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Old Spice campaign - a closer look
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Old Spice campaign - a closer look


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Old Spice campaign - a closer look

Old Spice campaign - a closer look

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  • 1. Old Spice campaign A closer look…
  • 2. Old Spice was loosing share
    • The body wash products were eclipsing the bar soap ones, in terms of sales. Every male brand (such as Dial, Irish Spring or Nivea) was looking to get a piece of the pie, therefore by 2009 the competition had become so fierce that Old Spice started loosing share in the male body wash segment .
    • Moreover, the main competitor Unilever was launching a big campaign for the new Dove Men+Care body wash on the Super Bowl 2010. With legions of loyal female shoppers, Dove was in a great position to win big in the male body wash segment .
  • 3. What to do?
    • CHALLENGE : In this crowded category, how could Old Spice generate
    • excitement with guys who were not currently customers?
    • + How could Old Spice protect its share in the category?
    • Steal the Show: Dove for Men was aiming to make a big splash on the Super Bowl. Old Spice needed a campaign that would win the battle of the buzz.
    • Drive business: Old Spice needed to give body wash sales a boost. The men's body wash category was growing 7%-9% per year, but Old Spice was slightly behind the category.
  • 4. Put on the table a really BIG idea
    • P&G's own research had uncovered that 60% of men's body washes were actually purchased by women => If Old Spice was going to increase sales it had to win the hearts of female shoppers.
    • Many of the new entrants into the category lacked masculine credibility, so Old Spice could be a champion of "manly scented" shower products. => If you want to "smell like a man" there's really only one choice: Old Spice.
    • STRATEGY : Old Spice new campaign was a good opportunity for starting a CONVERSATION between men and women about body wash, celebrating the virtues of manly-smelling over "lady-scented" brands.
    • CREATIVE EXECUTION : "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like“ , the perfect spokesman for the situation at hand, was born. A crusader against "lady-scented" body wash with charismatic ways that appealed to both sexes. The now famous "look at your man, now back to me" dialogue practically started the conversation between ladies and their guys.
  • 5. Look at me, now back at the presentation…
    • MEDIA STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Old Spice media strategy for the launch was simple: Instead of spending money on the Super Bowl, they aimed to create Super Bowl impact building awareness around it.
    • 1 st communication layer [SEEDING]: To start building buzz with Old Spice’s fans, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” first appeared on YouTube and Facebook a few days before the big game.
    • 2 nd communication layer [LAUNCH]: Next, search engines strategy played a key role, as Old Spice scooped up Super Bowl-related terms to help drive traffic over Super Bowl weekend. With these tactics in place, buzz for “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was climaxing just as the game was finishing. By the time the spot first debuted on television—24 hours later—many people assumed that it had actually debuted during the Super Bowl. Mission accomplished.
    • 3 rd communication layer [ENGAGE] : Post-launch, Old Spice media strategy addressed one of the key ingredients for success: getting both sexes to talk about the campaign.
    • Activations in environments where guys and girls would be watching together (Vancouver Winter Olympics, American Idol, cinemas during Valentine’s Day weekend) and gave them BOGOs.
    • Video response campaign create an interactive experience in which "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" personally responded to his fans on the Internet in real time.
  • 6. MEDIA STRATEGY 1 st & 2 nd communication layers 3 rd communication layer => a. Activations
  • 7. MEDIA STRATEGY 3 rd communication layer => b. Video response campaign
  • 8. THE WORK
  • 9. Video commercial on YouTube
    • Launch: in the weekend before Super Bowl
  • 10. The man your man could smell like
  • 11. Interactive video response campaign
    • When social meets viral
    • Online users that had tweeted about Old Spice had the chance to receive a custom made video @reply from @oldspice = 120 videos in 24 hours with strategic responses to tweets /YouTube or Facebook comments .
    • Not only they created videos for the general public, they’ve been busy creating videos for some of twitters most followed people like twitter founder Biz Stone, Digg founder Kevin Rose, Ellen DeGeneres, Gizmodo, Guy Kawasaki, Perez Hilton and even Ashton Kutcher…
  • 12. Youtube responses
  • 13. Youtube responses
  • 14. Youtube responses
  • 15. Youtube branded channel
  • 16. Facebook fan page
  • 17. Twitter
  • 18. INVESTMENT -------------------- ROI
  • 19. INVESTMENT : Looks like a really BIG idea also means a really BIG spending. Even in online.
  • 20.
    • ROI: Objective #1 Stealing the Show
    • a. In the first 3 months following the campaign’s launch, Old Spice captured 76% of online buzz , with over half of this coming from women.
    • b. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” had raised 10 million views on Youtube , 10x times more than the number of views for Dove’s Super Bowl commercial.
  • 21.
    • ROI: Objective #2 Drive sales
    • a. By May of 2010 unit sales of Old Spice Red Zone body wash had increased 60% from the previous year .
    • b. By July of 2010, sales had more than doubled versus the prior year, with an increase of 125% = an all-time high for the brand.
  • 22. ROI – PR/SM
    • On day 1 the campaign received almost 6 million views (that’s more than Obama’s victory speech)
    • On day 2 old spice had 8 of the 11 most popular videos online
    • On day 3 the campaign had reached over 20 million views
    • After the first week old spice had over 40 million views
    • The old spice twitter following increased 2700% (probably off a lowish base)
    • Facebook fan interaction was up 800%
    • website traffic was up 300%
    • The old spice YouTube channel became the all time most viewed channel (amazing)
    • The campaign has generated 1.4 billion impressions since launching the ads 6 months ago
    • The campaign increased sales by 27% over 6 months since launching (year on year)
    • In the last 3 months sales were up 55%
    • And in the last month sales were up 107% from the social responses campaign work
    • Old spice is now the #1 body wash brand for men.
  • 23. … Now back at our story 
  • 25. Range sequel
  • 26. Same platform – the new guy
  • 27. Same platform – past guy
  • 29. Being a Trend Setter
    • Budweiser follows
  • 30. Budweiser application
  • 31. Some things to think about
    • Social context - Making the best of it without being a part of it.
    • Message - It’s not about delivering the right message. It’s about finding the right spokesman to do it.
    • Target – “Hello, ladies!” or “Goodbye, F/M segmentation!”
    • ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Communication is changing.
    • People are now the communication owners.
    • Advertising is crossing borders between ATL, BTL or
    • TTL to play by their rules.
  • 32. Back to me, so I can get back to you [email_address]