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New Orleans CVB Tourism U March 2012
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New Orleans CVB Tourism U March 2012


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. CVB Tourism U
  • 2. FSC Interactive
  • 3. Facebook: Social Networking Site that allows for open communication betweenpeople and brands.800+ Million Active Users46% of Facebook users are 25-44 years old81% of Facebook users have some level of higher educationTwitter: A Social Networking and Microblogging site that allows for open, publiccommunication in 140 characters or less.Over 200 Million Users57% of Twitter users are 25-44 years old37% of Twitter users have a Bachelors Degree, at leastYouTube: A video sharing website, owned by Google. The second largestsearch engine on the web.Over 3 Billion Videos Viewed DailyAverage age of YouTube is 27 with 20% being 35+78% of YouTube users have some level of higher education
  • 4. First Things FirstHow to Develop your Social Media Strategy
  • 5. What are your Goals?
  • 6. What are your Goals?• Specific I want to increase traffic to my• Measurable website by 10%• Realistic We want a monthly average of 70 interactions on Facebook I want 20 new Followers on Twitter every Month
  • 7. Who is your Audience?• Age, Race, Gender• How do they talk to you• How do they talk to each other• What is the best way to reach them
  • 8. What (and who) are your Resources?• In-house vs. Outsourced• Team Size• Available Time• Accountability
  • 9. What Channels Will Work Best For Me?
  • 10. The Four “C’s” of Social Media No matter what platforms you choose, these four things will keep your strategy moving in the right direction
  • 11. Four C’s of Social Media• Content• Consistency• Customization• Community
  • 12. ContentWe know the digital era requires more content,not less. And it requires content edited andpackaged in ways that help user access and allowfor advertising placement. – Tom Curley, CEO of The Associated Press
  • 13. What to Post• News About Your Business• Blog Posts and Press Releases• Upcoming Events• Promotions• Photos• Information About Your Business• Quotes• …Just About Anything!
  • 14. “Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are,what you believe, shine through every sentence you write,every piece you finish.” - John Jakes, author
  • 15. Consistency
  • 16. Create a Schedule (and stick to it!)
  • 17. CustomizationYou forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! - James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies
  • 18. Shortstack App
  • 19. Wildfire
  • 20. Communitycom·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyunɪti/ noun, plural -ties. a social, religious, occupational, or other groupsharing common characteristics or interests andperceived or perceiving itself as distinct in somerespect from the larger society within which itexists
  • 21. Anyone you interact with, even if only one time, is a part of your community of-online-communities-2.html
  • 22. What Else Should I Do? Good Question!
  • 23. It’s Ok toEavesdrop!
  • 24. Google Alerts
  • 25. “search term” near:zipcode
  • 26. Topsy
  • 27. Let’s Talk Specifics Facebook Twitter
  • 28. The ‘book
  • 29. FacebooktopsGoogleforweeklytraffic inthe US.
  • 30. Facebookthe times they are a-changin’
  • 31. Facebook – What You’re Used To
  • 32. Facebook – Timeline
  • 33. Facebook Timeline
  • 34. What Does Timeline Mean for You?• No Default Landers• Cover Photo – Can be Anything• Timeline – Great for History• Big Photos• One-on-One Messaging Allowed• Customized Icons on Tabs
  • 35. Using Facebook as a Brand Admin Panel Engaging on Facebook as a Page Customizing Your PageGrowing your Community through Targeted Ads Measuring Success with Insights
  • 36. Admin Panel
  • 37. Admin Panel: -Facebook Insights -Notifications -Messages -New Likes -Managing Your PageYour Page Profile
  • 38. Being Your Brand on Facebook
  • 39. Engage With Things You Like
  • 40. Share Your Favorite Content
  • 41. Customize Your Page
  • 42. Page Settings
  • 43. Cross Promote Your Partners
  • 44. Customized Tab
  • 45. Cover Photo
  • 46. Cover Photo/Milestones Add Milestones as major dates on your Page.
  • 47. Reach Your Audience Through Ads
  • 48. Facebook Ads
  • 49. Real Life ExamplesSituation: Need to Drive Traffic to the New OrleansSaints Pre-Season Games.Primary Target: Men in LouisianaSecondary Target Demographics: Like New OrleansSaints and Football. Are 21+ Situation: Wedding Shop in New Orleans that specializes in high-end, handmade wedding dresses Primary Target: Women in New Orleans, LA Secondary Target Demographics: Engaged, 25+ and College Graduates.
  • 50. Growing Your Community Through Invites
  • 51. Measuring Success with Insights
  • 52. There aremorepeople onTwitter thanthepopulationof Sweden,Israel,Switzerlandor Norway
  • 53. Using Twitter as a Brand Speaking the Language Why Twitter Matters Using Twitter Lists Measuring Success on Twitter
  • 54. Cocktail PartyRules of Engagement
  • 55. Cocktail Party Rules of Engagement– Don’t talk all about yourself– Find the people who interest you– Try to add value to the conversation– Follow up with your new friends
  • 56. Speaking the languageRT @fscnola hosting a #socialmedia101 training session this morning!
