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  • 1. Facebook Privacy : 3 Helpful Tips
  • 2. Create a ListThere are some lists that Facebookwill create for you automatically andsome you can create for yourself. Listsallow you to choose people you’d liketo get updates from (how awesome isthat) but it allows you to organizepeople into categories that can beused to determine what content theysee and how they can interact withyou.People know you in different ways andthat shouldn’t change just becauseyou’re Facebook official. The peoplewho friended you after hearing youspeak at conferences don’t need tosee my photos from Jazz Fest and thepeople who went to college with youprobably might not care about whatyou share professionally.
  • 3. Customize Your Privacy SettingsWithin Facebook’s privacysettings, you have theoption to customize howyou interact with othersand how others interactwith you. You canpredetermine who sees thecontent you’re posting, thecontent that is being postedto your wall, yourphotos, photos you’retagged in, apps that youuse, and more. It actuallygets pretty granular.Facebook can be as privateor as public as you want itto be and you have to makethe decision.
  • 4. Double Check Everything You PostWhen you post something to yourwall, make sure your settings, whichdefaults to “Share with Friends” are whereyou want them to be. You can choose toshare content publicly, with all of yourfriends, customized to exclude certain listsor individuals, or customized to be sharedwith only certain lists.When you post photo albums, the samerules apply. You can share a photoalbum, and in some cases like mobileuploads or Instagram photos, you canchoose who has access to those photos.You can share with an entire list or keepthe photos completely private. It’s up toyou.