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  1. 1. WHAT IS CHEFS MOVE TO SCHOOLS? The Chefs M to S ove chools progra m, founde d in Ma y 2010, is a n inte gra l pa rt of Firs t La dyMiche lle Oba ma ’s Le t’s M v e ! initia tive to ra is e a he a lthie r ge ne ra tion of kids . Che fs ha ve a ocritica l role to pla y in re ve rs ing a nd pre ve nting childhood obe s ity, a nd Le t’s M v e ! invite s the m oto us e the ir e xpe rtis e to he lp kids a chie ve the long, he a lthy live s the y de s e rve . The we bs ite cre a te s a pla tform for che fs a nd s chools to cre a te pa rtne rs hips in the ircommunitie s with the mis s ion of colla bora tive ly e duca ting kids a bout food a nd he a lthy e a ting. Vid e o o f S a m Ka s s , s e nio r White Ho us e p o lic y a d vis o r o n he a lthy fo o d initia tiv e s . Chefs Move to Schools | Uniting chefs and schools for a healthier future
  2. 2. How chefs and schools can promote change Schools ca n pa rtne r with che fs to work with: Food nutrition s ta ff in K-12 s chool me a l ope ra tions Adminis tra tors a nd te a che rs P TA a nd a fte r s chool clubs to he lp improve the wa y childre n inte ra ct with food, from the ca fe te ria to the cla s s room to“We are going to need everyone’s time home .and talent to solve the childhood obesityepidemic and our Nation’s chefs havetremendous power as leaders on this Chefs ca n us e the ir culina ry cre a tivity a nd knowle dge toissue because of their deep knowledge of e nga ge s tude nts by:food and nutrition and their standing in • Hos ting cla s s room cooking de mons tra tionsthe community. I want to thank them forjoining the Let’s Move! Campaign.” • S ta rting a s chool ga rde ns • Coordina ting a he a lth fa ir—First Lady Michelle Obama • S pe a king a t a s chool a s s e mbly • Cre a ting othe r fun proje cts The USDA a nd Le t’s M v e ! ha ve cre a te d e xce lle nt o re s ource s for che fs a nd s chools to he lp s tude nts ge t involve d. Vis it the Che fs M v e to Sc ho o ls re s ource s pa ge o for more ide a s . Chefs Move to Schools | Uniting chefs and schools for a healthier future
  3. 3. Your Next Steps1 Re gis te r a t www.che fs move tos chools .org.2 Add yours e lf to the ma p to find a n inte re s te d s chool/che f in your community.3 Explore the Getting Started page a nd us e the Discussion Forum to ta lk with e xpe rie nce d che fs /s chool s ta ff for ide a s .4 Conta ct a s chool a dminis tra tor/che f to cre a te a pa rtne rs hip .5 Re cord your ma tch on the we bs ite a nd look for gra nts .6 Downloa d a n a ctivity toolkit from the Resource page to he lp orga nize your firs t e ve nt. Chefs Move to Schools | Uniting chefs and schools for a healthier future