Information Infrastructure for VMware


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Information Infrastructure for VMware

  1. 1. Information Infrastructure for VMware 1 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Evolution of VMware Infrastructure Requirements Tier 1 Infrastructure Requirements Ÿ Continuous availability Mission-critical Ÿ Service level management applications Ÿ Server/storage management Infrastructure Requirements Tier 2 Ÿ High availability Business-critical Ÿ Replication (local/remote) applications Ÿ Storage resource management Infrastructure Requirements Tier 3 Ÿ Basic storage connectivity Business-support Ÿ Tape-oriented backup and applications recovery 2 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Considerations for Advanced VMware Deployments Ÿ New requirements in virtualized storage farms Storage Ÿ Planning for growth and flexibility and Network Ÿ Support for advanced VMware features Ÿ Much duplicated data in VMware environments Backup Ÿ Backup windows can force additional server/storage requirements if not addressed Ÿ Virtual machines must be considered differently than physical ones Replication Ÿ Common approaches to virtual and non-virtual applications Storage Ÿ SRM tools must understand virtual and non-virtual machines Management Ÿ Traditional discovery and root-cause analysis Resource tools need to work with virtual and non-virtual Management machines Ÿ Many organizations may not have required skills New Skills to assess, plan, implement, and manage 3 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Storage and Storage Networking Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ Storage network: FC, iSCSI, or NAS? and network Ÿ Interoperability and qualification? Ÿ Growth, scalability, and performance? Backup Ÿ Support for advanced VMware features? Ÿ Enterprise-class customer support? Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ Thorough EMC E-Lab qualification Ÿ Broadest range of qualified Storage storage offerings Management – Complex configurations that are qualified, proven, and supported, – CLARiiON, Celerra, Symmetrix, Centera extensive documentation and detail – FC, iSCSI, NAS Resource Ÿ Support for advanced VMware – Fully supported by EMC Global Services Management features Ÿ Solution blueprints for predictable – DRS—dynamic resource scheduler results – VCB—VMware consolidated backup – Reference architectures – HA—high availability configurations New Skills – Best practices, practitioners’ guides 4 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Backup and Recovery Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ Growing data volumes and network Ÿ Redundant data in VMware environments Ÿ Expensive server and backup infrastructure Backup Ÿ Need shorter windows Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ Traditional backup solutions Ÿ Advanced backup solutions Storage (full/incremental/tape images) (data dedupe/mountable file systems) Management – EMC NetWorker EMC Avamar – EMC Disk Library – Minimize data redundancy Resource – Backup to Disk – Reduce backup windows – Integration with VCB Management – Address performance and bandwidth concerns – Gain visibility of individual virtual machines New Skills 5 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ Physical and virtual server recovery and network Ÿ Multiple VMs per LUN Ÿ Dynamic VMs, clustering, HA Backup Ÿ Shared infrastructure Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ Server-based replication solutions Ÿ Proven experience Storage Management – EMC RepliStor – Building VMware business continuity solutions Ÿ Array-based replication solutions Ÿ Professional services – SRDF, MirrorView, Celerra Replicator Resource – To help assess, design, implement and Ÿ Network-based replication Management manage business continuity solutions solutions – Expertise from thousands of engagements – EMC RecoverPoint Ÿ Integrated solutions New Skills – Between virtualized and non-virtualized environments 6 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Storage Resource Management Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ Physical and virtual machine discovery and network Ÿ End-to-end mapping Ÿ CLI and API access from VMs Backup Ÿ Managing replication Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ Discovery, visualization, Ÿ Scripting and control Storage monitoring, and reporting Management – VirtualCenter qualified in EMC environment ControlCenter 6.0 introduces – EMC CLIs and APIs supported from virtual machine discovery virtual machines and consoles Resource – Virtual and non-virtual servers Ÿ Automated replica management Management – Discover, monitor, and report on VMs EMC Replication Manager – Provides a mapping between VMs and LUNs – Supports Celerra and CLARiiON – Rapid fault isolation New Skills – Single console approach 7 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Service Level Delivery Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ Application and infrastructure discovery and network Ÿ Monitoring service delivery levels Ÿ Real-time root-cause analysis Backup Ÿ Common view of physical and virtual Ÿ Determining business impact Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ Application and infrastructure Ÿ Model-based root-cause analysis Storage discovery Management Smarts – Correlates interactions Smarts ADM – Identifies root cause – Discovers application in virtual machines Resource as well as physical machines – Determines business impact Management – Agentless, reducing costs and risks – Common view of virtual and non-virtual machines – Link a given application to its virtual machine, ESX server – Works with existing frameworks – Q4 2007 (VM support) New Skills 8 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Service Level Delivery Considerations Considerations Storage Ÿ New issues with virtualization and network Ÿ Limited time and resources Ÿ New methodologies Backup Ÿ Skill set transfer Ÿ No surprises Replication EMC Solutions Ÿ EMC experience and expertise Ÿ Complete solutions and services Storage portfolio Management – EMC is recognized leader in demanding VMware infrastructure implementations – Plan: infrastructure strategy, virtualized – EMC-developed whitepapers, solution infrastructure and data center design, guides, best practices and professional migrations Resource service offerings – Build: infrastructure deployment, Management – EMC is member of VMware’s highest migration implementation partner category: – Manage: managed services and • Global Premier Technology Alliance residencies Partner New Skills 9 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Achieving Optimized Results in Advanced VMware Deployments Ÿ Full qualification Storage Ÿ Breadth and depth of choices and Network Ÿ EMC support Ÿ Traditional or advanced models Backup Ÿ Server, network, or storage-based replication Replication Ÿ Unique capabilities with virtualized applications Storage Ÿ SRM for both virtual and non-virtual environments Management Resource Ÿ Discovery of applications and infrastructure Ÿ Real-time correlation of service level delivery Management Ÿ Proven solutions and services for demanding New Skills VMware implementations 10 © Copyright 2007 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.