Social media intervention for National Coalition of Campus Children's Centers


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A private presentation/consultation for the Board of Directors of the National Coalition of Campus Children's Centers.

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  • 140 characters of links, ideas, and resources. Thousands of ECE peeps who share information and resources at a fast and furious place. Great for PD. Networking, promoting events, websites blogs and content. OK place to announce child care openings, but only if you use hashtags!140 characters of links, ideas, and resources. Thousands of ECE peeps who share information and resources at a fast and furious place. Great for PD. Networking, promoting events, websites blogs and content. OK place to announce child care openings, but only if you use hashtags!
  • My blog story. This is a Common Craft video I bought. It only shows when it is in slide show view and you click on it.
  • Blogging allows you unlimited space to write about topics that offer professional development to the field by offering your perspective and knowledge and directing them to other sources of information.
  • Social media intervention for National Coalition of Campus Children's Centers

    1. 1. A Social Media interventionNational Collation for Campus Children’s CentersBoard Meeting Presentation June 9, 2012
    2. 2. Your Marketing andSocial Media Therapist Fran Simon, M.Ed. Chief Engagement Office Engagement Strategies, LLC
    3. 3. And,YOU?
    4. 4. Today’s PlanGoal: Help you discover if social media is rightfor N4C. We will consider:• What is social media?• How does it fit with your members and target members?• How does it fit into your Strategic Plan?• How does it fit with the N4C organization? (Management)• What can it do for your organization? © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 4
    5. 5. What is social Media?
    6. 6. Communication Evolution Conventional Wisdom:EVOLUTION (Before Social media) Pushing out messages Social WisdoM Inviting engagement and INTERACTION 6
    7. 7. Conventional Wisdom: GET PEOPLE TO TRANSACTINTERRUPTION MARKETING “We sell memberships, you join!” Social Wisdom GET PEOPLE TO INTERACT With you and each otherPERMISSION MARKETING Word of mouth or peer to peer 7
    8. 8. Membership Engagement Evolution Conventional Wisdom • Tell potential members • Inform members • Educate members Social Wisdom • Get EVERYONE to engage • Give them reasons to say good things • Give them reasons to renew and invite others © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 8
    9. 9. Professional Social Media : is art and science that takes: • Openness • Planning • Policies • Training • Persistence © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 9
    10. 10. Social Networking isn’t new We just have more virtual optionsThe universe’s largest 24/7/365 sandbox …accessible anywhere 10
    11. 11. What do you do in the social media sandbox? Meet  Ask Learn  Invite Share  Listen © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 11
    12. 12. What Social Can Do for N4CClaim territoryReach target audiences where they goDemonstrate credibilityAnother way to engageTransparencyMonitoring the fieldOpportunities to listen to membersIncreased website traffic, SEO
    13. 13. Social Media Myths from the resisters! It’s just for kids.  It is one more thing to do. We can’t keep it up.  Privacy! Yikes!
    14. 14. Social Media Myths from the happy camp! It’s easy!  It’s FREE!  Build it and they will come.  It’s INSTANT!  College kids are gr8 at it!  It will increase MEMBERSHIP! 14
    15. 15. Social Media Realities  It is pervasive  It is high-impact It plays nicely with other tactics
    16. 16. Social media is not just for being social, it enhances…
    17. 17. Getting Social
    18. 18. Comparing the Platforms Facebook Twitter LinkedInPrimary Personal Personal & Professionalpurpose Networking Business NetworkingEase of Use Complex Complex Straight-forwardUsers 500 M + 200 M + 120 M +ECE Depends on Target Moderate, but very Moderate, butAudiences tight professionalBest for Connecting & Broadcasting Connecting & Listening to the Listening Building Public and Networks with community Influencers 18
    19. 19. FacebookVast, Complex, Broad, Deep © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 19
    20. 20. Facebook Stats800+ million users worldwide50% of users log on every day Consumer, Peer to Peer Networking © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 20
    21. 21. 1 thing to rememberBusiness pages © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 21
    22. 22. © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 22
    23. 23. Good for child care programs? I will let you tell me!Good for getting new members? No. Good for engaging existing members? A little.
    24. 24. Facebook’s potential is huge, but the reality is that it is just too crowded, noisy and social for business.BUT, N4C should be there.
    25. 25. Fast, Complex, Broad, Not Deep Twitter
    26. 26. • 140 characters• Like a stock exchange ticker• Great for PD, networking, promotingevents, websites. blogs• MUST use hashtags!