  • 57. Twitter Translator
  • 58. Replies@ denotes a tweet sent to another Twitter user.@TiffanyStarnes see youin the park tonight!
  • 59. RetweetRetweets are similar toforwarding a message ine-mail. They help growcommunities and makespeople feel good.RT @andyknola: Helpraise money for TsunamiRelief:
  • 60. Direct MessageDM is a private message that you can only sendto those who follow you.D Adeletiblier Here’s mye-mail
  • 61. Hashtag# makes a term into a keyword that issearchable, also used to imply sarcasm or humor@tiffanystarnes is speaking in tongues at#socialsummitThanks for all your questions on#WediquetteWed. Until next week! Now, tuneinto The Knot Live airing now!Whether your team makes it to the #FinalFour ornot, you’re still guaranteed fun in #NOLA: #TravelTuesday
  • 62. Why Twitter Matters
  • 63. Twitter Can be Used For…• PR• Crisis Communication• Customer Feedback• Achieving Goals• Customer Relations• Sales• Driving Traffic
  • 64. Using Twitter Lists
  • 65.
  • 66. Why Use Lists?• Curate other “official” business or company Twitter handles• Curate any resources relevant to your business or industry• Curate team members or employees• Curate industry influencers
  • 67. Manage(on your computer)
  • 68. Manage(on the go)
  • 69. Beauty in Brevity
  • 70. Measuring Success on Twitter
  • 71. Success = ____________?“A leader has to be positive about all things that happento his team. Look at nothing in the past as failure.” - Coach Mike Krzyzewski
  • 72. Sprout Social
  • 73.
  • 74. Who.Unfollowed.Me
  • 75. TweetStats
  • 76. Measuring Success on TwitterReTweetist- Allows you to discover trends, popular topics and popular people bytracking Retweets (RTs) across Twitter. Twitters most popular measurement solution for business and personalusers, focusing on influence, impact and engagement.http://www.twitalyzer.comBackTweets- Get a comprehensive understanding of how your content is shared onTwitter, including tweet graphs, reach & impressions stats, influencer lists and more! – Allows you to review your friends and follower growth by week,month or 3-month intervals. You can also compare your growth to competitors.http://twittercounter.comOneForty – All of the latest and greatest online and social media tools.
  • 77. YouTube
  • 78. There aremore than2 billionviews ofYouTubevideoseveryday
  • 79. Using YouTube as a Brand Popular Content Customizing Your Channel Adding Other Videos Measuring Success with Insights
  • 80. Popular Content
  • 81. How-To Videos
  • 82. Behind The Scenes
  • 83. Professional Videos
  • 84. Keep itShort.
  • 85. Customize Your Channel
  • 86. Make Your YouTube Channel all About You!
  • 87. Tag Videos & Create Playlists
  • 88. Search Optimization
  • 89. Adding Other Videos
  • 90. Find Other Channels Like Yours
  • 91. And…Comment! (withkeywords!)
  • 92. And…Subscribe!
  • 93. How Do I Know if it’s Working?
  • 94. YouTube Insights
  • 95. Linking it all Together
  • 96. Share Whatchya Got
  • 97. Print Materials
  • 98. Email Signature
  • 99. Website (above the fold!)
  • 100. TV Ads
  • 101. Media Buys
  • 102. Anywhere Relevant
  • 103. Utilizing NOCVB’s Social Media Presence We’re here to help!
  • 104. CVB Social Media PresenceThe CVB Social Media channels are an incredible resource formembers.Facebook: 11,374 FansTwitter: 9,422 FollowersYouTube Channel: 23,575 Video ViewsThe CVB urges members to utilize this resource to: - Exponentially extend your brand’s social media reach - Boost your own brand awareness - Engage with the CVB’s online community
  • 105. How Can You Participate?1. Mention CVB in Facebook Posts on your Page2. Mention CVB’s Twitter Handle in your Tweets3. Respond to and Comment on questions and messages posted on these channels4. Send CVB videos to include on their YouTube channel5. Take advantage of free videos for your own marketing use
  • 106. How to Interact with the CVB on Facebook: Comment
  • 107. How to Interact with the CVB on Facebook: Mention
  • 108. How to Interact with the CVB on Twitter: Retweet
  • 109. How to Interact with the CVB on Twitter: Mention
  • 110. How to Interact with the CVB on Twitter: Reply
  • 111. Member Anniversaries
  • 112. Member Mentions
  • 113. Member Press
  • 114. Crisis Communication: TS Lee
  • 115. Crisis Communication: TS Lee
  • 116. Crisis Communication: TS Lee
  • 117. We’re Here For YouThe CVB social media presence is an incredible resource for CVBmembers, at no cost to you. Make sure to make the most of it byengaging with us!
  • 118. FSC Interactive 1943 Sophie Wright Place New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 894-8011E-mail: | Facebook: | More Slides: