Why do people love to dance


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Why do people love to dance

  1. 1. Why do people love to dance ? DAVID ALEJANDRO ERAZO
  2. 2. Why do People Love to dance ?  As we know dancing is a way to express feelings of everykind, I mean some people dance because they are happy or to seduce someone or to express teh talent they have dancing or they dance because they are in a party and they want to have a good time. It is imposible for me to ensure that people dance for a especific reason and that is what this topic is about, the different reasons why people dance.
  3. 3. IN AFRICA: There are many tribes that use dance as a form of ritual to call the spirits of their ancestors in order to establish a kind of comunication with them. So they had a kind of dance that supposedly with help them to speak but also to feel the spirit of their ancestors.
  4. 4. Importan dances for growing up and for funerals: Also in africa there are important dances for growing up and for funerals. So when someone dies they dance during the funeral but also they have some dances to celebrate the begining of adulthood.
  5. 5. What was probably the first dance!  According to the article I read the first dance was probably designed to bring good fortune to the prehistoric hunters. When the prehistoric hunters wanted to kill an esoecific animal they have to dance with the skin and horns of that animal around a bonfire in order to receive good fortune and kill the animal in a easier way.
  6. 6. Another interesting kind of dance Another interesting kind of dance was a dance that warriors did to have enough strength during the batle. They thought if tehy danced before a battle, they would have more power to defeat the enemy.
  7. 7. India Also in Kerela India “Kathakali” is a kind of dance-drama performed wearing make-up that looks like a mask and gorgeous costumes and they use that to act out ancient tales about gods and demons.
  8. 8. Conclusion As conclusion we can say that there are different reasons why people dance, it depends on the situasion and customs, even some birds dance as a form of courtship ind the mating season.
  9. 9. Vocabulary  Growing up: To increase in size by a natural process, to become an adult and reach maturity.  Bonfire: A large controlled outdoor fire, usually made from bales of straw or wood.  Act out: To perform in or as if in a play; represent dramatically.  Courthip: different strategies are used to attract someone's attention.  Mating Season: it is a season in which animals are able to procreate.