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Everything ece directors always wanted to know about social media
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Everything ece directors always wanted to know about social media


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A presentation for VAECE on February 14, 2013.

A presentation for VAECE on February 14, 2013.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Agenda • Social Media Overview • Best Practice • Sites and Systems
  • 2. Social Media Overview
  • 3. Communication Evolution Before Social Media Pushing out messagesEVOLUTION Social Wisdom Inviting INTERACTION Word of mouth © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 5
  • 4. Evolution of Communication in ECE Conventional Wisdom • Tell audiences • Inform audiences Who?EVOLUTION • Educate audiences Social Wisdom • Invite target audiences to engage • Give them reasons to say good things © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 6
  • 5. Target Social networking can help you connect with your target audiencesParents Staff Funders Licensing Community Donors Policymakers Partners
  • 6. Engage(ment)• involve people intensely• attract people• draw people into conversation• to take part or participate - World English Dictionary It’s interactive!
  • 7. Social NetworkingSocial = Networking = 9
  • 8. Social Media= 10
  • 9. It’s social. This is early education!We’re doing business! Why do we need social networking? © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 11
  • 10. Social Media Myths from the resisters! It’s just for kids.  It is one more thing to do. We can’t keep it up.  Privacy! Yikes!
  • 11. Social Media Myths from the happy camp! It’s easy!  It’s FREE!  Build it and they will come.  It’s INSTANT!  College kids are gr8 at it!  It will increase MEMBERSHIP! 13
  • 12. Social Media Realities  It is pervasive  It is high-impact It’s just 21 st century communication
  • 13. Social networking will not solve all of your communication and marketing problems © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 15
  • 14. Professional Social Media : is art and science that takes:• Openness • Planning • Persistence • Policies • Training
  • 15. Defensive: Claim org’s identity Reach audiences where they go Demonstrate accountability Broadcast info Build Respond to problemsCredibility Monitor/Listen Build partnerships Get and share information Increased website traffic, SEO 17
  • 16. Social Media has everything to with providing services to childrenIf they can’t find you, they can’t interact with, advocate for, or support you.
  • 17. Tips: Best Practice
  • 18. Do Not give It to the intern (without training and supervision)
  • 19. Social media Board engagement Funders requires buy-in and support from the I/T program “ecosystem” DirectorCommunity Main Office Partners Tech Lead Teachers Vendors Support Staff Families Copyright, Simon and Donohue
  • 20. Empower your teams……with positive social media policies © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 22
  • 21. Post “Cravable” Content • Blog posts • Videos • Email newsletters • Events • News • Website content • Other FlavorsContent is King!
  • 22. The right mix of engaging info What’s in it for “me”? Our program. Our needs. What’s going on Our interests. and what’s great about us! 20% Promotion 80%About relevant, useful information © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 24
  • 23. Listen and Respond to YourOrganization’s“Competitors” & Partners What they post is often as important to your organization as what you have to say.
  • 24. Social Media= 26
  • 25. BloggingVery deep, robust, & broad ~170 M blogs worldwide!
  • 26. What’s a blog?“Web log”Conceived asonline journals Blogs in Plain English
  • 27. Blogs and Websites? 03Blogs WebsitesLess formal FormalAllow (invite) One to manycomments communicationImmediate Reviewed and editedWeave in links to Intended to keep theother sites, blogs visitor on the siteFocused, current, Comprehensive:and topical products, services,Updated frequently More static (except news, sales, press)
  • 28. Read B4 blogging• Birth to Thrive Online •Irresistible Ideas for Play Based• Early Ed Watch Learning• Lead from the Start •Teacher tom• Early Stories • Little eLit• Preschool Daze • Early Childhood and Youth• Language Castle Development• Preschool Matters Today•The Grass Stain Guru• Teach Preschool•Let the Children Play• Teaching Blog Addict
  • 29. RSS: How to keep up with lots of blogs
  • 30. Fast, Complex, Broad, Not Deep Twitter
  • 31. “Microblogging” 14 characters or lessMost often with links to information
  • 32. Tweeting In Action: Decoding the Symbols@Twitter ID (@NBCDI)A tweet to a specific person that is visible to allRT @Twitter ID= ReTweet (RT @NBCDI)Broadcasting someone else’s tweetD TwitterID (D NBCDI)A direct message to a specific person (They must be followingyou, and you following them) # = HashtagHashtags define topics so they are searchable
  • 33. The Art of the Link and the Hashtag
  • 34. #ECE #parents#earlyed #NAEYCac#prek #NAEYC#preschool #headstart#childcare #HSprofs
  • 35. Twitter Chats #Kinderchat #ECEtechCHAT Huge list of chats and hashtags: @cybraryman
  • 36. Twitter toys • Tweetdeck • Hootsuite • Seesmic toys for other Twitter fun!
  • 37. LinkedInSlow, Robust, Deep & Broad
  • 38. #1 MisconceptionIt’s for job searching 40
  • 39. “Propersonal”• Not anonymous • Professional 41
  • 40. Core• Professional Profiles• Groups• Status updates• Company Profiles 42
  • 41. LinkedIn toys • LinkedIn Browser Toolbar• Hootlet by Hootsuite• Sharaholic
  • 42. FacebookFast, Complex, Broad, Vast
  • 43. 1 thing to rememberBusiness pages
  • 44. Gr8 Examples of ECE on Facebook• NAEYC•Teach Preschool * 55,000 + (WOW!)•Child Care Resource Center, Ohio *•Bright Horizons• McCormick Cntr 4 Early Childhood Leadership• National Head Start Association• Children’s Defense Fund *•Teaching Strategies•No Time for Flashcards•Edutopia
  • 45. LinkedIn toys • LinkedIn Browser Toolbar• Sharaholic
  • 46. Like an art gallery. A visual Internet withyour friends as docents. Pinterest
  • 47. Let’s Pin!
  • 48. Get in there… * Follow others … * View videos and webinars… * Get a social media buddy…To learn it * Get buy-in * Plan… * Develop policies © Fran Simon Copyright, 2012 50
  • 49. Strategies |
  • 50. People /Sites you should know 03 Beth Kanter John Haydon Mashable, Social Media Linked Strategies Hubspot Marketing Resources
  • 51. Additional Resources Social media resources for getting started Social Media planning tools on my site Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Power Tools LinkedIn Presentations