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Fse listings listing_companies_from_india_on_the_frankfurt_stock_exchange

  1. 1. FSE Listings – Listing Companies From India On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Author: Mark Bragg An FSE Listings Inc Article FSE Listings Inc- Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings List your firm fast with FSEListings.com!Disclaimer: The Listing Group as a consortium and in their individual capacities are not licensed broker dealers or financial institutions within thejurisdiction of the Frankfurt Markets or any other market, they are working in the capacity of consultants listing the company and performing investorrelations of which they have been able to successfully assist in making introductions for raising funds for past ventures traded on the Frankfurt StockExchange and privately.
  2. 2. FSEListings.com- Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Listing Companies From India On The Frankfurt Stock ExchangeMonday, July 19, 2010 @ 06:07 AMposted by adminListing Companies From India On The Frankfurt Stock ExchangeActivity of Indian companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has been impressive to say the least. AtDeutsche Börse, all Indian equity instruments are actively traded within the unregulated market. DeutscheBörse‘s Indian equity instruments are significantly more liquid compared to London SE and Luxembourg SE.Companies from almost all sizes are most liquid at Deutsche Börse.In total about € 1.5 bn is invested in Indian companies by German investors. The biggest German investor isDWS.IT / Telecom, Utilities / Energy, Financials, Automobile and Consumers are the major focus of GermanInvestors. These hot topic sectors are the corner stone of the Indian economy and make for great IPO andlisting candidates.In February 2007 the Deutsche Borse AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) purchased 5% of the Bombay StockExchange (BSE) which led to the November 2008 cooperation agreement in which both partners agreed tosimplify access to their stock exchanges for companies in their respective markets.A variety of events thereafter unfolded:  November 2008: India Forum at the German Equity Forum 2008 in FrankfurtWith presentations about the Indian economic, – business culture and commercial law, as well as sector andcompanies presentations together with Beiten Burkhardt  November 2008: Indian Securities Forum 2008Participation as a sponsor and speaker at the Indian Securities Forum Meetings in Mumbai and Delhi withpotential companies together with BSE  April 2009: Listing Seminar in MumbaiWith presentations concerning opportunities of a cross-boarder listing and legal requirements of a listing atDeutsche Börse.  November 2009: India Forum at the German Equity Forum 2009 in Frankfurt Phone: +44208123 5719 - www.fselistings.com - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 2
  3. 3. With presentations of Indian companies to potential investors Meetings of Indian companies with DeutscheBörse Listing Partners  January 2010: Meetings with investment banks and advisors  June 2010: Listing Seminar in MumbaiWith presentations concerning opportunities of a cross-boarder listing and legal requirements of a listing atDeutsche Börse.Reasons For Indian Companies to List:The liquidity situation of the different international stock exchanges has shown that, in general, liquidity instock trading in Frankfurt is significantly higher. Greater liquidity through higher trading volumes is a goodbasis for a fair valuation of a company on the capital markets.The approved indices of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange increase the visibility of Indian companies and attractthe attention of Indian and European investors alike. In Germany, Indian companies come together withanalysts with expertise in a specific sector, especially in those sectors where Germany is particularly strong.Companies can access investors all over the world through the Xetra trading platform of the Frankfurt StockExchange. Currently, a total of over 250 trading members are listed on XETRA.A range of market segments which allow issuers to choose the market segment that best suits them, taking intoaccount access criteria, post-admission obligations and the objectives pursued by the listing. The listingprocedure at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the fastest in the world and the listing fees are highlyattractive compared to other international Frankfurt Stock Exchange competitors.Particularities In Connection With Indian Issuers One specific concern for Indian issuers is that, according toIndian law, a direct listing of shares of an Indian company