Final 2nd uk ppt june 2013 v4


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Final 2nd uk ppt june 2013 v4

  1. 1. Presenting Christto every Home
  2. 2. Our Convictions• It is Gods desire… that every person on earth isprovided access to the Gospel of Christ and begiven an opportunity to become a disciple ofJesus Christ.– Scripture: Matthew 28:18 –20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:45 – 49; John 20: 21; Acts 1:8; Psalm 67.• As a disciple of Jesus Christ… we are responsibleto proclaim in our words (preaching andteaching) and in our actions (loving and graciousservice), the message and character of God’ssaving grace to everyone everywhere.– Scripture: Matthew 5: 13-16; Ephesians 2:10; John13:34-35.
  3. 3. Our Convictions Cont’d• Unity of the Body of Christ… is essential to reacha whole region and eventually the world with themessage and influence of the Gospel of Christ.– Scripture: John 17:21; John 13:34-35; Ephesians 4:3-4.• God has given us the gift of prayer… to engageHis presence and power in both our relationshipand work with Him enabling effective evangelismand discipleship.– Scripture: John 14:12–14; John 15:7; John 16:23-24
  4. 4. Our Vision & MissionVision• To reach everyone where they live withthe message and influence of theGospel of Jesus Christ.Mission• To equip and mobilize Christians topray for the harvest and present theGospel of Jesus Christ home-by-homethroughout the world, making disciplesin all nations.
  5. 5. EHC’s Mission Elements• Prayer• Research• Indigenous leadership• Partnership• Saturation evangelism• Tools• Follow-up/discipleship• Church planting• Financial partners
  6. 6. An extraodinary Day“Look at the nations, and see!
 Beastonished! Be astounded!
For a work is beingdone in your days
 that you would notbelieve if you were told.”-Habakkuk 1:5, NRSV
  7. 7. A Brief GlobalStatistical Summary• Over 1.5 billion homes have systematicallybeen reached in over 216 countries• More than 127 million responses have beenfollowed up with discipleship training• More than 221,000 Christ Groups (infantchurches) have been established• 2012 – 15.1 million responses followed up• PRESENTLY FOLLOWING UP 1 RESPONSEEVERY 2 SECONDS GLOBALLY
  8. 8. Volunteers in ActionMonthly average in 2012… 41,326 volunteers
  9. 9. EHC in TogoHome to Home in TOGO
  10. 10. KEY TO CHURCH GROWTHThen the word of God spread, and thenumber of the disciples multiplied greatly”- Acts 6:7, ESV
  11. 11. A multi-language evangelism initiatedrecently developed and implemented inCanada and now several nations ofEurope
  12. 12. Finding the Hope - France
  13. 13. United Kingdom
  14. 14. Realities• Diminishing percentage identify as Christian• Other world religions are growingat much faster rates• The wider audience beyond the church’ssphere of influence are mostly unreached
  15. 15. Birminghampop. 1,074,300 432,450 households
  16. 16. The question is:How will the gospel message get to them?There are many methods and approaches, of course.
  17. 17. We can take the Gospelstrategically towhere people live
  18. 18. The printed word still works.• It knows no fear and does not flinch in the face ofenemies.• It never gets discouraged or angry.• It can beread in secret and at any convenient time.• It nevercompromises or changes its message.• It never tires, ableto work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week• It is willing to tellits story over and over.• Its message has no time expirylimits.• It leaps language barriers, speaking without aforeign accent.• It has no passport or visa restrictions.
  19. 19. A Specific Design:Literature we have use around the world leadsto a point of decision…A decision to follow Christ…Or a decision to ask more questions about Him.
