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Marketing and social media intervention pdf naeyc 2011 full



A presentation on November 3, 2011 at the Annual Conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Orlando Florida by Fran Simon, Engagement Strategies

A presentation on November 3, 2011 at the Annual Conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in Orlando Florida by Fran Simon, Engagement Strategies



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Marketing and social media intervention pdf naeyc 2011 full Marketing and social media intervention pdf naeyc 2011 full Presentation Transcript

  • A Marketing and Social Media interventionNAEYC Annual Conference November 3, 2011 Fran Simon | Engagement Strategies, LLC
  • , ?
  • Today’s Plan1. Working it out!2. Marketing basics3. Social media shift4. Social Media Sites5. Deeper Dive6. Resources
  • * Outreach * Promotion * Advertising * Positioning ** Recruiting * Persuading * Convincing * Advocating * * Lobbying * Demonstrating * Prospecting * * Educating * Whatever you call it, marketing is not a dirty word
  • Marketing has everythingto with offering high quality early childhood services Deeper info: Marketing is not a Dirty Word
  • Do you feel better Yet?
  • MarketingMarketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating,communicating, delivering, and exchangingofferings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (American Marketing Association)
  • Marketing • processes • communicating • offerings • target audiences
  • Marketing Product Price Target Place Promotion
  • TargetParents Staff Funders Licensing Community Donors Policymakers Partners
  • What is your product? Services Policies StuffPhilosophies
  • Marketing Communication Evolution Conventional Wisdom: Pushing out messages EVOLUTION (Before Social media) Inviting engagement and INTERACTION 14
  • Promotion…the communication linkbetween sellers andbuyers for the purpose of- influencing,-informing, or-persuading, “buyers” - It’s outbound!
  • Engage(ment)• involve people intensely• attract people• draw people into conversation• to take part or participate - World English Dictionary It’s interactive!
  • Convert Awareness The (FILL IN THE BLANK) ConsiderationEvaluation Cycle Interest
  • To Get found by the right people
  • Getting Found (Inbound Techniques) BlogsSEO Social media Free Content DataConversion 20
  • Conversion =People taking the action youwant them to take •Enrolling •Donating •Advocating •Volunteering AND THEN…
  • Use data to re-engage
  • Collecting Data Is notNecessarily evil
  • how you use Data is what counts
  • Do you feel better Yet?
  • Promotional Engagement Toolkit Toolkit•Ads •Email•Mail •Web site (SEO)•Phone Book •Digital Ads (PPC)•Exhibits •Social Media•Presentations •Free Content•PR•Lobbying (?)
  • Website-Centric1 Print MailFramework Ads Social Email media Optimized Website SEO and Free Digital Ads Content (PPC) Presos & PR Exhibits 27
  • Engagement-Centric EmailFramework Re-Engage Offers Optimized Website Content Social media Capture information from Blogs people who engage with you
  • 29
  • Social NetworkingSocial = People together in groupsNetworking = exchanging information with others 30
  • Social Networking isn’t new We just have more virtual optionsThe universe’s largest 24/7/365 cocktail party…accessible anywhere 31
  • Social Media Myths It’s easy!  It’s FREE!  It’s INSTANT!  College kids are gr8 at it!  It’s fun! Anyone can do it! 32
  • You have to make something happenThat’s why they call it “interactive” 33
  • Social Media Realities  It is pervasive  It is high-impact It plays nicely with other tactics
  • Professional Social Media :is art and science that takes: • Openness • Planning • Policies • Training • Persistence
  • Do Not give It to the intern! Deeper Info: Social Media? Give it to the Intern! (NOT!)
  • How much SOCIAL? ABOUTof your overall marketing mix 37
  • &Loss of “control” Defensive: Claim your territoryInability to sustain the effort Reach audiences where they goPrivacy Demonstrate accountabilityStaff distraction Another way to broadcast infoTransparency Respond to problems Monitoring/Listening Build partnerships Get and share information Build Increased website traffic, SEO Credibility 38
