iPad Pilot Projects at Framingham State University: Three Use Cases


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Framingham State University has embraced the use of iPads in the library and in the classroom. In collaboration with the Educational Technology Office, the curriculum library and reference department are supporting three pilot projects: e-textbooks and apps for two biology courses, a small scale iPad lending program for the education students, and the use of iPads and apps within reference. This presentation is geared toward academic libraries, but informative for school and public libraries as well.

For more information please contact: Clair Waterbury at cwaterbury@framingham.edu; Kim Cochrane at kchocrane1@framingham.edu; Millie Gonzalez at vgonzalez@framingham.edu

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iPad Pilot Projects at Framingham State University: Three Use Cases

  1. 1. MLA PresentationiPad Pilot Projects at Framingham State University: Three Use Cases
  2. 2. MLA Presentation Presented byKim CochraneCurriculum Librariankcochrane1@framingham.eduMillie GonzalezReference LibrarianVgonzalez@framingham.eduClair WaterburyInstructional Technologistcwaterbury@framingham.edu
  3. 3. MLA Presentation About FSU• Public Liberal Arts University• 6,110 total students• 3,960 undergraduates• Student/Faculty Ratio 16:1• Class Size98% of classes have 50 or fewer students
  4. 4. iPads go to SchoolImages : Google images
  5. 5. •New Initiatives Funding •SMART Board for Curriculum Library •Furniture upgrade •Technology for Education Students’ Use •iPad2s •Document Camera •Kodak PlaySport Video Cameras •Nikon Digital Cameras •LCD Projector
  6. 6. iPad Lending Program – Who can borrow them? – Circulation time? – Restrictions?
  7. 7. Process :•Set up the iPads with (free) EducationApps•Agreement form•Checkout policy•Check in policy•One little problem
  8. 8. – Mathematics• Folders: • Hockey Hoopla – Art & Music • Splash Math (various grades) • Adding Apples • Artists Hall • Fill the Cup • Squrl • Hungry fish • Piano • Draw Free – Science • Getty: Life of Art • Science 360 – Social Studies • Google Earth • NASA • ShakeEmUp • Planets • Presidents • Moon Globe • Stack the States • 3DBrain • Leaf Snap
  9. 9. • Other apps included– ELA Folder – Voice Thread • PopWords • Nagaram – Idea Sketch • Phonics Tic Tac Toe – QR Code • Word Warp – Dropbox • Evernote – Prezi Viewer • Dragon Dictation – TED talks • Sight Words – Common Core • Brain Quest – Blackboard Mobile Learning – Skype – PBS Kids
  10. 10. PrWho used them? Student Teachers Settings: Supervising Teachers One-on-one 100% Students Small Group 25%Grade levels: Whole Group 25% 3-5
  11. 11. % Used iPadELAMath ELA Math Science Social Studies LanguageScienceSocial StudiesLanguages
  12. 12. Rate youropinion ofstudentlearningafter usingthe iPad
  13. 13. •Let students take out theiPads for longer than 2 weeks•Get iPads with 4G for thosepeople in schools with no WiFi•Get more durable cases•Add a link to the CurriculumLibrary website that listssources, ideas and suggestediPad apps
  14. 14. iPads at the Reference Desk iPads at the Reference Desk Millie Gonzalez Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian vgonzalez@framingham.eduGoogle images
  15. 15. Google images
  16. 16. Pilot Overview 2010 – iPod Touch purchased for experimentation 2011- iPad for professional development, roving, and experimentation (in conjuction with IT and Curriculum Library’s iPad project)Google images
  17. 17. Accessories impact adoption. Relied on standard apps on the iPad: camera, Facetime, Notes, browserGoogle images
  18. 18. Free apps for reference work • Bookmark your library page on iPad, create icon • Twitter: tweet from the desk • Google Voice: monitor SMS texts* • Meebo: monitor instant messaging* • Wolfram Alpha: computational search engine *Helpful if your library uses these applications for SMS and IMs.Google images
  19. 19. Free apps for reference work • Adobe Reader: read pdfs, annotate • iBooks: house books, documents • Browsers: Safari, Google, Bing, Opera Mini, Dolphin HD • EasyBib: cite a book by scanning • Bamboo Paper: note takingGoogle images
