Lesson plan final project


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Lesson plan final project

  1. 1. Name: Fatema Mohammed B.Ed.Tech Teaching Practice Lesson PlanDate 27-11-2012 Student Fatema Mohammed teacherTime 40 mins ( 11:15-11:55) School Zahrat Al MadaenMST Fatema Al-Shamsi Class Grade 4 section 2Lesson Mini project ( Final assessment) No of 26 studentsMain Lesson AimsAt the end of the lesson students should be able to: - Revise some of information that they learnt during the semester - To design a page in word document about the National DayPersonal focus - Remind the students about my instruction to reduce the misbehavior during the explanation - Asking the students to repeat my task instruction to insure that they know the task - Assign some students to be teachers of the day to enable me to focus more in the students who need helpMaterials - Names’ sticks - Question’ sticks - Teacher of the day labels - Tick labels - Word document with an example - Handouts (game) - Data show - WordPress (lesson of the day) - Folder with images about the UAEPrior KnowledgeStudents already know: - How to change the text format - How to change the page orientation - How to change the page color - How to add shapes - How to add a text box - How to add clip artProblems students may have - Some students may finish the task earlier than the othersSolutions - I will prepare “teacher of the day” labels for the first 5 students who will finish the task to help the students I will prepare a handout with games for the other students who will finish and tick labels to stick it on the screens. 1
  2. 2. Name: Fatema Mohammed Procedure Timing Interaction Teacher activity Student activity MST/MCT Comment (S-S/SS/S-T) (T will …) (eg. In groups ss will …) (leave blank) - I will wait for the students arrival - Two students will give the names 5 minutes T-S - I will assign two students to give to their classmates S-S the names to their classmates - Students will have to follow the S-T - I will remind the students with the class rules class rules - I will explain the website to the - Students will to focus in my 10 minutes T-S students explanation S-T - I will ask the student to click on - Students will have to launch the the quiz and exam page to do the quiz and submit the answers after quiz and submit it in 5 minutes 5 minutes - Student who will finish can do - Student who will finish will do the worming up in the lesson page the worming up in the lesson page 10minutes T-S - I will show the students a word - Students will have to listen to the S-T document with an example for the instructions mini project I did - Students will have to click on the - I will ask the students to go to the lesson page and follow the lesson page and follow the instructions to come up with the instructions project page - I will set a timer for the students - Students will have to stop when and the will have to stop working the time is up when the times is up - 5 students will be assigned to be - I will assign the first 5 students the teacher of the day and help the who will finish to be the teacher other students to finish their works of the dayTP 2012 2
  3. 3. Name: Fatema Mohammed 10 minutes T-S - I will ask the students to click on - Students will have to click on the the quizzes and exam page then quizzes and exam page then click click on the exam and solve it in on the exam and solve it in 10 10 minutes minutes - I will ask the students to click on - Students will have to click on 5 minutes T-S evaluation and feedback page to evaluation and feedback page to launch to the survey launch to the survey and solve it to give their suggestion of the classTP 2012 3
  4. 4. TP 2012 4