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2014 sponsorship package

  1. 1. 2014 Sponsorship Package “Food.  Truck.  Fever.    We  have  witnessed   it   first-­‐hand   at   our   food   truck   fes8vals.     And   it   has   been   exci8ng   -­‐-­‐   beyond   our   wildest  dreams.    It  seems  trite  to  use  the   win-­‐win-­‐win   expression,   but   it   works   so   perfectly  here.    Our  fes8vals  are  truly  big   wins  for  our  aDendees,  the  trucks  and  our   sponsors.    Your  brand  +  the  coolest  trend   in   the   country   =   a   rare   opportunity   to     connect   face-­‐to-­‐face   with   thousands   of   y o u n g ,   h i p   i n fl u e n c e r s   i n   a   f u n   atmosphere.  “     -Anne-Marie Aigner, Executive Producer Food Truck Festivals of NE      Cambridge  Food  Truck  Fes2val,  (Kendall  Square)    2013  
  2. 2. In  2014,  FTFNE  is  producing  6  fes;vals: Newport  Food  Truck  Fes2val  (newport  Yach2ng  Center)  2013  
  3. 3. Festival “Bites”/ 2013: In  2013,  FTFNE  produced  6  fes8vals,  aDrac8ng  5,000-­‐10,000  aDendees  per  fes8val.               Cambridge  Food  Truck  Fes;val      June  8th   Na;ck  Food  Truck  Fes;val,  September  8th     Cape  Cod  Food  Truck  Fes;val,    October  5th   Worcester  Food  Truck  Fes;val      June  22nd   Charles  River  Food  Truck  Fes;val,  September  21st   Newport  Food  Truck  Fes;val,  October  26th  
  4. 4. The Trucks   We look forward to bringing the fabulous food offered by our trucks to the thousands who attend the festivals. Here are just a few of the trucks that participate in FTFNE. (Our complete list = more than 200 trucks. *)   Roxy’s  Grilled  Cheese   The  Pasta  Pot   Mei  Mei  Street  Kitchen   Batch  Ice  Cream     The  Cookie  Monstah   Bon  Me   Please  check  out  our  website  www.foodtruckfes;valsofne.com  to  see  more  of  the  trucks  we  work  with.*  
  5. 5. The Food!             The  Green  Muenster  from     Roxy’s  Grilled  Cheese   Beef  Dumplings  from  Mei  Mei  Street   Kitchen     Deviled  Tea  Eggs  from     Bon  Me   Turkey,  Brie  &  Bacon  Sandwich  from  The   Bacon  Truck   Crispy  Cauliflower  from     the  Dining  Car   Homemade  Ice  Cream  Sandwich  from   Frozen  Hoagies  
  6. 6. Sponsorship Levels:     All  FTFNE  Sponsorships  are  customized  for  our  sponsors.  The  following  are  basic   star;ng  points  for  discussion:     $60,000    (6  fes;vals  @  $10,000)                TITLE  SPONSOR  of  the  2014  Food  Truck  Fes;vals  of  NE  Tour:   •  The  “YOUR  NAME  HERE  Somerville  Food  Truck  Fes8val….   •  Your  brand/product  associated  with  today’s  coolest  trend   •  Opportunity  to  create  an  interac8ve  marke8ng  program  on   site  (Table/tent  in  central  loca8on  at  all  fes8vals)   •  Presence  in  all  FTF  adver8sing,  p.r.  and  social  media,   including  Facebook,  TwiDer,  Instagram,  Pinterest  and   YouTube   •  Recogni8on  in  event-­‐related  on-­‐air  promo8onal  support     •  Logo  inclusion  on  FTFNE  website,  blog  content  and  monthly   newsleDer  (nearly  6,000  distribu8on  @  6  8mes)   •  Access  to  followers  of  par8cipa8ng  fes8val  trucks  (up  to   100,000  followers  total)   •  Prominence  on  FTFNE  banner,  T-­‐shirts,  flyers,  posters   •  Prominence  on  all  on-­‐site  signage   •  Sampling  opportuni8es   •  Professional  photography  and  video  content  featuring  your   company-­‐  to  be  featured  on  FTF  and  partners’  websites   •  Op8ons  for  Market  Research     •  Outreach  to  