20 years of SFM in the pan-European region

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Created by FOREST EUROPE Liaison Unit Madrid

Created by FOREST EUROPE Liaison Unit Madrid

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  • 1. FOREST EUROPE/EFI/METLA Side Event: “20 years of SFM in the panEuropean region” Shaping a Future where Forests Contribute to a Sustainable World Edurne Lacalle FOREST EUROPE EFW Side event 12 December 2013
  • 2. FOREST EUROPE Who we are FOREST EUROPE is the pan-European policy process for sustainable management of the continent’s forests. FOREST EUROPE, founded in 1990, develops common strategies on how to protect and sustainably manage forests. FOREST EUROPE 46 signatory countries plus the European Union, observer countries and international organizations cooperate for the common good of the continent’s forests.
  • 3. FOREST EUROPE Leading role in Europe FOREST EUROPE provides the policy-making framework for ministers responsible for the continent forests to help foster forest growth and management. Thanks to SFM total forest area in Europe has increased over the past two decades and loss of biodiversity has slowed down.
  • 5. FOREST EUROPE Contributions Definition of SFM (Helsinki 1993): Sustainable forest management aims to ensure that the goods and services derived from the forest meet present day needs at the same time secure their continued availability and contribution to long-term development.
  • 6. FOREST EUROPE Contributions •Commitments on ecological, economical and sociocultural aspects of SFM •SFM Guidelines, Criteria and Indicators •National Forest Programmes Guidelines •Periodic assessment and reporting: State of Europe’s Forests
  • 7. FOREST EUROPE Guidelines To achieve and implement SFM: •“General guidelines for sustainable forest management” (Helsinki in 1993, H1) •“General guidelines for conservation of biological diversity of forests in Europe” (Helsinki in 1993, H2) Elaborated as general political guiding principles . •“Pan-European Operational Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management” (Lisbon 1998 ) Translating international commitments to SFM practices and planning. •“Pan-European Guidelines for Afforestation and Reforestation” •2008) . Special focus on the provisions of the UNFCCC.
  • 8. FOREST EUROPE Criteria & Indicators Six criteria to safeguard the ecological, economic and sociocultural functions of forest: 1. To maintain and enhance forest resources and their contribution to global carbon cycles; 2. To maintain forest ecosystems’ health and vitality; 3. To maintain and encourage the productive functions of forests (wood and non-wood); 4. To maintain, protect and enhance the biological diversity in forest ecosystems; 5. To maintain, conserve and enhance the protective functions of forest (notably soil and water); 6. To maintain the other socio-economic functions and conditions.
  • 9. FOREST EUROPE Criteria & Indicators Improved C&I set from Vienna 2002 The fulfilment of the criteria can be evaluated through a set of 35 quantitative indicators. Besides these criteria the status and changes in policies, institutions and instruments related to sustainable forest management is assessed through a set of 17 qualitative indicators.
  • 10. FOREST EUROPE Assessment •At national level : SFM reporting and monitoring are encouraged using pan-European C&I •At regional level: Up-to date information on European forests and SFM is regularly presented and reported The third edition was State of Europe’s Forests 2011. We are already working on the next edition.
  • 11. FOREST EUROPE Objectives and key issues Following Oslo Conference 2011: • Oslo Decision European Forests 2020 • Oslo Ministerial Mandate for Negotiating a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe
  • 12. FOREST EUROPE Work Programme FOREST EUROPE has developed a Work Programme for the period until the Madrid Ministerial Conference: 1- Sustainable Forest Management and tools 2- Monitoring and reporting 3- Illegal logging and related trade 4- Valuation of ecosystem services 5- Social Issues and Green Economy 6- Servicing INC-Forests 7- Communication activities 8- International activities
  • 13. FOREST EUROPE Work Programme 1- Further development Sustainable Forest Management and tools Consolidate the pan-European policies and tools for sustainable forest management, taking into account biodiversity and climate change commitments, the role of forests owners, emerging threats and other pressures on forest resources.
  • 14. FOREST EUROPE Work Programme 1- Further development Sustainable Forest Management and tools 1.1 State of the art FOREST EUROPE and EFI are working on the “State of the art” of the Implementation of former decisions on SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT in monitoring and reporting
  • 15. Thank you for your attention Shaping a Future where Forests Contribute to a Sustainable World