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3. FOMS_ IMS services_Shane_Dempsey

  1. 1. Future of Mobile Services(Operator Perspective)Shane DempseyNGN Architect
  2. 2. • Agenda – What is IMS? – Service Opportunities – TSSG Track Record – NGN Test Centre – Future Research
  3. 3. What is IMS? IP Multimedia Subsystem Traditional Services IMS Services Color IP Color Video Video Contact Ringback Contact Ringback Conferencing Conferencing Center Tones Center Tones Application Application Application Application Application Application OSS/BSS OSS/BSS OSS/BSS Subscriber Subscriber Subscriber OSS/BSS Data Data Data Subscriber Data Media Media Media Functions Functions Functions Media Functions Network Network Network Interface Interface Interface Packet WiFi Packet WiFiWireline Wireless Wireline Wireless Cable WiMax Cable WiMaxIMS, based on the 3GPP standards, will enable new person-to-personservices, which will enrich the way that people communicate with eachother combining voice, imaging and video within a single session.
  4. 4. IP-Everywhere LTEWirelineWireline IP-fication of IP- wireless networks IPTV IP RAN IP-fication of IP- IP Backhaul networks DSLAMs IP-fication of video IP- Metro EthernetVOIP IP-fication of IP- Wireless Wireless wireline access IP-fication of voice Deployments IP- Video share (2006-) Bahrain, China Netcom Triple Play (2009) IP Centrex (2007-) IP in the Internet 21st Century KPN, NL IMS Voice (2007-) Network
  5. 5. Enterprise IMS Exchange calendar integrationPresence & Social Status - Automatic update of availability- See availability of your colleagues - ‘’Busy in a meeting’’- Choose the right communication channelCorporate directory search Communication log- Quick access to all your colleagues -Common history log on all communication methods“What did we decide upon last time”- Always up to date contact informationMessaging and file sharing Rich Communication Suite-Noise environment? Send an instant -Prepared to support the RCS communitymessage
  6. 6. Rich Communications Suite? Enhanced Phonebook Enhanced Phonebook Contacts enhanced with capabilities and rich Contacts enhanced with capabilities and rich presence presence Enriched Call Enriched Call Call enriched with multimedia Sharing Call enriched with multimedia Sharing Video Call & Conferencing Video Call & Conferencing Enhanced Messaging Enhanced Messaging Conversational messaging experience Conversational messaging experience Mobile & Desktop Convergence Mobile & Desktop Convergence Integration between voice, video, messaging Integration between voice, video, messaging & presence across desktop, mobile & tv & presence across desktop, mobile & tv Enabling platform for servicesSupport from: GSMA - Alcatel Lucent, NSN, Orange, Telia Sonera, Ericsson, Motorola…
  7. 7. IMS Services Framework Operator Vendor services services Third party services Business Process NetworkingApplications Marketing & CRMutilising IMS Gamingservices Communities Enriched Communication Enhanced servicesBasic Push-to-Talk Photo/Video Sharing IMServices Presence Synchronization Enablers IMS Service Creation Architecture Opportunity for Service Providers
  8. 8. Track Record
  9. 9. IMS-ARCS Service SOA ContractEI Industry Led Resarch Programme (ILRP) UDDIcarried out IMS research from 2006-2009. SOA AS SchemaIMS SOA ApproachService Enablers: SOAP/XML• Provide functionality which can be used by otherend-user applications (ex. Location Service) MLP Service BusService Bus SIP SB API Diameter MM7• Handles the communication between IMSApplication Servers and Service Enablers. GW AS IMS AS HSS• Support for both Web Service protocols (ex. SOAP,JSON), AND support for Native Interface protocols CSCF(ex. MSRP, SIP etc.) IMS Orig. networkService Orchestration JSR 281• Achieved using WS-* Workflow engine.• Superseded by IMS Service Broker (TS 23.810) IMS-SOA Architecture 9
  10. 10. Eircom Contract Research Web Services Gateway Facebook Integration JSLEE TrainingIMSApplication Servers Service Creation Environment Examples of Engagement • Testbed Interconnect IMS • Service Prototyping & training Lab Interconnect • Facebook IntegrationCircuit Switched Packet Switched
  11. 11. GenesisX• Funding • WIT’s Role– Eureka Celtic (start Oct 2009) – Technical Management – NGN Testbed Provider• Overall Goals– Prototype mobile services that work seamlessly over multiple access networks including WiMax, WiFi, and Pico/Femto• National Goals– TSSG & Druid Software have developed a femto/pico cell solution– TSSG have created a “Mobile CRM” application that routes calls and messages based on the Pico-cell the employee is registered at.