  20. 20. • REACH every home in your neighbourhood• RAISE the profile of your church• RESOURCE your members to share Christ
  21. 21. What Is Finding The Hope?A Saturation Evangelism Strategy• Places the message in every home• Partners with churches and individuals• Produces high-quality, unique gospelbooklets
  22. 22. What Is Finding The Hope?A Saturation Evangelism Strategy• Personal visits where possible• Mail to every home otherwise• Personal witnessing• Street or focus areas
  23. 23. What Is Finding The Hope?A Strategy That Is FlexibleAccording To• Individual churches• Groups of churches• Geography• Timing• The local situation
  24. 24. Core Elements:Fervent Prayer• Congregational prayer mobilization• Personal prayer resources• Every Home for Christ’sinternational prayer network
  25. 25. Core Elements:Creative Literature• Mailing envelope• Introductory letter andresponse card• Gospel booklet• Reply envelope• Follow-up discipleship book
  26. 26. Core Elements:Mobilization
  27. 27. Core Elements:Evangelism And Follow-Up
  28. 28. Core Elements:Multi-Faceted Follow-Up Including• A letter of encouragement• 7 Days with Jesus follow-up study guide• Information to assist in making contact withparticipating local churches• A link to the full text of the New Testament,readable online• Information about resources for spiritual growth• 7-Day Prayer Guides
  29. 29. Core Elements:Campaign Planner
  30. 30. Campaign Planner
  31. 31. Core Elements:Adapted Campaigns
  32. 32. Optional Tools for awareness: Include• Customizable pre-campaign and post-campaigndoor hangers• Customizable campaign postcards• Customizable newspaper advertisements• Digital website advertisements forFinding The Hope• Finding The Hope banner design files• Finding The Hope bulletin inserts
  33. 33. What EHC OffersParticipating Churches• Multi-channel communications strategy• Coaching process in close partnership• Key elements of process• Campaign budget planning• Creative design and resource templates• Harvest follow-up coordination (to context)
  34. 34. What LocalCongregations Can Do• Announce upcoming campaigns to build public awareness• Where possible, conduct home-to-home visits and ask if bookletswere received• Signal church involvement in campaign advertisements• Hold special events/seminars using the campaign theme,providing opportunity for connecting with participating churches• Continue to use the website as anongoing resource for evangelism and follow-up• Any other creative ideas
  35. 35. What Church LeadersAre Saying“Every Home for Christ has provided us with very practical,relevant, inexpensive and fantastic tools to reach a denselypopulated neighborhood of all faith, economic, and socialbackgrounds.”“Finding The Hope has given us an incredible opportunity tohave a lasting impact on our community and it has impactedthe life of our church as well!”“The whole process helped our congregation pray togetherlike we had not before … and has helped us look outsideourselves … to think and care more about those we weremailing to.”
  36. 36. “A strategic endeavor to sow the message of lifeand hope in Jesus Christ in every home in this city.”“Finding the Hope campaigns are about reachinglost people with the Gospel, revealing what localchurches believe about the love of God for theircommunity, and resourcing individual Christiansso that they might share their faith with others.”
  37. 37. WHAT IT DOES:GIVES – the people in every home an opportunity toknow who Jesus is and how to experienceHis transforming life, and connect with alocal church.GIVES – churches the opportunity to work togetherin unity as they pray and sow the seed of theGospelof Christ in every home in their community.GIVES – Christians the opportunity toactively participate Christ’s Great Rescue Mission
  38. 38. Initial Interest Forms
  39. 39. Finding the Hope booklet for everyhome
  40. 40. Follow-up book: 7 Days with JesusEven as we are preparing to sow the seed, we’repreparing for the harvest, too.The follow-up booklet,7 Days with Jesus,Is a crucial step.
  41. 41. Optional Campaign Enhancements:Door Hangers
  42. 42. Campaign Enhancements: Postcard(Front)
  43. 43. Campaign Enhancements: Postcard(Back – Customized0
  44. 44. PrayerFinding the Hope Concert of Prayer
  45. 45. Sample Newspaper Ad ReleaseCorner Brook, NL
  46. 46. Sample FTH Banner / Sign Art(Downloadable from website)
  47. 47. Billboard SampleCornwall, ON
  48. 48. Social Media: Facebook Page SampleBelleville Christian Ministries
  49. 49. Canada Day ParadeBobcaygeon, ON
  50. 50. Finding the Hope Theme T-ShirtsWorship Service before “Day of Hope”St. Thomas, ON
  51. 51. Finding the Hope BannersSalvation ArmyFTH BannerCorner Brook, NL
  52. 52. Sampler Poster“A Day of Hope forSt Thomas”St Thomas, ON
  53. 53. What It Will Take:Adapted Campaigns
  54. 54. What It Will Take:Adapted Campaigns
  55. 55. What It Will Take:Adapted Campaigns
  56. 56. GIVES – Churches the opportunityfor ongoing outreach/follow-upin a given community.
  57. 57. “… Pray that the Master’s Word will simply takeoff and race through the country to a ground-swell of response…”- 2 Thessalonians 3:1, The MessageThank You !
  58. 58. Contact UsA Finding The Hope outreach begins with anindividual or church with a passion to reach everyhome in their community with the good news oflife and hope in Jesus Christ.For more information on how you can be a part ofthis venture of faith, contact us:ONLINE: hope@ehc.caPHONE: Exit code + 1-519-837-2010MAIL: PO Box 3636, Guelph ON N1H 7S2