our  food  truck  list  (over  200  trucks  throughout   the  Northeast)   •  Category  exclusivity   •  Right  of  first  refusal  for  2015  Food  Truck  Fes8vals  tour   $45,000  (6  fes;vals  @  $7,500)          PRESENTING  SPONSOR:   •  Presence  in  all  p.r.,  some  radio  adver8sing  and  social  media,   including  Facebook,  TwiDer,  Instagram,  Pinterest  and   YouTube   •  Presence  on  FTFNE  website   •  Presence  on  all  on-­‐site  signage   •  Table/tent  and  prominent  loca8on  at  all  fes8vals   •  Use  of  FTFNE  monthly  e-­‐newsleDer  for  messaging  (4  8mes)   •  Outreach  to  our  food  truck  list  (over  200  trucks  throughout   the  Northeast)   •  Possible  access  to  social  media  of  our  food  trucks  (with   combined  audience  of  over  100,000)   •  Sampling  opportunity  at  all  6  fes8vals   •  Category  exclusivity  
  7. 7. Sponsorship Levels (cont’d):       $30,000  (6  fes;vals  at  $5,000/fes;val)        SUPPORTING  SPONSOR   •  Presence  in  all  social  media,  including  Facebook,  TwiDer,   Instagram,  Pinterest  and  YouTube   •  Presence  on  FTFNE  website   •  Table/tent  at  all  fes8vals   •  Use  of  FTF  e-­‐newsleDer  for  messaging  (two  8mes)   •  Sampling  opportunity  at  all  fes8vals       SINGLE    FESTIVAL  SPONSORSHIPS  :     $15,000    (One  Fes;val) $10,000    (One  Fes;val) $    6,000  (One  Fes;val)   $    2,500  (One  Fes;val)        Title  Sponsor  of  One  Fes;val    Presen;ng  Sponsor  of  One  Fes;val    Suppor;ng  Sponsor  of  One  Fes;val                                        Sampling  Sponsor   •  Table/Tent  at  One  Fes8val   •  Sampling  Opportunity       *Op;ons  are  also  available  to  sponsor  various  individual  components  of  each  fes;val,  including  a   performance  stage,  VIP  area,  beer  garden,  children’s  area,  etc.     Worcester  Food  Truck  Fes.val,  2013  
  8. 8. Meet the Food Truck Festival Attendees: 50+   11%   72%   Between   21-­‐40   41-­‐50   17%   Age   (72%  of  our  agendees  are  21-­‐40)   21-­‐30   43%   31-­‐40   29%   Overall  Experience   Fair   19%   80%   LOVED   IT.   Good   Poor  or   very   poor   1%   Amazing   47%   33%   Gender   Male   36%   Female   64%   Family  Type   Single   26%   Family   39%   Couple   35%   *  Based  on  more  than  400  responses   **  The  average  aDendee  spends  $25/  person  and  spends  2.5  hours  at  the  fes8val    
  9. 9. Sample Media Coverage:  
  10. 10. Our Media Partners – Past & Present:                    Cambridge  Food  Truck  Fes2val,  2013    
  11. 11. What our Sponsors Say:   "The Food Truck Festivals of New England were a great way for us to connect with mobile food truck loving foodies. At the Suffolk Downs Food Truck Festival and the Framingham Food Truck festival, we met with many food lovers eager to learn more about Google Local Boston and share their opinion on Boston-area restaurants."     Google+  Representa2ve     “Great  response  from  the  crowd  of  all  ages…a  lot  of  target  demographics   that  are  important  to  us...”  –     Xfinity  Comcast  Representa2ve     “People like to learn about something different, something new…that fits our profile. It’s perfect for us.” – Izze  Representa2ve   "We were thrilled to be part of such a well organized event with some of Boston's top foodies in the mix. We raise our glass to New England's food nation!” –        Representa2ve  from  Beyond  the  Salt   “We’ve generated a lot of online traffic to our Facebook page from the Events.” Nantucket  Nectars  Representa2ve     “Event  is  excellent…we’re  hitting  the  exact  type  of  people  we  want.”                            Fuze  Representative     Worcester  Food  Truck  Fes2val,2013  
