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SESSION SCHEDULE—you will be able to choose one                 1:45 p.m.     Session #3, choose onesession during each ti...
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Farm to fork final copy


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Farm to fork final copy

  1. 1. All About Food: From FARM to FORK$15  when  you  pre-register  by  making  check  payable  to  and  sending  your  payment  to: Macomb  County  MSUE A one day conference for people who grow, MACOMB 21885  Dunham  Road  Suite  12 FOOD produce, process, market, distribute, prepare Clinton  Twp.,  MI    48036 SYSTEMS CONFERENCE or EAT food (this means you).Name  ______________________________________  $15 if you pre-register by January 31, 2012 Wednesday February 8,  $20 at the doorOrganization  ________________________________ 2012 8:30 am toAddress  ____________________________________ 4:00 pmCity/State/Zip  _______________________________ HELD AT THE: MacombPhone  _______________  Cell  __________________ County ISD 44001 Garfield  ______________________________________ Learn aboutIndicate  which  session  you  would  like: real foodSession  #  1  _________ Session  #  2  ________ How you can eat locally/Session  #  3  _________ Session  #  4  ________ seasonally SCHEDULE OF EVENTS How food 8:30 am Coffee and Displays systems can support 9:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks: economic Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel development 9:30 am Morning Keynote Address: How we can Dr. Mike Hamm, C.S. Mott Professor of become Sustainable Agriculture healthier 20 Sessions held from 10:30 am to 3:45 pmMSU  is  an  affirmative-action,  equal-opportunity  employer,  committed  to  achieving  excel-­lence  through  a  diverse  workforce  and  inclusive  culture  that  encourages  all  people  to   for more information call (586) 469-6088reach  their  full  potential.  Michigan  State  University  Extension  employment  opportunities   Or email Kathe Hale atare  open  to  eligible/qualified  persons  without  regard  to  race,  color,  national  origin,  gen-­ halek@anr.msu.eduder,  gender  identity,  religion,  age,  height,  weight,  disability,  political  beliefs,  sexual  ori-­entation,  marital  status,  family  status  or  veteran  status.  MSU  is  committed  to  achieving  excellence  through  cultural  diversity. Persons  with  disabilities  have  the  right  to  request  and  receive  reasonable  accommodations.
  2. 2. SESSION SCHEDULE—you will be able to choose one 1:45 p.m. Session #3, choose onesession during each time slot. A-School Food/Feeding Programs—United Way of Southeast10:30 a.m. Session #1, choose one MichiganA-Food Access through Bridge Card, SNAP Benefits – B-Basic Backyard Gardening—Mary GerstenbergerAmanda Segar C-Community and Economic Benefits of Local Food Sys-B-School and Community Gardens – Jean Persely, and tems—Amanda EdmondsSandy Paratore D-What is Community Supported Agriculture? And how do IC-Michigan Food to Michigan Schools—A Distribution find one? - Jackie GoodModel—Carl Merkle & Joe Najor E-What do I do with rutabagas and parsnips? FoodD-Health Care Without Harm – Hilary Bisnett demonstration.E-What do I do with kohlrabi and radishes? Food demon-stration. 2:45 p.m. Session #4, choose one A-The Good Food Charter—Kathryn Collasanti11:30 a.m. LUNCH – Sample Michigan’s Harvest with B-Food Waste and Composting—Kirsten Lyonssoups, salad, bread, Safies sides and Achatz Pies for dessert C-Cottage Food Law and Incubator Kitchens—Cindy Paparelli D-Food Safety from Farm to Table—Christine Venema12:15 p.m. Afternoon Keynote Address: Whatdoes Food Access Look Like in Macomb County? E-What do I do with winter squash? Food demonstration.Macomb Food Systems Council 3:45 p.m. Closing Evaluation will be sent via email12:45 p.m. Session #2, choose oneA-Feeding the Hungry – Food Banks and Food Pantries SueFigurski and Anne GinnB-Community Garden Projects—Aaron MartinC-Farm to School and Institutions—Colleen MattsD-Detroit Eastern Market—A Healthy Food Hub—DanCarmodyE-What do I do with kale and swiss chard? Food demon-stration.
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