner Facility partners Facilitaire Studenten Partner ◦ Access to specific machines Knowledge partners ◦ Workshops and training ◦ Innovation, starters support Supply partners ◦ Goods / Services Financial partners FreeFormFab Foundation 19
  17. 17. Why becoming a partner Connect to the movement in the region. Easy access to grants. Attract new customers. Promote and deliver products and services via the platform network Access to innovative ideas, startups, new business opportunities… Spot qualitative people and employees. etc…..
  18. 18. action You can become a member of the Fablab Plaform. You can become a volunteer/contractor for Fablab Platform You can join the grant submission (subsidie IPC 2012) dolf.wittkamper@gmail.com