  12. 12. Vital++• Goals • Funding• Integration of NGN Telecoms & Peer-to- peer • IST FP7 Programme (2008-present)• Optimal use of available network • International Consortium consisting of resources for rich-in-content Telefonica, Telecom Austria & the Fraunhofer applications – lower costs for user, Institute. increase margins for operator.• A new eco-system of users and content providers 95+% utilisation of access & edge resources using NGN “managed P2P” [ITU defined] Stable with (on avg) all users receiving > 96% of packets
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Mission• Next Generation Networks – NGN is a blanket name for unified ETSI, 3GPP and ITU IP-convergence standardisation efforts.• What we do: – Enable Irish Business to take advantage of new opportunities in the global market for NGN products and services – Enabler greater participation of Irish academic & industrial partners in FP7-funded (EU) NGN projects.
  15. 15. Test Centre Services
  16. 16. Future Research
  17. 17. Put in Context… …What?When?Where?How? Automated ReasoningWith Whom? - Bayesian Networks
  18. 18. Complex Event Processing Route event streams to cloud: QoS, Security, Billing• The key to commoditizing “Context”• Capture, correlation, aggregation, repackaging of network events for 3rd party Service Providers.• Cloud-hosted CEP engines for flexibility, scalability – event “mash ups”• Use IPX for QoS assured, high throughput context data exchange between networks & services. Cascading-billing model 18
  19. 19. IMS in the Cloud Collaboration Mobility Horizontal Application Layer HTTP, Business Voice SOAP,XML Location Based Services INTERNET … Work Force Management Web 2.0 Call Center, e - Health BCS PGM IM PTT LBS Game Consumer RCS, Gaming ISC Dia-Network Assurance meter PSTNNetwork Provisioning SIP ISUP HSS CSCF TSSUser & Service mgmt MGC SIP Operator H.248Charging & Mediation TDM IMS RTP PLMN MSC DNS / ENUM Cloud MRF ABG A-SBC MGW smart phone Network & SIP RTP clientss Services Management Voice + Data Enterprise 1 ………………………….. Enterprise N (DSL, FTTB, other) Enterprise MS Domain PC Client IP Phone
  20. 20. Telco Cloud Research Challenges• Security Concerns due to shared platforms [IST PASSIVE project]• The Scalability & Performance of a cloud provider may not be uniform • "There is a lot of excitement about cloud computing, and the enterprise IT guys are being seduced by its economics... the things those IT guys took for granted in terms of network performance now are being thrown up in the air again." [Tim Jefferson of Spirent]• ETSI TC GRID standardisation effort [ETSI TR 102] • Interoperability for provisioning, deployment etc. • Cloud Application-aware QoS management 20
  21. 21. Conclusion• IMS is about Convergence – ETSI, 3GPP & ITU standardisation efforts have converged into unified “NGN” approach• Value proposition involves creating a service ecosystem• TSSG can provide a carrier-grade test infrastructure – http://www.ngntestcentre.com• Leading Research in IMS Content Distribution & IMS- SOA• Future topics will include Telco-Cloud
  22. 22. Predictions• Mobile services in 2015• IMS-based Video, video-voicemail and real-time media sharing will be widely used services, driven by 4G rollout.• Network operators will successfully commoditise context information, initially for advertising services.• Billions of connected devices (at home, office, etc.)• Increased popularity of augmented reality applications