Rush Hours


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Rush Hours

  1. 1. Designed by Karen Rocio Beltran López Doris Mayerly Jaime Balaguera Andelfo Morales Sergio Mauricio Ramírez Romero RUSH HOURS IN BOGOTA
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: In Bogota there is a problem of mobility due to the high number of cars, besides, the other difficulties such us road works, accidents, narrow roads that cause in people stress, nervous, insults. In order to solve this, the government applied some rules like “pico y placa”, Car Free Day and arrangements that make Bogotá more beautiful
  3. 3. Key words 1. Accidents 2. Stress 3. Traffic 4. Streets 5. Insult. Phonetics 1./ˈæk.sɪ.dənt/ 2. /stres/ 3. /ˈtræf.ɪk/ n [U] 4. /striːt/ 5. /ˈɪn.sʌlt/
  4. 4. DEFINITION · Accidents: something bad which happens that is not expected or intended, and which often damages something or injures someone · Stress: People under a lot of stress may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties. · Traffic: the amount of vehicles moving along roads, or the amount of aircraft, trains or ships moving along a route. · Street: a road in a city, town or village which has buildings that are usually close together along one or both sides · Insult: an offensive remark or action a person.
  5. 5. ARTICLE: Summary The author shows the problem of traffic in bogota, in this who explain the causes of problem with is the large number of people in the city who moved from one side to another, not all have the same in come it is therefore dificult to use the purhc of a vehicle. In bogota we have car restriction to private vehicle to certain hours in the morning and afternoon restricting vehicular now handles all the day, according to the number of the termination licanse plate, this aplplied twicw a week for the same car, including but not only for buses, minibuses and taxis but the problem is not only to vehicle, is also the work on roads that presented in different parts of the city, road works that cause traffic congestion is most relevant in this moment.
  6. 6. VIDEOS Attachment Description: The following video shows one of the solutions brought to the capital for the improvement of traffic. The solution presented is Transmilenio, see how many users of different means of transport, is mobilizing for this mass transportation, we also shows the change in environmental impact.
  7. 7.   Attachment Description:  Bogota is tackling its congestion problem head-on. In this traffic jam-plagued city, new restrictions are keeping drivers off the roads and getting public transportation moving.This is a voiced version of an AFPTV report.
  8. 8. QUESTIONNAIRE DESING: 1. When does traffic becomes heavier? 2. What do you think about car traffic in Bogota? 3. Where does traffic becomes heavier? 4. Is this problem caused by police or people? 5. What kind f transportation do you use? 6. How can you contribute to solve this problem? Profile: This questionnaire is for people between 20 and 55 years old, womes and mens.
  9. 9. Analysis OF THE QUESTIONNNAIRE: ANALYZE THE ANSWERS 1. When does traffic becomes heavier? In this question, all agree that in rush hours in Bogotá are from 6 am to 9 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm. 2. What do you think about car traffic in Bogota? All interviewees say that the traffic is very heavy, due to different factors: Accidents, road work, many cars, holes, narrow roads. 3. Where does traffic becomes heavier? All believe that the traffic is heavier on the main roads of the city, for example Av. Las Américas, Av. Ciudad de Cali, Centro, Av. Caracas, Av. Boyacá and others
  10. 10. 4. Is this problem caused by police or people? 2 out 3, think that everybody is responsible and other person says that the you and police 5. What kind f transportation do you use? They say car, car used by the government, bike, public transport, transmilenio and car 6. How can you contribute to solve this problem? They have opinions about the solution: The police officer says that he can help as a police officer The student says that should control the work on the road The drivers says that roads should expanded
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONS  The important thing is that everything should be focused on the objective and definitive solution of the problem, the problem is that it needs to devote resources to this system which is proposed will be posible alternatives and implement solutions which are within our reach such as those those related to the acculturation of the citizens, and put a little on our part to reach successful, the transmilenio system apparently meets all requirements regarding material Public transport is concerned,  The process of group work was good, allowed us have different views on the work, there was support of everyone in the doubts, there participations of all and when one did not come not interrupted work, is important work group to achieve better result.  This work allowed us to develop communication skills because the theme of our project was a daily problem, allowing us to increase our vocabulary and oral expression, social skills as they met deferens problems in our society understood in English.
  12. 12. THANKS!    