Video Gaming Presentation (Benjamin L & Thomas S)


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Video Gaming Presentation (Benjamin L & Thomas S)

  1. 1. Page 1: Why do we enjoy it? Page 2: And... What do we learn from it. Page 3: How are video games made? Page 4: What is the relevance of video games? Page 5: Video on upcoming Playstation-Move Page 6: What is a Pixel
  2. 2. People may think that this is a video game but people spend years developing the game. Writing the software of the game.  Yes, there are games that do not include killing but are they still good for the brain? Answer: Some games are strategy, but they still create addiction which may lead to square eyes I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Just think for a second for the people in Afghanistan they have to put up with getting killed. And plus, you get no limit of lives unlike in real life
  3. 3. Depends on what game it is really. Strategy, Of course we do learn Brain techniques, but they still do lead to addiction. If you play games such as, Tetris, that is a brain development game which means, you can play it to make the brain power stronger. Video Games such as, Killing games are relatively violent, which may cause you to be violent when you are older. Family Fun games are good for you but really, don’t play it 24/7. Overall: Video games should not be played so frequently, which causes you to be anti-social.
  4. 4.  Video games are made by burning (copying) information of the video game onto plain discs.  You may see a display (picture) on the disc but they are just pasted stickers.  The software of the game has to written onto the disc to make sure the disc does what it is supposed to do...  Plain discs are recyclable.
  5. 5. What it the relevance of video games?  The video game producers invest a lot of money by copying millions of the same game, but they do regain their money by getting paid-back for every buy.  This takes a long time to copy a plain CD because of the writing of the software.  Beneath a plain CD with no software.
  6. 6. CLIP
  7. 7. What are Pixels?  Pixels are little squares inside the television (screen) that cause square eyes. They can only be seen if you come close up to the screen.  Normal Television vs. HD Television: Normal television has got less Pixels which then means there isn’t as much definition (detail) as an HD television. This is how big a pixel is on a computer.