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Twitter 101
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Twitter 101


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • CHa
  • 1900 people that are obvious fans of the pizza cause they are following- perfect audience, instant call to action and it’s FREE
  • Drives traffic- Directs to landing page where they can opt in for NEWSLETTER!
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. FSC Interactive
    • 3. Andy Kutcher
    • 4. “You can’t tiptoe into social media. You have to jump into the pool. People have a natural fear of it. But the scary part is not being there. Your customer is already there. “
      Dave Saunders,
    • 5. What is Twitter
    • 6. Cocktail Party Rules of Engagement
    • 7. Cocktail Party Rules of Engagement
      Don’t talk all about yourself
      Find the people who interest you
      Try to add value to the conversation
      Follow up with your new friends
    • 8. Speaking the language
      RT @fscnola hosting a #socialmedia101 training session this morning!
    • 9. Twitter Translator
      Saaay What?
    • 10. Replies
      @ denotes a Tweet sent to another Twitter user.
      @TiffanyStarnes see you in the park tonight!
    • 11. Retweet
      Like forwarding a message in e-mail. This helps grow community and makes people feel good.
      RT @andyknola: Help raise money for Tsunami Relief:
    • 12. Direct Message
      DM is a private message that you can only send to those who follow you.
      D Adeletiblier Here’s my
      e-mail address
    • 13. Hashtag
      # makes a term into a keyword that is searchable, also used to imply sarcasm or humor
      @tiffanystarnes is speaking in tongues at #socialsummit
      @nolamaven @AmieSaint @glamourstar this makes me weep for America. #mariahcareybabynames
    • 14. Sign me UP!
    • 15. Sign Up
    • 16. Fill out your profile
    • 17. Find and Follow People
    • 18. Content
      What are you doing?
      …in 140 characters…
    • 19.
    • 20. Your Own Content
    • 21. Other People’s Content
    • 22. Whatever is Relevant
    • 23. Responses to People
    • 24. Photos and Videos
    • 25. Why Does This Matter?
      …people use Twitter
    • 26. Customer Feedback
    • 27. Deals & Specials
    • 28. Giveaways
    • 29. Customer Service
    • 30. Drive sales
      Increase newsletter database
      Generate leads
      Recruit employees
      Foster Facebook growth
      To accomplish goals:
    • 31. How Often Do I Need to Tweet?
      As Often as Possible.
    • 32. Post: When You Have Content
    • 33. Post: Whenever You’re Comfortable
    • 34. Don’t Post: If You’re Just Regurgitating
    • 35. How Do I Use Twitter For My Business?
      With the Right Tools
    • 36. Customize Your Twitter Page
    • 37. Manage(on your computer)
    • 38. CoTweet
    • 39. Hootsuite
    • 40. Tweetdeck
    • 41. Manage(on the go)
    • 42. Beauty in Brevity
    • 43. Share Photos and Videos
    • 44. Who’s My Community?
      People Talking About You, to You or With You. People In Your Industry. People In Your City.
      Basically, everyone.
    • 45.“search term” near:zipcode
    • 46.
    • 47. @wdsu
      A Few to Follow Locally
    • 48. How Do I Track Success?
      Great Question!
    • 49. Success = ____________?
      “A leader has to be positive about all things that happen to his team. Look at nothing in the past as failure.”
      - Coach Mike Krzyzewski
    • 50.
    • 51. Who.Unfollowed.Me
    • 52. TweetStats
    • 53. Measuring Success on Twitter
      ReTweetist- Allows you to discover trends, popular topics and popular people by tracking Retweets (RTs) across Twitter.
      Twitalyzer- Twitter's most popular measurement solution for business and personal users, focusing on influence, impact and engagement.
      BackTweets- Get a comprehensive understanding of how your content is shared on Twitter, including tweet graphs, reach & impressions stats, influencer lists and more!
      TwitterCounter – Allows you to review your friends and follower growth by week, month or 3-month intervals. You can also compare your growth to competitors.
      OneForty – All of the latest and greatest online and social media tools.
    • 54. Prove It…
      Lots of businesses, big and small, have seen tremendous success with Twitter.
    • 55. In the 2009, Dell made $3 Million+ pm sales from Twitter related deals using their twitter handle @DellOutlet.
      More on this story:
    • 56. Beth Kanter Raised Money
      …she raised over $2500 in just 90 minutesby challenging highly connected geeks to tap into their extensive Twitter networks.
    • 57. In the 2009 Iran Election, Twitter provided real-time, on the ground perspective of what was going on from the point of view of the citizens living it. Whenever traditional media and mainstream media have been blocked or fail to cover the situation entirely, Twitter often provides a real-time, accurate portrayal of things going on.
      More on this story:,8816,1905125,00.html
    • 58. NOLA Brewing Trends After Canning Line Announcement
      Last Friday, NOLA Brewing made the announcement on Twitter that, thanks to a loan, they were planning on launching a canning line within six months.
      In less than 2 hours “NOLABrewing” was a trending topic on Twitter.
      In less than 2 hours, the Twitter link had been clicked more than 200 times and has been clicked over 550 times in the past four days.
      A New York Times reporter saw the announcement on Twitter and went to the brewery that afternoon for an interview with Kirk Coco.
    • 59. More Success Stories