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YouTube, Blog & LinkedIn 101 - GHAC
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YouTube, Blog & LinkedIn 101 - GHAC


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  • 1. YouTube, Blogging and LinkedIn 101 General Heating and Air Conditioning
  • 2. YouTube
  • 3. There aremore than3 billionviews ofYouTubevideoseveryday
  • 4. Using YouTube as a Brand Popular Content Customizing Your Channel Adding Other Videos Measuring Success with Insights
  • 5. Popular Content
  • 6. How-To Videos
  • 7. Behind The Scenes
  • 8. Professional Videos
  • 9. Keep itShort.
  • 10. GHAC Content• How-to Videos• Interviews with customers• Interviews with staff/employees• Interviews with Pat
  • 11. User Generated Content – Things to Remember There are three big things that matter for "User Gen"- level content on YouTube. 1) Professionalism in production 2) Quality of content 3) Reliable schedule
  • 12. How to Upload a Video
  • 13. Add KEYWORDS Once your video has uploaded, you’ll have the option to add a TITLE, DESCRIPTION and TAGS. Take this opportunity to strategically place your Keywords!
  • 14. Voila!
  • 15. Customize Your ChannelMake Your Channel all About YOU!
  • 16. Brand Your Channel(Background Color, Logo, Channel Name)
  • 17. Brand Your Videos (For Consistency!)
  • 18. Choose the RIGHT Thumbnail a picture says a thousand words
  • 19. Make Playlists
  • 20. Community
  • 21. Encourage Comments• Ask Questions in Videos• Ask Questions in Description• Offer Opinions
  • 22. Find Other Channels Like Yours
  • 23. Like Other Videos
  • 24. Comment on Other Videos
  • 25. Manage Your Channel
  • 26. Dashboard (aka Quick Overview)
  • 27. Uploads (all of YOUR videos)
  • 28. Playlists (all of YOUR playlists)
  • 29. Favorites (Videos You’ve Favorited)
  • 30. Likes (Videos You’ve Liked)
  • 31. How Do I Know if it’s Working?
  • 32. YouTube Insights
  • 33. YouTube Analytics
  • 34. BLOGGING 101
  • 35. What is Blogging?• A blog is a discussion or informational site consisting of discrete entries known as posts• Many bloggers post daily, if not weekly• Blogs serve three main purposes: commentary on a particular subject; personal online diaries; online brand advertising of a particular individual or company
  • 36. Why is Blogging (Regularly) Important? • Foundation for Social Media activity • Build your brand as an expert • Build trust amongst your audience • Increase your Organic Search • Opportunity for internal-links and outbound links Consistency is Key
  • 37. Blog Topics (and why YOU Should be Writing)• How-To Blogs (with embedded videos)• Things to know about the HVAC world• Information about GHAC Employees• Information about heating and air in New Orleans
  • 38. Blogging 101• Stick to the Subject• There is beauty in brevity• Use keywords. Keywords, keywords, keywords.• Stay consistent in timing and subject matter• Diversify your content• Proof. Proof again. And again.• Establish a company voice• Divide and conquer• Develop a strategy and a content calendar
  • 39. What is LinkedIn• Online Professional Networking• Who Do YOU know? Who do THEY know?• Allows for endorsements and recommendations for good work• Great for recruitment and becoming an “influencer”• Offers advertising, great for B2B
  • 40. Why LinkedIn is an Important Marketing Tool• It’s YOUR Professional Network – who do you know, who do they know and who do you want to know?• You can join groups, respond to discussions, become an expert• You can endorse and recommend your co-workers• You can customize – add apps for Blogs, Twitter and more• More than any other social channel, YOUR audience is on LinkedIn
  • 41. Let’s Build Out Your Profile! 8 Easy Steps!
  • 42. 1. Fill Out Your Profile Fill out your name – how people in your professional network will find you Your Professional Headline – Choose your Job Title or Experience Your Location/Industry
  • 43. Choose a Professional Photo
  • 44. 2. Add a Summary Add a summary for your professional experience, career goals, etc. Add specialties like event planning, membership services, etc.
  • 45. 3. Add Applications
  • 46. 4. Add Experiences Add new positions or Edit positions you already have listed
  • 47. 5. Add Honors or Awards
  • 48. 6. Add Skills/Expertise
  • 49. 7. Education
  • 50. 8. Get Recommendations and Endorsements
  • 51. 9. Join Groups and Add Value
  • 52. Add Connections• Who do YOU know?• Who do THEY know?• Who do you WANT to know?
  • 53. Click “Add Connections”
  • 54. Your Network• 1st = people you have an immediate connection with (coworker, classmate)• 2nd = people in you are likely to have a connection with (People in your industry, city)• 3rd = people you have connections in common with
  • 55. Why You Should Get (and give)Endorsements & Recommendations• Always nice to reciprocate – endorse or recommend those who do it for you• Credibility – the more people who say you’re good at what you do, the more likely I am to believe it• Shows you’re tech and social media savvy• Search – everything on LinkedIn is Search friendly, more endorsements/recommendations = better search