  12. 12. What the Media Said: “They  get  food  trucks  in  gear…  fes;val  planners  stay  on  top  of   the  details  as  customers  sample  chefs’  crea;ons.”  –     Boston  Globe   “Thousands turn out for Food Truck Festival…organizer says meals on wheels are the hottest trend for city’s foodies.”Metro Boston “15,000 people attend second annual Suffolk Downs Food Truck Festival… surpassing the approximately 10,000 that attended [it] in 2011.” – Boston.com “Capitalizing on a phenomenon that is sweeping the country…” Metrowest Daily News “ A food truck frenzy in New England... two dozen decked out food trucks all parked in one place for your dining pleasure.”Fox TV “Crowd Eats Up Food Truck Festival…Trucks that normally ply streets in the Boston area headed west [to Worcester] for the event and were greeted by eager tasters who lined up in a steady stream throughout the afternoon.” Worcester Telegram & Gazette
  13. 13. The Food Truck Phenomenon Street  food  has  been  around  for  decades,  but  from  this  tradi8onal  “fast  food”  alterna8ve  came   a  new  genera8on  of  street  eats:    gourmet  food  trucks.  According  to  the  Huffington  Post,  the   current  food  truck  phenomenon  is  believed  to  have  started  in  L.A.  with  the  Korean  BBQ  truck,   Kogi,  in  2008.  Since  then,  food  trucks  have  been  sweeping  the  na8on,  growing  in  popularity  in   ci8es  across  the  country  from  Dallas  to  New  York  &  Chicago,  L.A.  to  Boston.       As   the   food   truck   craze   caught   fire,   restaurateurs,   in   a   down   economy,   were   looking   for   crea8ve   ways   to   reach   customers   without   the   expenses   of   tradi8onal   brick   and   mortar   restaurants.   They   instead   turned   to   mobile   food   trucks.   Says   AdWeek,   “Food   trucks   became   hot   by   offering   fresh,   ar8sanal   and   some8mes   daring   fare   in   limited   quan88es   at   select   loca8ons,  status  dining  for  foodie  elites  on  a  Groupon  budget.”  With  reputa8ons  and  visibility   raised  by  social  media,  food  trucks  started  connec8ng  the  community,  the  food  and  the  ci8es   that   inspired   them   in   ways   that   otherwise   wouldn’t   be   possible.   "It's   the   social   aspect,"   says   Kenny   Lao,   Rickshaw's   [food   truck]   co-­‐founder.   "It's   really   about   shared   experiences   around   food,”  (Huffington  Post).       It  was  only  a  maDer  of  8me  before  food  truck  fes8vals  would  begin.  “Bringing  together  some  of   the   best   food   trucks   in   one   area   offering   the   most   delicious   food,   where   food   is   the   goal,   not   a   sidebar   in   another   event   –   just   made   sense!”   says   Food   Truck   Fes8vals   of   New   England’s   creator  Anne-­‐Marie  Aigner.    And,  the  crowds  confirm  that  sen8ment:    100,000  aDend  the  L.A.   Rose  Bowl’s  Street  Food  Fest  –  and    the  crowds  grow  every  year.  “We  expect  our  fes8vals  to   also  grow  each  year,”  says  Aigner.    “And,  we’ve  only  just  begun!”   Framingham  Food  Truck  Fes2val,  2012  
