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FSPA & Loughborough University R&D, Innovation an

FSPA & Loughborough University R&D, Innovation an

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  • 1. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    How to Secure External Funding for
    Research and Development
  • 2. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    • Grants
    • 3. Investment Funds
    • 4. Business Angels
    • 5. Collaborators with a route to market
  • Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    [East Midlands] Regional Development Agency
    ‘Solutions for Business’ Scheme
    Grants for Research and Development (national)
    Grants for Business Investment (national)
    I Nets (regional)
    Pathfinder grants (regional)
  • 6. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Grant for Research and Development
  • 7. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Grants for Research and Development
    • Technological innovation (usually means a
    patent application)
    • Level of technical risk
    • 8. Commercial prospects
    • 9. Need for grant and business impact
    • 10. Experience, skills and track record of applicant
    and business
    2 stage process – expression of interest, then full bid
  • 11. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Grants for Business Investment
    • Up to £2 million available, but as part of a
    larger scheme (10 – 35%)
    • Capital expenditure on fixed assets
    • 12. Must create new or safeguard existing jobs
    • 13. Must make your business more competitive,
    and have regional and national benefits
  • 14. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    I Nets
    I Nets
    • Transport
    • 15. Food and Drink
    • 16. Sustainable Construction
    • 17. Healthcare and Bioscience
  • Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    European Funding
    European Funding
    Framework 7 Budget of €53 billion
    Five Programmes:
  • Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Framework 7
    • To gain leadership in key scientific and technology areas
    • 22. To stimulate the creativity and excellence of European research
    • 23. To develop and strengthen the human potential of European
    • To enhance research and innovation capacity throughout Europe
  • Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Framework 7
    64% for Co-operation
    15% for Ideas
    9% for People
    9% for Capacities
    Co-operation breaks down into 10 themed priorities
    (including health and socio economic sciences)
    Calls for Proposals are announced periodically.
    Currently 51 calls
    All involve collaboration with other European companies
  • 24. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Technology Strategy Board
    Technology Strategy Board
    £711 Million to spend 2008 -2011
    Supports research and development projects
    Examples: building performance evaluation;
    energy; low carbon vehicles
  • 25. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Other Grant givers
    The Carbon Trust – low carbon projects. 16% success rate
    NESTA – invest in healthcare and other areas.
    No longer give grants
    European Space Agency – will invest in prototype
    development, if it can be applied to space
  • 26. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Other sources of help
    Connect Midlands
    Can help to get your business investment ready
    Prospect IP
    Can help review your IP and markets
    Manufacturing Advisory Service
    Can help with small grants of £3k to look at
    Technical issues
  • 27. Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    Contact details
    Jo Derbyshire
    Derbyshire Associates Ltd
    9 Packington Hill
    DE74 2DF
    01509 673947
    0772 7092439