on a foreign stock exchange is not possible. A directadmission would be conceivable only via a holding structure if the holding (and issuer of the shares to beadmitted) has its registered office outside of India and only the operational companies are located in India. Dueto common language and laws, it is recommended this would be done via a UK Holding Company.Choice Of Market Segments On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Issuers at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange canchoose between the Regulated Market (General Standard/ Prime Standard) and the stock exchange only-regulated Open Market (First/Second Quotation Board and Entry Standard). In principle, access to theRegulated Market is only possible with a securities prospectus approved by the supervisory authority in theissuer’s home member state within the European Economic Area (EEA). Moreover, issuers in the RegulatedMarket are subject to the post-admission obligations of the EU Transparency Directive as implemented inGerman law. As regards post-admission obligations, the Prime Standard offered by the Frankfurt StockExchange to its issuers is a quality segment that imposes even stricter requirements on issuers than the EUTransparency Directive.Admission to the Open Market (First Quotation Board and Entry Standard segments) does not in require asecurities prospectus. In this respect and in comparison to some European competitors requiring a documentsimilar to a prospectus for admission to their stock exchange regulated market segments, the Frankfurt StockExchange provides easier, faster and less costly access to capital markets, especially as the drafting of asecurities prospectus or comparable document is both time consuming and costly for the issuer. Phone: +442081235719 - www.fselistings.com - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 3
  4. 4. Whereas no post-listing obligations have to be observed for the First Quotation Board segment listing, issuersfor the Entry Standard undertake to comply with certain post-listing reporting requirements.Contact info@fselistings.com to choose a suitable structure for your company!This material is the property and copyright within the jurisdiction of Belize and international Copy Right ofFSE Listings Inc.Examples of Indian Listed CompaniesAXIS BANK LTDBAJAJ HLDG+INDV.GDR S IR10CROMPTON GREAVESDR REDDYS LABSFINL TECHS I.GDR REG S/7GAIL INDIAGT EASTERN ENERGYHDFC BANK LTDICICI BANK LTD ADR/2INDIABULLS REALINFOSYS TECHSLARSEN+TOUBROMAHANAGAR TELE NIG.MAHINDRA+MAHIN.GDR/REG.SPATNI COMP. SYSRANBAXY LABORATORYREDIFF.COM I.ADR0,5 IR-05RELIANCE INFRASTRUCTURERELIANCE INDUSTRIES Phone: +442081235719 - www.fselistings.com - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 4
  5. 5. SATYAM COMPUTERSIFY TECHNOLOGIES LTDSTATE BANK OF INDIASTEEL AUTH. OF. INDSTERLITE INDSUZLON ENERGY LTDTATA COMMUNICATIONSTATA MOTORSTATA STEELWIPRO LTDFrankfurt Listing- No upfront feesOur listings company, http://www.fselistings.com has had great success listing companies on the FrankfurtStock Exchange within a 3-6 week window depending on jurisdiction and complexity. There is no upfront feesassociated to the process, we charge the funds after the company is trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.The company is only responsible for initial incorporation documents, and ensuring they qualify prior to beingsigned as a client.While your currency is strong against the Euro, you should take advantage of this opportunity to list!*Listing fees are reduced based upon upfront payments.Our capital raising partners are interested in working with Oil and Gas, Resources, Technology, andDevelopment companies. Once your firm is listed, we can assist in introducing 1-10 million euro of financing.Contact for references and to see if you are qualified for this program: info@fselistings.com Phone: +442081235719 - www.fselistings.com - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 5
  6. 6. FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing! www.fselistings.com Contact us with your information!Robert Russell, Russell@fselistings.com FSE Listings ProfessionalMark Bragg, Info@fselistings.com FSE Listings ProfessionalMr. R.T. Gibson, Info@fselistings.com FSE Listings SpecialistNew York: +1-914-613-3889UK: +44(0)2081235719Hong Kong: 81753591South Africa: +27110836116www.fselistings.comPlease include:Company Name:Contact Name:Contact Number:Contact Email:Amount of Capital invested to date:Amount of Capital required:Reasons for wanting to list:Description of Business:Website if available: Contact FSE Listings Agents Robert Russell or Mark Bragg today! Phone: +442081235719 - www.fselistings.com - e-mail: info@fselistings.comPage 6