  14. 14. Our Story   In  2011  we  were  watching  a  new  trend  in  dining  out  called  “food  trucks”.    They  were   big   in   LA.   They   were   parked   in   NY.     They   were   hot   in   DC.     But   they   hadn’t   really   caught  fire  in  New  England.    We  decided  to  fan  the  flames  with  some  fes8vals,  where   the  food  trucks  were  the  des8na8on  rather  than  just  part  of  an  exis8ng  event.  Our   first   fes8val   in   Plymouth,   MA   featured   eight   trucks…the   only   eight   we   could   find   at   the  8me…and  4,000  people  showed  up.    We  were  stunned.    Then  came  our  second.     12  trucks  and  6,000  people.    WOW.    Then  our  third.    18  trucks  and  10,000  people.    At   that   point,   we   knew   we   were   onto   something   and   Food   Truck   Fes8vals   of   New   England  (FTFNE)  was  born.       In   2012,   we   held   seven   fes8vals.     Again,   people   came   by   the   thousands   to   Boston,   to   Newport,  to  Worcester,  to  New  Hampshire.    By  this  8me  our  list  of  eight  trucks  had   grown  to  more  than  200.    We  had  media  partners  and  corporate  sponsors.           By   2013,   we   hit   our   stride.   We   held   six   amazing   fes8vals   in   Cambridge,   Worcester,   Na8ck,  Brighton,  Cape  Cod,  and  Newport.  We  now  had  an  established,  growing  fan-­‐   base  who  shared  the  same  excitement  about  food  trucks.         So,  here  we  are  about  to  create  our  2014  tour  of  fes8vals…five  pounds  heavier  than   we  were  when  this  all  began  in  2011  but  confident  that  Food.  Truck.  Fever.  is  here  to   stay.       Newport  Food  Truck  Fes2val,  2013  
  15. 15. The Creator of Food Truck Festivals of New England         Execu8ve  Producer  Anne-­‐Marie  Aigner  can  best  be  described  as   a  gized  trend-­‐spoDer.  When  she  no8ced  a  gap  in  Boston’s  food   truck   industry   she   saw   an   opportunity   to   fill   it   with   something   divine.   Food   truck   fes8vals   are   not   just   a   trend   on   the   West   coast…they  are  a  movement  that  has  slowly  trickled  through  the   Midwest   and   finally   landed   in   the   East.       Anne-­‐Marie’s   ins8nct   has  been  confirmed.    Food  trucks  have  arrived  in  New  England… finally!     In   fact,   not   only   have   the   trucks   arrived,   but,   based   on   the   number  of  calls  we  get  from  businesses  and  communi8es  all  over   the  country,  so  have  the  fes8vals  –  and  private  events  with  food   trucks.     So,   Anne-­‐Marie   created   Food   Trucks   to   Go   (FT2G),   which   responds   to   requests   for   trucks   and   fes8vals.   Are   the   food   trucks   here  to  stay?  If  you’ve  eaten  from  a  food  truck,  you  already  know   the  answer.      
  16. 16. Contacts:     Sponsorships/Samplings:   Anne  Marie  Aigner   Execu8ve  Producer   617-­‐782-­‐7117   annemarie@foodtrucktes;valofne.com     Meaghan  Barron   Event  Manager   617.782.7117   meaghan@foodtruckfes;valsofne.com   Truck Participation   Molly  Masterson   Event  Manager   617.782.7117   molly@foodtruckfes;valsofne.com   Media Contacts   Janet  Prensky  /  Jen  Garfinkel   Aigner/Prensky  Marke8ng  Group   617-­‐254-­‐9500   jgarfinkel@aignerprenskymarke;ng.com   Information   Mail/Office  214  Lincoln  Street,  Allston,  MA  02154                      Phone                    617-­‐254-­‐9500  or  617-­‐782-­‐7117                      Web                      www.foodtruckfes;valsofne.com                                                                          Facebook                    www.facebook.com/foodtruckfes;valsofne                      TwiDer                        www.twiger.com/foodtruckfestne