Analysis of Music Video - Katy Perry 'Hot N Cold'


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This power point shows the research I have completed into the Katy Perry song 'Hot N Cold'

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Analysis of Music Video - Katy Perry 'Hot N Cold'

  1. 1.   There are many uses of over the shoulder shots, which are found in films, this makes the storyline professional and easy to convey. Making it sufficient for the flow of dialogue. Mid shots are also found in the music video as it gives away what is happening in the storyline, whilst being a way to convey the emotions of the characters.
  2. 2.   The first shot is an establishing long shot which automatically sets the scene, as there is a storyline it adds to the plot and the reader is given a glimpse of what will occur onwards. Close ups and extreme close ups are used during the opening at it is setting the scene and telling a story and so these shots easily display the feelings of the different characters.
  3. 3.   These different shots emphasis the idea of mirrors that we, as a viewer, are watching her life, a story. The shots highlight this for example the low shot makes us feel as though we are slyly intruding in on their moment. And the over the shoulder shots give the direct impression of us looking over their shoulders. The low angle shot creates the sense of awkwardness which represents the situation playing out before us, being someone being stood up at the alter. Whilst highlighting how he is in control either saying I do or not.
  4. 4.  There are other establishing shots - a long shot when the music begins to play, this may signal a change in emotion, atmosphere and tone. She is not the passive, happy fiancé but an annoyed ex. Here every one begins to dance and bob along with the music. Others set the scene for another theme and setting within the music video
  5. 5.  Now that the music has begun the over the shoulder shots and close ups are a way of displaying the lip syncing.  The mid shots are also a way of highlighting the comical and dance element of both the song and the storyline.
  6. 6.  The mid shots and long shots were Katy Perry is making direct eye contact with the camera and lip syncing shows her confidence as she is also positioned in the centre of the frame showing her dominance. The wide shot showing her and the band is a convention of many music videos. This adds to the fun atmosphere.  These shows are very different from the previous as she was represented as a traditional woman in the opening. Where she is portrayed as being sweet and innocent.
  7. 7. There are numerous extreme close ups just displaying parts of her body, this has now introduced a new concept of sexuality into the music video.  The high shot shows just how important Katy Perry is in the crowd, also reinforces the party atmosphere.  Within the frame Katy is the main focus, with no one around her and her fiancé is crowded and not in control. 
  8. 8.    Arial shot shows how she is confronting the problem and being surrounded by women suggests that she is winning and in control. There is many close up shots of the artist as they want to promote her as a band and people watch the music video for her. Low angle shots of just the feet to highlight the dancers which is commonly found in pop music videos.
  9. 9.  The editing during the opening is slow as it is conveying the storyline and doesn’t have to comply with the music as it is not being played. However when the music is present there is fast edits to match the beats of the music, also adding to the quick pace and the dance atmosphere. This is used for when there is dancing.
  10. 10.  There are little transitions within the music video as it makes the music video flow and match the genre of the music which is pop, suiting the fast pace. There is a transition at the end which signals the happy ending. This type of transition is commonly used especially in comedies as this music video has a comical element. There are no special effects as the music video is already filled with comical and strange ideas and there is no use in including special effects.
  11. 11.  The colours show the different sides of Katy Perry’s personality. The white during the wedding highlights her innocence whereas the reds emphasis a dangerous quality and seductiveness. There is also a hip hop scene with bright colours this could indicate the fun and sassy side to her.  There are also two children in the scene one is shown to be unhappy and the others having a good time, this may represent her emotions. That her marriage is perhaps wrong and her alone having fun – foreshadowing what may happen in the future.
  12. 12.   The clothes that Katy Perry wears varies some innocent to reflect the wedding, seductive at the night club, fun during the hip hop scene and sexy to show the different styles of Katy Perry. It also goes well with the humorous element. There are many props that emphasis the fun and quirky mood she is trying to create. For example the hola hoops, Zebra, bikes and more.
  13. 13.   Lighting is bright during the wedding scenes as they are focusing on the storyline but then changes to bright red lights that co inside with the tempo of the music. This is more common with pop songs, creating a dancing atmosphere. The red represents her anger at the man before. There are also dancers that are commonly found in pop songs.
  14. 14.    There is a dominant ideology that Katy or women are in control, as she is portrayed as being the powerful partner and the male seen as cornered. For example when the women are surrounding the male in a ring and the two are arguing in the centre, familiar to a boxing ring perhaps. To reinforce this there are many shots where she is placed higher up than him, and one even the male on the floor. There is also the links between the Zebra and the male implying that she has control over him.
  15. 15.  The idea that she is dominant over the male and in control is represented through the multiple use of her looking directly at the camera highlighting her power and strength.  This high shot also symbolises this idea as she is looking down on him and is in a high position.
  16. 16.  There are a couple references to big brands such as the Nokia mobile phone and the Diesel sunglasses. The sunglasses make Katy Perry appear more mysterious and seductive. This adds to what her fiancé would miss if he didn’t say I do.
  17. 17.    DOMINANT READING – The reader understands how she is in control over the male. Through the obvious links between the male and zebra etc. This is how the author intended NEGOTIATED READING – The audience may debate whether or not she should/wants to get married. Seeing how she is moaning about him and seems to be better alone. Thus the reader partly believes the code but may shape it to their own experiences about marriage etc. OPPOSITIONAL READING – Males may be against the whole storyline as it is showing how the female is in control and not passive or traditional. Therefore this may mean that they reject the dominant code and disagree with the text.
  18. 18.      The music video is fun and has various different themes to show the diversity of the artist and make it more appealing. The situation may relate to many people who have experienced a situation similar to the one in the storyline. The up-tempo beat and dance aspect of the video means that it can be played at parties, the location suited to the target audience. The dominance of Katy Perry may in some way power other women who feel insecure. The music video may be used as a form of escapism and idolising as many would see her as a role model and aspire to be like her due to this music video.
  19. 19.    6 FEATURES OF A MUSIC VIDEO The music video ‘Hot N Cold’ demonstrates genre characteristic with the dancing, quirkiness and bright colours often found in dance/pop music videos and the artist Katy Perry. The lyrics are linked to the visuals for example ‘You change your mind’ – the images of him uncertain whether to marry her. ‘Your in and your out’ when the lyrics are out the man is shown leaving the chapel. Also the reference to the colours black and white is reinforced with a Zebra. There is a relationship between the music and viuals which reflect the tone and atmosphere. The fast ediits and motion of the visuals of them running and dancing highlights the fast paced music.
  20. 20.  The demands of the record label means that there are many shots of the artist in order to promote them and gain more money.  There are references to the notion of looking (screens within screens) this is true as the wedding is a stage and the reader is watching their story unfold, also with the use of Katy Perry performing on stage. There are also a voyeuristic treatment of the female body, through clothes (leather) and shots.
  21. 21.  There are a couple of intertextuality within Katy Perry’s music video ‘Hot N Cold’ such as the Diesel sunglasses and Nokia mobile phone. This is a way for the team to gain more money.
  22. 22.  Katy Perry and her female status is highlighted through the male gaze however she is using this to show her partner what he will be missing. In some way she is using the male gaze to her advantage to show how strong and dominant she is and how he would be nothing without her. She eventually wins and gets her man therefore in this music video she uses her femininity and the male gaze in her favour.
  23. 23. The audience is aware of who they should side with being Katy Perry as she is the one in control. Therefore the binary opposites brought fourth are one between Female and Male but also Good vs. Bad. The idea of Love & Hate is also presented as she is going to marry him and then they are arguing. 