  20. 20. Free apps for reference work •Overdrive: show how to download Overdrive titles •Kindle: Overdrive titles on Kindle •Foursquare: check in and leave library tips •Dropbox, Evernote: storageGoogle images
  21. 21. $ apps for reference work •Pages: word processing •Keynote: presentation software •Side by Side: split screen appGoogle images
  22. 22. Free database apps • Gales’ Access My Library/Access My Library College* • EBSCOhost* • Science Direct* • WorldCat • Mango Languages* • Blackboard Mobile Learn* • PubMedGoogle images (*institution must have subscription)
  23. 23. Literature Review*Few articles on specifically using the iPad at the reference desk. Focused on rovingreference as defined by Courtois and Liriano: “library employee circulating within thereference area or other parts of the library to offer assistance to users.”In Roving Reference with iPads, the authors of the study found the iPad offeredadvantages like, “portability, suitability for simple on-the-fly web searching, ease ofgathering user feedback for assessment, and ability for several people to easily see thescreen.” “The multifunction capabilities and long battery life” were found useful. Somelibrarians disliked the pop-up keyboard and missed the keyboard shortcuts.In Using the iPad for reference services, the iPads were primarily used for rovingreference. “The inability to ‘multitask’ by toggling through several applications has somenegative implications…” The authors hope to use the iPad for video chat reference. *Citations to articles on roving reference are included in list of references at the end.
  24. 24. Survey of reference staff • All of the reference staff used the iPad in varying degrees. • The librarians who used the iPad more actively played with the apps, used Facetime and camera. They have also used the iPad with students. • The rest browsed the web, played with the keyboard and/or read email. • All of the reference staff preferred to use the computer at the reference desk. One would like to use both the iPad and the computer at the reference desk (the iPad to check for links and searching databases).Google images
  25. 25. Survey of reference staff •All found value in using the iPad for roving reference (only two used it for this purpose). Those that “roved” used the iPad in the stacks for catalog/periodicals searching on the catalog. One person would like to take it to meetings and conferences as well. •Most found benefit in using the iPad as a second screen at the reference desk. The majority did not feel it was a necessary tool.Google images
  26. 26. Next steps / future • Roving reference trial with ipads and/or ipod touch for the fall semester. Suggested location: campus center • Discussion of Facetime/messenger reference • Survey collection using LibAnalytics • Departmental communication via ipadGoogle images
  27. 27. Resources • Bibliography on Refworks: http://www.refworks.com/refshare2?site=042421 170651600000/RWWEB1041458836/IPAD • Recommend ALA course: iPads, Tablets, and Gadgets in the Library: Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation eCourseGoogle images
  28. 28. MLA Presentation The Anatomy of iPads:A look at iPad study conducted by a Biology professor
  29. 29. MLA PresentationPilot Involvement and Goals• Faculty/ ITS/Library and Student Collaboration• Increase student engagement• Multi-dimensional Analysis• Evaluate e-book, Apps, overall use
  30. 30. MLA Presentation Phase OneHardcopy e-book on Laptop e-book onText iPad
  31. 31. MLA Presentation Phase TwoInstructor Selected Institution Text on iBook Purchased Apps CourseSmart
  32. 32. MLA PresentationRecommended Apps!
  33. 33. MLA Presentation Issues, Results and Implications:Not as many volunteered as anticipated Students liked:BB Mobile App, Portability, Easy Access Reading Preferences: No preference for e-book or Hardcopy All agreed on using eText again Phase 2: Concluded May 2012
  34. 34. MLA Presentation User ServicesLibrary Mobile Networking Task Force Education Faculty Technology
  35. 35. MLA PresentationTask Force creation Mobile presenceWhere to start Teaching & LearningCategories iPad PilotProcurement StrategiesSupport Next Steps
  36. 36. MLA PresentationFSU GOes Mobile!
  37. 37. MLA PresentationQuestions or comments