  • Content is King I have something valuable to share!
  • Content is King I’M I’M TALKING TALKING TO YOU TO YOU I’MWhat does TALKING I’M TALKINGthis mean TO YOU EVERYONE for myprogram?Everyone generates content
  • Post “Cravable” Content • Blog posts • Videos • Email newsletters • Events • News • Website content • Other Flavors
  • Share the right amount of information When can I tell her about our program?80% 20%Value Added Promotion 42
  • Diving in to social media
  • Comparing the Platforms Facebook Twitter LinkedInPrimary Personal Personal & Professionalpurpose Networking Business NetworkingCore Personal Profiles Both Types Professional ProfilesEase of Complex Very Complex Straight-forwardUseECE Depends on Target Moderate, but very Moderate, butAudiences tight professionalUsers 500 M + 80 M + 120 M +Best for Connecting & Broadcasting Connecting & Listening to the Listening Building Public and Networks with community Influencers 44
  • Fast, Complex, Broad, Not Deep Twitter
  • Twitter Stats•200 mil users1• 110 mil active users every day1• 200 mil tweets per day2•1.6 bil search queries per day2• Median age: 2Social Media Today Twitter in Plain English
  • But, what is it?“Microblogging”- 140 character messages
  • Tweeting In Action: Decoding the Symbols@Twitter IDA tweet to a specific person that is visible to allRT @Twitter ID= ReTweetBroadcasting someone else’s tweetD TwitterIDA direct message to a specific person# = HashtagHashtags define topics so they are searchable
  • The Art of the Link and The Art of the HashtagLink to an article
  • #ecetech #earlyed#earlychildhood #naeyc#prek #naeycac#preschool #headstart#childcare #ece
  • LinkedInSlow, Robust, Deep & Broad Blogging
  • LinkedIn Stats• > 120 Million members• 200 countries• All Fortune 500 companiesBusiness to business networking 52
  • #1 MisconceptionIt’s for job searching 53
  • Core• Professional Profiles• Groups• Status updates• Company Profiles 54
  • “Propersonal”• Not anonymous • Professional 55
  • Connect on LinkedIn• Gr8 Profile• Connect with people: • You know • You need to know • Who know people you need to know• Update Status• Join groups, respond and shareDeeper info on my blog: LinkedIn Tips 56
  • FacebookFast, Complex, Broad, Vast
  • Facebook Stats 800+ million users worldwide 50% of users log on every day Changes VERY oftenCollege > High School > Everyone > Business Consumer, Peer to Peer Networking
  • 1 thing to rememberBusiness pages
  • Gr8 Examples of ECE on Facebook•NAEYC• McCormick Cntr 4 Early Childhood Leadership• National Head Start Association• Child Care Resource Center, Ohio *• Children’s Defense Fund *• Bright Horizons•Teach Preschool * 23,000 + (WOW!)• Teaching Strategies• Language Castle• The InvestiGator Club• Erikson Institute• Early Childhood Investigations
  • BloggingVery deep, robust, & broad
  • What’s a blog? “Web log” Conceived as online journals 156 mil blogs Blogs in Plain English
  • Why blogs and websites? 03Blogs WebsitesLess formal FormalAllow (invite) One to manycomments communicationImmediate Reviewed and editedWeave in links to Intended to keep theother sites, blogs visitor on the siteFocused, current, Comprehensive:and topical products, services,Updated frequently More static (except news, sales, press)
  • Increase SEOWhy Blog? 03 Attract people Engage personally Provide commentary Humanize
  • 03Blogging: Ellen Galinsky
  • Read B4 blogging• Birth to Thrive Online:• Early Ed Watch:• Lead from the Start• Early Stories• Language Castle:• Preschool Matters Today:•The Grass Stain Guru• Teach Preschool• 140+ In The Moment• Early Childhood Investigations
  • 4 Final Points1. A strong marketing plan includes a strong social media plan2. A strong social media plan is only one element of a strong marketing plan3. Nothing is easy, instant, or free!4. You can do it. Your program depends on it.
  • Thank you! .ECEwebinars org 68
  • People /Sites you should know 03 Beth Kanter John Haydon Mashable, Social Media Linked Strategies Hubspot Marketing Resources
  • Additional Resources Social media resources for getting started Social Media planning tools on my site Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Power Tools LinkedIn Presentations
  • A Marketing and Social Media intervention by Fran Sokol Simon is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.