    27. 27. Twitter Stats•200 mil users1• 110 mil active users every day1• 200 mil tweets per day2•1.6 bil search queries per day2• Median age: 2Social Media Today Twitter in Plain English
    28. 28. But, what is it?“Microblogging”- 140 character messages
    29. 29. Tweeting In Action: Decoding the Symbols@Twitter IDA tweet to a specific person that is visible to allRT @Twitter ID= ReTweetBroadcasting someone else’s tweetD TwitterIDA direct message to a specific person# = HashtagHashtags define topics so they are searchable
    30. 30. Deconstructing TweetsLink to an article Attribution Hashtags Attribution ReTweet
    31. 31. Cross-pollinating with HashtagsRead later: Cross-pollinating with Hashtags on Twitter
    32. 32. #ecetech #earlyed#earlychildhood #naeyc#prek #naeycac#preschool #headstart#childcare #ece#ELL #HSprofs
    33. 33. Twitter Chats #Edchat #Kinderchat #CCCCchat (wouldn’t that be cool?)
    34. 34. Good for child care programs? PD for staff and adminsGood for getting new members? Gets you noticed Good for engaging existing members? Yes.
    35. 35. LinkedInSlow, Robust, Deep & Broad
    36. 36. LinkedIn Stats• > 120 Million members• 200 countries• At least 20 ECE groups for professionaldevelopment• Tens of thousands of ECE professionalsBusiness to business networking 36
    37. 37. #1 MisconceptionIt’s for job searching 37
    38. 38. Core• Professional Profiles• Groups• Status updates• Company Profiles 38
    39. 39. “Propersonal”• Not anonymous • Professional 39
    40. 40. Groups on LinkedIn
    41. 41. What do you do on LinkedIn • Profile • Join groups, respond and share• Connect with people: • Update Status • You know • You need to know • Who know people you need to know 41
    42. 42. Good for child care programs? For PD but not for engaging parents.Good for getting new members?YES! Gr8 for building credibility and hooking people in! Older demographic. Good for engaging existing members? Yes.
    43. 43. BloggingVery deep, robust, & broad
    44. 44. What’s a blog? “Web log” Conceived as online journals 156 mil blogs Blogs in Plain English
    45. 45. Why blogs and 03Blogs websites? WebsitesLess formal FormalAllow (invite) One to manycomments communicationImmediate Reviewed and editedWeave in links to Intended to keep theother sites, blogs visitor on the siteFocused, current, Comprehensive:and topical products, services,Updated frequently More static (except news, sales, press)
    46. 46. Increase SEOWhy Blog? 03 Attract people Engage personally Provide commentary Humanize
    47. 47. 03Blogging: Ellen Galinsky
    48. 48. Good for child care programs? Great for engaging newparents, staff, existing parentsGood for getting new members?YES! Gr8 for building credibility and hooking people in! Good for engaging existing members? Yes.
    49. 49. Getting started Get in there and lurk Follow other similar programs & organizations…To learn it View videos and webinars… Get a social media buddy! © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 49
    50. 50. How does social fit with your organization?
    51. 51. How much SOCIAL? ABOUTof the average overall marketing mix 51
    52. 52. How much time? ABOUTFactor in a strategic social media plan for growth and engagement 52
    53. 53. Professional social media management tasksManage permissionsDesign, edit, add apps to the presence/page/profileAggregate and create contentRespond to and manage postsSend messagesMonitor other orgs and happeningsBuild following 53
    54. 54. How can N4c do it? Do it yourselvesHire a consultant
    55. 55. Consultants?
    56. 56. “I know! Let’s give it to an intern!
    57. 57. Share responsibilities?
    58. 58. No easy answers!
    59. 59. Is it worth it? Probably. Even if it isn’t, like allassociations, N4C needs to be present. Here’s why…
    60. 60. How does Social fit withyour members and target members
    61. 61. Who are your audiences?61
    62. 62. Board Member Profile Target Member Profile Age Age Gender Gender Education Education Job Job Interests Interests
    63. 63. Current Member Profile Age GenderEducation JobInterests
    64. 64. Listserv vs. Social Media? orListserv and social media?
    65. 65. Listserv Immediate Easy Comfortable Low maintenanceEveryone is already there (Really?)
    66. 66. Social Media Learning curve (for N4C)Easy to use, harder to get followers A new challenge High maintenancePeople YOU NEED are already there
    67. 67. Do you communicate with target members and current members the way they need, want and expect? 67© Fran Simon Copyright, 2012
    68. 68. How does it fit with your strategic plan?
    69. 69. Growth?? • How are you measuring growth? • How are you planning for growth? • Are you allocating resources for growth? • Is social media needed for growth?
    70. 70. Growing fish in a small pond
    71. 71. Convert Awareness The (FILL IN THE BLANK)Evaluation Membership Consideration Cycle Interest
    72. 72. 4 Final Points1. A strong marketing plan includes a strong social media plan2. A strong social media plan is only one element of a strong marketing plan3. Nothing is easy, instant, or free!4. You can do it. Your N4C depends on it.
    73. 73. Thank you! 73