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Optimizing PR Photo Opps on Social Media
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Optimizing PR Photo Opps on Social Media


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Long are the days of faxing press releases to a newsroom. Public relations needs to be social and images are a necessity to truly optimize online PR efforts.

Long are the days of faxing press releases to a newsroom. Public relations needs to be social and images are a necessity to truly optimize online PR efforts.

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Optimizing Your Photo Opps How to leverage images in social media 2/28/2013Page1
    • 2. FSC Interactive • Online and Interactive Marketing Agency • Specialize in Social Media Strategy, Paid Search Campaigns and SEO • Focus in Hospitality and TourismPage2
    • 3. Tiffany Starnes • Vice President of FSC Interactive • PR professional turned online addict • NOLA native with tours on both coastsPage3
    • 4. Reasons to use social media • Meet the press • Meet your customer • Meet (and spy on)your competitor • Blow your own horn • Amass an army of supporters to blow your horn for youPage4
    • 5. Page5
    • 6. Why photos?Page6
    • 7. Page7
    • 8. Page8
    • 9. Page9
    • 10. Please support our cancer awareness effort…P a g e 10
    • 11. P a g e 11
    • 12. What should I post?P a g e 12
    • 13. Photos • Events • Testimonials • Quotes • Get Creative!P a g e 13
    • 14. P a g e 14
    • 15. Infographics • Industry or cause related Statistics • Company successes • Who, What When and Why • Talking points • Service areasP a g e 15
    • 16. P a g e 16
    • 17. P a g e 17
    • 18. P a g e 18
    • 19. Where should I post?P a g e 19
    • 20. P a g e 20
    • 21. P a g e 21
    • 22. What is it? An online pinboard. Users search, share and collect images creating a virtual scrapbook.P a g e 22
    • 23. Why you should care• 13 Million Users• Well-educated, those with higher income, and women are particularly likely to use the site• Each image is an opportunity to link to you website.• It’s easy to re-pin, making it a quick way to gain exposure and grow your community P a g e 23
    • 24. Tips• Decide on Board themes• Make sure that you can regularly upload photos to your website• Vary your themes and take advantage of current trends• Search for the top users in your field and establish relationship P a g e 24
    • 25. P a g e 25
    • 26. What is it? A mobile photo sharing application.P a g e 26
    • 27. Why you should care• 90M Monthly Active Users, 40M Photos Per Day And 8500 Likes Per Second• Doesn’t require or expect professional quality and filters help• New web presence offer greater exposure• Searchable hashtags allow for easy discovery P a g e 27
    • 28. Tips• Download the app to your phone• Connect to Facebook and Twitter• Include appropriate hashtags• Aim, Shoot, Filter and post! P a g e 28
    • 29. P a g e 29
    • 30. What is it? 140 character microblogging platform.P a g e 30
    • 31. P a g e 31
    • 32. Why you should care• 500M users, 150K new users daily, 1.6B daily searches• Highly adopted and fast growing• Heavily used by national influencers and press• Hashtags for search can uncover great new profiles• Instagram photos no longer show in Twitter apps P a g e 32
    • 33. Tips• Download the app to your phone• Be mindful of character length: Photos count for 20 characters• Live Tweet from events and include hashtags• Tag people in your photos for greater reach P a g e 33
    • 34. P a g e 34
    • 35. Well, duh, Tiffany!P a g e 35
    • 36. Use Your Cover Photo And Your Icons!P a g e 36
    • 37. Highlight PhotosP a g e 37
    • 38. To Recap…P a g e 38
    • 39. Questions?P a g e 39